Does God Know Where He Came From

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If you are looking for the answer of does god know where he came from, you’ve got the right page. We have approximately 6 FAQ regarding does god know where he came from. Read it below.

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ASSDILATION ACTIVITY 3:(Who Says What) Match the dialogue to the

Ask: ASSDILATION ACTIVITY 3:(Who Says What) Match the dialogue to the correct person who said it. Write your answer in the dialogue box. Copy this to your paper. A. “He who does not know how to look back at where he came from will never get to his destination.” B. “Have faith in Divine Providence that guides the destinies of men and nations.” C “God is the only one who can really solve the problem for us.”​


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anong grade kana

By Mr. Bun D. Tenorio Jr.Lifted from the book The

Ask: By Mr. Bun D. Tenorio Jr.

Lifted from the book The Phoenix World of Reading

I have a story to tell. This is about a young boy I know. He was born poor to parents who were farmers. When he grew up, however, he was able to meet and mingle with kings and queens, presidents, and senators. No magic took place there. This is a real story. Because the kid was poor, he didn’t have a single toy. He would go to his neighbor’s house to use the toys of his playmates. In school, he barely had notebooks. Even if his mother couldn’t afford to buy him notebooks, this kid persevered to study. This boy was poor but rich in fighting spirit. Often he would go to school without allowance, wearing slippers and a tattered uniform. For breakfast, he would fill his glass of coffee with rice. For lunch, he would mash banana and steamed rice. For dinner, he and his brothers would share one fried egg, divided equally among them. One day, he came home with the sole of his foot bleeding. He stepped on a piece of broken glass and it pierced through his worn out slippers. “Nay, please buy me a pair of slippers,” the boy asked his mother. “Son, we don’t have any money. Just be careful the next time.”In time, all his wounds were healed. They left scars all over his body. He graduated from grade school with honors. He continued to study.

He could not have studied in high school were if not for the elementary teachers who helped him get a scholarship. This kid was full of ambition, only he had no resources. So he could go to college, his mother offered a novena to God for him to pass the entrance examination of the University of the Philippines. God heard her prayers and this boy got a scholarship. He was given a monthly stipend and a book allowance, which he gave to his mother, so they could have money. Slowly but surely, his dreams were gradually being realized. The kid who imagined that he lived in a sandcastle became a writer. He met, mingled with, and wrote stories of people, the movers and shakers of the world that he thought only existed in the sandcastle of his dreamland.

It may sound proud to listen to the story of the kid but this is the truth. He achieved this little success in life because he once dreamed that he would be able to buy pairs and pairs of slippers and shoes, that the wounds of the past would be healed, that there would be food on their table. To this day, this boy continues to dream.

I am this kid.

Who were the people who helped him pursue his dream in life? ‘

Where did he live when he was still a kid? Where did he finish his college degree? Where does he presently work?

When did the author realize that his family was having financial problems?

What particular situations can prove that the boy’s family was really poor?

What kind of relationship does the author have with his siblings? Cite the reason behind your conclusion.

Why did he not complain after being told by his mother that she couldn’t buy him a new pair of slippers?

(The subject is Reading)



Before you sleep just gently lay. Every trouble thought away, Drop your burdens and your care. In quiet arms of Prayer! Rest with peace!


Come to me, all you who are troubled and weighted down with care, and I will give you rest.

~Matthew 11:28~

I pray that God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ will give peace and love with faith to all the brothers and sisters.

~Ephesians 6:23~

At kung magkagayo’y lalakad kang matiwasay, sa landas mo’y hindi ka matatalisod. Sa lahat ng iyong lakad wala kang aalalahanin, at lahat ng pagtulog mo ay masarap at mahimbing.

~Mga Kawikaan 3:23‭-‬24~


Give time to talk with God(PRAY)

Don’t forget your devotion

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Directions: Read the given questions carefully. Then, answer them by

Ask: Directions: Read the given questions carefully. Then, answer them by choosing the letter that corresponds to your answer. Write your answer on your paper.

