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What is the meaning of folktale wikipedia?

Ask: What is the meaning of folktale wikipedia?

Folktales are stories or legends shared among a group of people through a word of mouth and are made to answers questions of existence.

neokolonyalismo wikipedia tagalog

Ask: neokolonyalismo wikipedia tagalog


Nagkaroon ng makabagong uri ng pananakop matapos ang Ikalawang Digmaang Pandaigdig upang mapanatili ang kanilang kapangyarihan at ito ay itinuturing na neokolonyalismo. Ang neokoloyalismo ay nangangahulugan ng bago at ibang uri ng pagsasamantala sa mahihirap na bansa at ito ay naipapakita sa tatlong parant:

Ang mga mamamayan ay sinasamantala at inaapi ng kanilang mga pinuno, inaabuso ang kapangyarihan at nagpapayaman sa sarili. Ang ekonomiya ng mga bansang maunlad/umuunlad ay patuloy na pinangungunahan ng mayayamang bansa. Ang mga bagong layang estado ay nagsasagawa ng pananalakay at nagdaragdag ng teritoryong pag-aari ng ibang bansa.

Countries that experience autumn wikipedia

Ask: Countries that experience autumn wikipedia

– Sonoma Country, California
– Northern New Mexico
– Holmes Country, Ohio
– Gaspé Peninsula, Quebec, Canada
– Douro Valley, Portugal
– Bavaria, Germany
– Transylvania, Romania
– Moscow, Russia
– Jiuzhaigou Valley, Sichuan Province, China
– Kyoto, Japan

Types of environmental hazards wikipedia

Ask: Types of environmental hazards wikipedia

Hazards can be categorized in four types:


Physical (mechanical, etc.)

Biological. The international pictogram for environmental hazard.


merkantilismo tagalog wikipedia

Ask: merkantilismo tagalog wikipedia

Ang merkantilismo ay isang uri ng kaayusang pang-ekonomiya na siyang sumibol noong panahon ng ika-16 hanggang ika-18 na siglo.


Tumutukoy rin ito sa paniniwala na ang kalakasan ng isang bansa ay ang pagkakaroon nito ng maraming kayamanan o mga mamahaling metal at mineral.


Dahil sa mga dahilang ito, tumuloy ang merkantilismo sa pangongolonya ng mga bansang Europeo.


ano ang balagtasan wikipedia

Ask: ano ang balagtasan wikipedia


pagtatalo sa pamamagitan Ng pagtula


Nakilala noong unang panahon na Ang pilipinas ay NASA ilalim Ng amerika


ito ay ang pagtatalo ng dalawang panig tungkol sa paksang naibigay.

elements of drama wikipedia

Ask: elements of drama wikipedia

Setting- The time and place where the drama occurs. Characters- The people in the written script to be portrayed by the actors. It is also one of the most important elements of drama, since the story revolves around the characters. Plot- It is the layout or sequence of how the story of your drama unfolds. Theme- It is the overall sense of your drama’s story. 

what is empowerment technology wikipedia

Ask: what is empowerment technology wikipedia


Empowerment Technology as a core subject in K-12


We all know that technology has made many things possible. When something goes on the internet, it is subject to both praise and ridicule and yet because the internet serves as a mask that people can put on, many things unpleasant happen online. As such Empowerment Technology was thought of as a subject that would help students navigate the information highway.

This is being taught so that students understand the world of ICT and so that they could behave accordingly when using the different media associated with ICT. With this subject, students would know the value of technology and how it is making life easier today. Just imagine how life is without the internet. It would be chaos because most of the things we do now are tied to the internet.

But just like anything that falls into the hands of humans, technology can ba dangerous as well. Hence, it is important that we know how to use technology and how to shield ourselves from them. Scams, for example are prevalent. Technology-facilitated sexual harassment is another thing. Bullying online is another. WE need to be able to avoid them and to fight them, hence the subject Empowered Technologies.

