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If you are looking for the answer of world map who, you’ve got the right page. We have approximately 10 FAQ regarding world map who. Read it below.

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6. This type of eating usually associated with athletes, who

Ask: 6. This type of eating usually associated with athletes, who does not only plan their training regimens but also their daily food intake so that they can perform at optimum levels during competition. b. stress eating c. social eating d. emotional eating a. Fueling 7. Eating can be associated and influenced by traditions. Generally, people associate eating with celebrations, holidays, family, gatherings, and religious traditions. a. Fueling c. social eating d. emotional eating b. stress eating activities in Land. 8. Example of Outdoor a. Paragliding b. Mountaineering c. rafting d. fishing 9. Examples of outdoor activities on water a. Snorkeling b. Camping c. Paragliding d. Bag Packing 10. Philippines is rich in natural resources. In fact, it has been listed in The World Factbook (Maps of World, n.d.) as having the longest coastline in the world. a. True B. False c. Maybe d. sometimes true​


6. A.

7. C.

8. B.

9. A

10. A (not sure)


6 C

7 A

8 D

9 C

10 A



What's NewIdentify whether the following statements are primary data or

Ask: What’s New
Identify whether the following statements are primary data or secondary data.
On your notebooks, write SD or PD for your answers.
1. An artifact, document, diary, manuscript, or other source of
information created at the time of study is a
2. A training record is a
3. A map produced in 2016 showing what land European countries
controlled in the world in the 18th century would be considered a
A professional journal discussing the impact of rust on metal would
be an example of a
A source created about an event or time-period by someone who was
there is a







TRAVEL THE WORLD you will have a chance to travel


you will have a chance to travel the world and go to countless that you’ve never been to before. You have two (2) made of transportation on your travel, by AIR and by LAND. Note: Travelling by air will be respresented by broken lines and travelling by land will be represented by solid line WHITE DOT of y-axis will serve as our intercept

Answer the following:

1. You are from China and you want to travel to Russia by land. The shaded region of the map is the Pacific Ocean. Prove that Greenland is NOT a solution to the given inequality.
a. Identify the line travelling from China to Russia.
b. Form a linear inequality.
c. Test the point on Greenland.

2. You are in Canada travelling to Greenland by air. The shaded region of the map is the Arctic Ocean. Identify the inequalitt symbol to be used.

3. You are from Greenland who wants to visit an island on the white dot. Your mode of transportation is by air and the shaded region on the map are the Arctic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, and Atlantic Ocean. What will be your linear inequality to express the situation?


1. A

Step-by-step explanation:

because you will have the right information and direction which way is china to russia

8. How do you know if someone is right-brained? A.

Ask: 8. How do you know if someone is right-brained?
A. Creative C. Analytical
B. Factual D. Sequential
9. Who invented mind mapping?
A. Andrei Roberts C. Tony Buzan
B. Robert Havighurst D. Kenedy Rose
____10. A creative way of exploring ideas through a graphic or visual presentation. A. Concept map C. World map
B. Mind map D. Map​


8. C.

9. B.

10. A.


No explation ok


8. B

9. A

10. A


I think it’s correct

Who Made the first world map?

Ask: Who Made the first world map?

Anaximander was the first ancient Greek to draw a map of the known world in 6th century BC.

2. This refers to an ancient story created to explain

Ask: 2. This refers to an ancient story created to explain natural events. The characters are Gods, goddesses, and heroes
a. poem b. short story c. myth d. nenus

3. These are educational instruments, could be written texts, or printed tends and other ways of emphasizing the essential phrases, thoughts, graphs, and/or images.
a. Textual aids b. Newscasting c, speech
d. mapping

4. A_is a type of speech in which the speaker’s main goal is to inform the audience.
a)persuasive b.)informative c)cermonial d.)extemporaneous

5. These are found in newspapers and their purpose is to inform readers of what is happening in the world around them casting b. speeches c. news reports d. panel discussions

6. These are announced in response to specific public relations issues. We, Cebuanos , are viewing a lot of this lately from Governor Gwen Garcia, who gives the province of Cebu updates about COVID 19 especially measures on how to stay protected from this vírus. It is an event organized to officially distribute information and answer questions from the media.
a. speeches conference reports
d. panel discussions

7. This type of graphic organizer is used to help students identify the problem and come up with possible solutions. It illustrates the problem-solving process
a.fishbone b. cause & effect c.concept maps d.mind mapping

8. This is known to be a discussion of a subject of public interest by a group of persons forming a panel, often before an audience. Recently, men and women from the WHO, World Health Organization had this.
a. debate b. news report c. panel discussion
d. talk show

9. This is used to brainstorm concepts and identify how they relate to each other with the use of labelled cells/bubbles
a.fishbone b. Know-Wonder-Learn(KWL) c. concept maps d. mind mapping ​


2. C. Myth

3. A. Textual Aids

4.B. Informative

5.C. News Reports

6. B. Press Conference

7.B. Cause and Effect

8.C. Panel Discussion

9.A. Fishbone

Scenario c. tim and his wife were having a few

Ask: Scenario
c. tim and his wife were having a few friends over for dinner, many of whom tim knew from an international management association to which he belonged. tim’s company provides the programming needed to download maps of world areas from satellites and then the firm sells these maps via the internet to firms, countries, and others around the world. sally, a guest at the party, bakes cookies for a living. her recipe is so well-liked that her company has grown dramatically. she now has sold the right to manufacture and recipe for her cookies to a firm in eastern europe. mac is a director at mcdonald’s and is a guest along with his wife, mary, who works for hershey. finally samantha works for eds and is soon to go abroad to visit a firm that eds is considering acquiring so that it can keep its technology proprietary. conversation was lively and the guests at one point were speaking about t


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Title of the Movie – the end of the world

Ask: Title of the Movie – the end of the world 1). who are the main character in the story/movie?
2) what is the sitting of the story?
3) Using a story map, explain the plot of the story
a. exposition
b. conflict
C. climax
D. falling action
E. resolution
4.) what social condition are portrayed in the story.​


directions.Identify the following tools

Going Beyond A. Fill in the story map about The

Ask: Going Beyond A. Fill in the story map about The Hermit and the Two Maggots” with items on the right. Add the items which are not given. Who: Where: Slopes of Mt. Kanlaon • Long ago The maggots wished to see the world​

where”s the story? then ill give you the answer  but ill give you the answer that i know

2.Hermits like living solo, alone in the woods, up in a mountain, or sometimes they live in a city without hardly ever leaving their apartment.

3. maggot is a larva of a fly become a human


hope it help you

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who created the world map?​

Ask: who created the world map?​


Diogo Ribeiro, a Portuguese cartographer working for Spain, made what is considered the first scientific world map

Not only you can get the answer of world map who, you could also find the answers of 6. This type, 8. How do, Scenario c. tim, 2. This refers, and What's NewIdentify whether.