1 In a small island kingdom there once lived a very beautiful princess. She was nicknamed Maring. Her favorite haunt was the top of a very tall mountain, Mount Malindig. She was very fond of hunting wild animals, a diversion which was much against her father’s wish.

2 One day she espied a pretty white deer. It ran so swiftly that it took her a long time to catch up with it. She had the game already at bay when the owner came along looking for it. The stranger was a man of princely bearing and fine manners. He introduced himself as Duque and offered a deer as token of their first meeting

3 Maring could not resist his gallant gesture. She could not help admiring the stranger, who fell in love with her at first sight. Since that day they often met in the forest. The beauty of Maring was known far and wide. Innumerable suitors came to woo her, but she turned a deaf ear to them, for she had set her heart on the modest Duque.

4 Not knowing about her secret love affair, her royal father announced that her hand would be given to the one who would win a ship race. So the most persistent suitors, three wealthy kings, fitted out vessels for the contest. Duque could not participate. He was not rich enough to equip a vessel

5 Meanwhile, Maring was very unhappy. She prayed to the gods for help. Bathala heard her prayers. On the appointed day, the sky grew dark suddenly. The sea seethed turbulently and the winds blew furiously, but the contest could not be put off for another day.

6 The three kings set forth bravely on their ships. Before they were halfway to the goal, one of them hit a rock and soon vanished from sight with his ship. The second vessel was able to move on a little farther and then it was also devoured by the angry sea. The last ship met the same fate. The king and the spectators grieved over the fate of the three royal suitors.

7 Only Maring did not feel grieved at the outcome of the race. When the sea calmed down, everyone was surprised to see three islands at the places where the ship had sunk. They were named Tres Reyes, or Three Kings, after the unlucky trio. The father of Maring did not wish to sacrifice more lives after that disaster. He gave his daughter freedom to choose her husband. So she confessed to him her secret love. The king agreed to the marriage. To mark the happy union of the two young people, the island kingdom was named Marinduque, after Maring and Duque.

For questions 1-5, refer to the text above. 1. What part of the plot is described in paragraph one (1)?
A. Exposition
B. Rising Action
C. Climax
D. Resolution
2. What mood is expressed in paragraph three (3)?
A. Despair
B. Admiration
C. Furious
D. Suspense
3. What does paragraph four (4) describe?
A. Setting
B. Conflict
C. Falling Action
D. Climax
4. Which of the following incidents is the CLIMAX of the story?
A. The king grieved over the fate of the three royal suitors.
B. Maring did not grieve at the outcome of the race.
C. Everyone was surprised to see three islands where the ship sank.
D. Maring gained the freedom to choose her husband and married Duque.
5. What is the THEME expressed in paragraph five (5)?
A. True love conquers all.
B. Disobedience to elders results to bad things.
C. Poverty makes a person incompetent. D. Prayer is a powerful weapon in times of hardship.








Anong grade kana ba?

you." He set some of the burning wood in place.

Ask: you.” He set some of the burning wood in place. “It’s only that a man must have a child, Seven harvests are just too long to wait. Yes, we have waited too long. We should have another chance before it is too late for both of us.” This time the woman stirred, stretched her right leg out and bent her left leg in. She wound the blanket more snugly around herself “You know that I have done my best,” she said. “I have prayed to Kabunvan much. I have sacrificed many chickens in my prayers.” “Yes, I know.” “You remember how angry you were once when you came home from your work in the terrace because I butchered one of our pigs without your permission? I did it to appease Kabunyan. because, like you, I wanted to have a child. But what could I do? “Kabunyan does not see fit for us to have a child,” he said. He stirred the fire. The spark rose through the crackles of the flames. The smoke and soot went up the ceiling, Lumnay looked down and unconsciously started to pull at the rattan that kept the split bamboo flooring in place. She tugged at the rattan flooring. Each time she did this the split bamboo went up and came down with a slight rattle. The gong of the dancers clamorously called in her care through the walls. Awiyao went to the corner where Lumnay sat, paused before her, looked at her bronzed and sturdy face, then turned to where the jars of water stood piled one over the other. Awiyao took a coconut cup and dipped it in the top jar and drank. Lumnay had filled the jars from the mountain creek carly that evening 3 “I came home,” he said. “Because I did not find you among the dancers. Of course, I am not forcing you to come, if you don’t want to join my wedding ceremony. I came to tell you that Medulimay, although I am marrying her, can never become as good as you are. She is not as strong in planting beans, not as fast in cleaning water jars, not as good keeping a house clean. You are one or the best wives in the whole village.” 1. List down the characters in the story? 2. Who is Awiyao’s new wife? 3. Who is their God? 4. How many harvests have passed? 5. What animal did Lumnay sacrifice in her prayers?]​