For more information:

Cyber bullying: https://brainly.ph/question/192454


Richest cities in the philippines wikipedia

Ask: Richest cities in the philippines wikipedia


Top 10 richest cities in the Philippines

Philippines is an archipelago in Southeast-Asia with more than seven thousand islands. It is also divided into 81 provinces with 145 cities. The cities are divided in three ways: the Highly Urbanized Cities (HUC) which have a population of over 200,000 and have a minimum annual income. Independent Component Cities (ICCs) fall outside of provincial jurisdiction and are further divided into six brackets dependent on the city’s minimum income. Component Cities are similar to ICCs, with the main difference being that they are under provincial jurisdiction.

Now here are the lists of 10 richest cities in the Philippines.

1. Makati City (PHP 34,461 billion equity)
Makati is the financial center of the Philippines, because it has the most number of multinational and local corporations in the country. Most of the foreign embassies like Switzerland, Pakistan, and Malaysia are also based in this City. It is the 17th-largest city in the country with a population of 582,602 and is ranked as the 41st most densely populated city in the world with 19,336 inhabitants per square kilometer.

2. Quezon City (PHP 31, 917 billion equity)
Quezon City is the site of many government offices. One of the most important government offices in the Philippines is the Batasang Pambansa Complex-the seat of the House of Representative. The city also hosts the University of the Philippines Diliman, National University, and Ateneo de Manila.

3. Pasig City (PHP 20,036 billion equity)
Pasig city is one of the oldest municipalities in the Philippines. It was formerly rural settlement and was established as early as 1572 by Augustinians. The city also used to hold the Guinness World Record for the largest secondary school in the world, with a population of around 20,000 students in Rizal High School from 1993 until 2005.

4. Manila City (PHP 13,131 billion equity)
Manila is considered as the major center of commerce, banking, and financial as well as tourism, transportation, and real estate. It is also considered as the most densely populated city in the world because of its small area yet has 42,857 people per square kilometer.

5. Zamboanga City (PHP 10,464 billion equity)
Zamboanga City is a Highly Urbanized City (HUC) in Mindanao. It is the commercial and industrial center of the Zamboanga Peninsula Region. It was also used to be known as “Samboangan” in historical records and was founded by the Subapen people during the pre-Hispanic times. Furthermore, Zamboanga has been variably called “Convention Capital of the Country” or “Sardines Capital”, because canning factories here provides about 70 percent of all sardines.

6. Cebu City (PHP 7,885 billion equity)
Cebu City is known as the second city of the Philippines. It is also a significant center of commerce, trade and education in the Visayas Region. Furthermore, Cebu City is also known considered as the Fount of Christianity in the Far-East.

7. Caloocan City (PHP 6,894 billion equity)
Caloocan City is centered on developing an investor-friendly environment that will create jobs for its constituents. It was also formerly a part of the Province of Rizal of the Philippines’ Southern Luzon Region.

8. Marikina City (PHP 4,887 billion equity)
Marikina City is the most industrialized city in Metro Manila. It was given the title “Shoe Capital of the Philippines”, because of its notable shoe industry.

9. Calamba City (PHP 4,690 billion equity)
The City is known as the Resort Capital of the Philippines because of its numerous hot spring resorts. It is also the hometown of the Philippine National Hero, Jose Rizal.

10. Cagayan de Oro (PHP 4,670 billion equity)
Cagayan de Oro serves as the regional center and business hub of Northern Mindanao. It is also famous for its white watering rafting or kayaking adventures, one of the tourism activities being promoted along the Cagayan de Oro River.

There you have it! The lists above are just some of the richest cities in the Philippines. I hope you gained knowledge from this article.

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yamang tubig wikipedia

Ask: yamang tubig wikipedia

Ang anyong tubig ay kahit anumang makahulugang pag-ipon ng tubig, kadalasang tinatakpan ang ibabaw ng isang planeta katulad ng Daigdig.
Mga yamang tubig:

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