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Directions: Read each item carefully. Then, choose the letter of

Ask: Directions: Read each item carefully. Then, choose the letter of the correct answer. Write your answers on a separate sheet of paper. For items 1-4, identify the kind of contemporary issue each article states. 1. Poverty ranked first in the former list of issues Filipinos care about, and other related issues such as education and hunger were also seen in the top five. It came in second in the latter group of problems Filipinos often hear about being overtaken by discussions on gender inequality. A. economic B. environmental C. political D. social 2. Growing demand for electronic gadgets, mostly with short life cycles and few options for repair, has caused e-waste – discarded products with a battery or plug – to surge by more than a fifth in the past 5 years, according to the joint study by the United Nations University, the UN Institute for Training and Research, the International Telecommunication Union and the International Solid Waste Association. The report forecasts the amount of e-waste generated to top 74 Mt by 2030. A economic B. environmental C. political D. social 3. The worst is over for the pandemic-hit Philippine economy, and a “remarkable rebound” is expected this year, the head of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas said on Tuesday. “The worst is behind us. The recovery phase has begun,” BSP Governor Benjamin Diokno told the Reuters Next conference, citing ‘green shoots’ such as improvements in remittances and foreign direct investments (FDI). Remittances from overseas Filipinos have so far defied bleak forecasts and continued growing despite the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on countries where expatriate Filipinos work. A. economic B. environmental C. political D. social 4. More than 500,000 registered new business names from March 2020 to January2021, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) said Thursday, with retail via internet or online selling leading at 87,223 and retail selling in sari-sari stores at 68,241. A. economic B. environmental C. political D. social 5. A formal writing intended to explore a topic or an idea in great detail. A. critique C. current issue B. comprehensive report D. viewpoint 6. Signed by Duterte in August 2018, the PhilSys Act or Republic Act No. 11055 seeks to harmonize and integrate several government IDs by establishing a single national identification system for all citizens and resident aliens through the collection of basic personal information and biometric data, Who put the PhilSys Act in force? A. citizens B. President Duterte C. resident aliens D. senators 7. Some lawmakers and economists agreed in a House hearing that it is high time for a legislative measure to lift the “restrictive” economic provisions of the Constitution, but for others, the country is just not ready for another “Cha-cha” in the middle of the pandemic. During the first day of deliberations of the House Committee on Constitutional Amendments on Resolution of Both Houses 2, congressmen and resource persons were split over its aim to ease limits on foreign ownership of lands, educational institutions Who are involved in this issue? A. lawmakers and economists C. Pres. Duterte and lawmakers​


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