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4. Coment mo

5. Who is God's special messenger who renews our hope

Ask: 5. Who is God’s special messenger who renews our hope in the Lord Jesus?
A. St. Gabriel
B. St. Rafael
C. St. Michael
D. St. Jhudiel
6. Who is mankind’s special guide to heaven that constantly guides us to our everyday journey here on earth?
A St. Gabriel
B. St. Rafael
C. St. Michael
D. St. Jhudiel
7. Why is it very important to know where we came from, our talents, gifts and capacities?
A. To be able to entertain people and make them happy
B. To be able to be able to accept our limitations and appreciate it
C. To be able to be known and have fame
D. To be able to achieve people’s expectations and love ourselves
8. What refers to the state of being honored and respected?
A. Dignity
B. Freedom
C. Authority
D. Popularity
9. In the story of creation, on what day did God create human beings?
A. 4th day
B. 6th day
C. 3rd day
D. 7th day
10. Of all that God created, to whom did He share His power?
A Professionals
B. Humans
C. Animals
D. Priests
11. What leads us farther from God?
A. Sins
B. Humans
C. Animals
D. Priests
12. In the line, “You are the Potter, I am the Pot”, what does the Potter symbolize? A. God as
B. God as Provider
C. The God of Mercy
D. The God of Love
13. The following are the tasks given to humans by God, EXCEPT:
A. Take care of creation
C. To allow it to be devastated
B. Protect its fruitfulness
D. Appreciate, recognize and respect creation
14. Which of the following is not part of God’s creation?
A. Sin
B. Freedom
C. Insects
D. stars
15. Who is the second Divine Person?
A. God
B. Jesus
C. Holy Spirit
D. Almighty Father​














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THE LEGEND OF THE SUGARCANE Once upon a time, there

Ask: THE LEGEND OF THE SUGARCANE Once upon a time, there lived an old datu (chieftain). One day, he prayed to Bathala (God) saying, “I am getting older and weaker every day. As to my life here on earth, I find it increasingly boring to live on. Please allow me to ascend to heaven earlier!” Suddenly a voice said, “But your time on earth is not yet over.” The datu felt a little disappointed at this and left the palace, then went alone for a walk around the forest. Suddenly an old man came up to him. Knowing the grievance in his heart, the old man tried to cheer him up by saying, “It might surprise you to know, my Lord, that we can already find heaven on earth!” With that remark, he led the datu to a place where there grew a king plant that has a long tall body, with long leaves that looks very much like bamboo.” He went on to say, “This is a heavenly plant, try tasting its stem, it’s incredibly sweet.” The datu started to chew its stem and found it indeed to be very sweet. He really felt as if he’s gone to heaven. He also learned from the old man that the tall shoots are called tubo. The datu thanked the old man and took a sample of the purple-colored stalks home with him. From that time on, he ordered his people to plant more of this tubo, which we know it today as sugarcane which is still chewed or squeezed into cold drinks, or refined into brown and white sugar. COMPREHENSION CHECK: 1. What is the setting of the story? 2. Who is Datu in a certain tribe? 3. How does the datu feel about his life? 4. How does the old man cher up the datu? 5. What makes the tubo a heavenly plant?​

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Not only you can get the answer of does god know where he came from, you could also find the answers of Directions: Read the, you." He set, ASSDILATION ACTIVITY 3:(Who, By Mr. Bun, and THE LEGEND OF.