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why is there a need for one to know the

Ask: why is there a need for one to know the meaning or meanings of a word​

knowing the meaning(s) of a word can help us understand the better ways to use it in a sentence or a phrase. if you use a word without knowing its definition, there is a big chance that you may cause confusion in what you want to explain/portray using your phrase/sentence.

why is it important to be kindmake a story that

Ask: why is it important to be kind

make a story that has a meaning and why it is important to be kind and what is the meaning behind the story​


because it’s important to be kind, when the kid saw her mom coming home you need to be kind or you can say “ohh hi mom how’s your day.” make sure to say that at a happy face you


it’s important to be kind

why is there a need for one to know the

Ask: why is there a need for one to know the meaning or meanings of a word​

we must know the meaning of a word before using it so we won’t use it in a wrong wayt


It is important for one to know the meanings of a word for them to not be confused when hearing difficult words, and for them to know the proper use of those words.

It is important to study the meaning of entrepreneurship? ​why

Ask: It is important to study the meaning of entrepreneurship? ​why or why not? ​

Entrepreneurs ship is called a small business and you are called seller ang the buyer

Why are the meaning of actitude

Ask: Why are the meaning of actitude

Wait, do you mean: “What is the meaning of altitude?” or “What is the meaning of aptitude”

1.) Altitude
         – height above sea level

2.) Aptitude
        – ability to do something, talent, capability, brilliance.

5. can you infer the meaning of this words without

Ask: 5. can you infer the meaning of this words without grabbing a dictionary for its meaning why? why not?​

The word “infer” means to draw an inference.  It is used in many different ways, but it can mean that someone draws conclusions from facts or evidence presented by others.  For example, if I say, “I inferred that he was lying,” then I am saying that I drew my conclusion about his honesty based on what I saw and heard him do.

In your sentence, “Why didn’t she infer?” you are asking why the person did not make any inferences at all when they were given information.  The answer would be because there wasn’t enough information available to them to make such inferences.  If we had more details about her situation (e.g., how long she has been working as a waitress), perhaps we could have made some better guesses about whether she will get fired.

If you want to use the verb “to infer”, you need to specify which kind of inference you are talking about.  You might ask something like, “What kinds of things does she infer?”, or “How often does she infer?”.

Using knowledge of the Golden Mean, is there a golden

Ask: Using knowledge of the Golden Mean, is there a golden mean on vices? Why? Why not?


The basic principle of the golden mean, laid down by Aristotle 2,500 years ago is moderation, or striving for a balance between extremes. A related concept in business communication is the idea of “satisficing,” or doing a little of what everyone wants but with no one getting exactly what s/he wants, essentially a compromise between interested parties. The difference is that the golden mean is a principle of moderation intended to serve the best interest of one’s stakeholders and publics, rather than a tactic of negotiation.

what does the picture mean? is the meaning clearly expressed

Ask: what does the picture mean? is the meaning clearly expressed ?why o or why not?




bc i can’t see any picture

the means of delivering the message is this successful?why or

Ask: the means of delivering the message is this successful?why or why not​


your message has not been successfully delivered..by the word “delivering”



what is the meaning of love ? why are you

Ask: what is the meaning of love ? why are you choosing that meaning


I hate love

Couse im broken hearted


Atthe end of the night, I fall into bed exhausted. I’ve pre-planned, and my boyfriend’s son’s snack for school tomorrow has already been packed. Tomorrow night’s dinner has already been made. The dishes are clean and the sink’s been wiped. Homework has been done, clothes have been set out, and everyone (including the dog) has been tucked into his or her respective beds.

My heart is full and tired. Tired from putting everyone else’s needs above mine. Tired from loving, tired from giving, tired from checking off every item on everyone else’s to-do list before my own.

My boyfriend shifts on the pillow next to me, pulling me closer so I can rest my head on his chest. He, too, has been busy. He’s cleaned the kitchen, mopped the floor, helped his son with his assignments, and organized the both of them for tomorrow. The difference, though, is that for him these are obligations. For me, these are choices. Choices that I made when I first said ‘yes’ to loving him, when I first jumped in, when I first realized that I wanted this and whatever craziness our new lives together would bring.

Love, in my opinion, is a myriad of choices.

First, everything begins by falling. And though this is often an unconscious decision — based on a mix of emotion and heart — you still make the mindful choice to walk forward into the relationship rather to run. What happens after is a series of choices. You choose to keep moving down the path you’ve set foot on, whatever road blocks, stop lights, and detours come your way. You choose to keep loving that person, even when you both fall short. And you choose to stay and fight for what you have because it’s worthy of pursuing, no matter how messy it can be.

The problem with society today, is that we’ve glorified love as this ‘perfect’ thing, as this ‘answer’ to what we’ve been searching for. We see our relationships as solutions — solutions to our emptiness, to our purposelessness, to our pain — and because of this, when things drift or fall apart, we become restless and unsatisfied.

But love was never meant to be an answer. Love is meant to add to our lives, to grow us and teach us — not fix or complete us.

I knew walking into a relationship with a man and his ten-year-old was going to be complicated. There would be an entirely new set of conflicts to navigate and expectations to uphold. In fact, according to an online survey about single dads, 44% of men said they evaluate their partner’s parenting skills before the first date!

From the start, I knew my situation was going to be difficult and even exhausting at times. But I made the conscious choice to say ‘yes’ because that’s what I truly wanted and believed in. Because that’s what felt right.

Although slowly decreasing, the current divorce rate is between 40–50%. This means that the odds of falling for or getting into a relationship with someone who has been married, comes from a broken family, or is a parent is highly likely.

But this isn’t something to be afraid of.

When we fall for someone, we often can’t help ourselves. We’ve finally discovered a person who makes us believe in something bigger than ourselves. We’ve found exactly what we’ve wanted and needed in another person. So regardless of their past, their story, or the connections that came before — we choose to love them.

And we must continue to do so, regardless of how difficult this may be.

Truly choosing to love someone is not about believing only when it’s convenient, or being with someone because he or she serves you. It’s not about walking away when the road gets tough, or backing out because something in their life is ‘too much’ to deal with. It’s not about turning our backs when we get hurt, or the opposite — losing ourselves to make someone else happy.

Truly choosing to love someone is about taking chances, making compromises, and loving with an open heart, knowing that your partner is doing the same right alongside you.

We live in a temporary world where everything is convenient, accessible and ‘smart.’ But love is not one of these things. It is not easy, not everywhere, and not something you can control. Yet this makes it all the more appealing.

Choosing to love someone is about learning all their flaws and still finding reasons to stay. It’s about having the hard conversations instead of hiding what you feel because being vulnerable is valuable. And it’s about pushing to make things work, even when it’s challenging.

Choosing to love someone is about staying up late packing lunches because you know it’s one less thing your person has to think about before he or she heads off to work in the morning. It’s about doing the laundry (even when there’s only 10% of your clothing in the basket!) because it makes the week less stressful. And it’s about putting your needs on the back-burner sometimes as you serve the ones you love because despite how exhausted you feel, you don’t regret choosing them. And never will.


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