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What organ is protected by the skull? Heart Lungs Brain

Ask: What organ is protected by the skull? Heart Lungs Brain Kidney
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the brain

The skull protects the brain and forms the shape of the face. The spinal cord, a pathway for messages between the brain and the body, is protected by the backbone, or spinal column.

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______4. Which of the following best describes the illness “tonsillitis”?

Ask: ______4. Which of the following best describes the illness “tonsillitis”?
A. inflammation or swelling of the sinuses
B. inflammation of the tonsils
C. inflammation of the pharynx
D. medically referred to as a viral respiratory tract infection
______5. Which is a good practice to keep the air clean?
A. Ride a bike in going to work or school. C. Burn the garbage.
B. Plant something. D. Both A and B.
______6. Which of the following situations show proper care of the water and air?
A. Rina takes part in local clean-up drives.
B. John unplug all electric appliances when not in use.
C. Ben use energy-saving appliances to keep the air clean.
D. All of the above.
______7. You see a neighbor who is about to throw dead animals into the river. What should you do?
A. Leave him alone. C. Throw also dead animals in the river.
B. Assist him in throwing. D. Tell him to bury the dead animal in the ground.
______8. Why should we practice keeping the water and air clean?
A. To keep us healthy. C. To protect the surroundings.
B. To save the environment. D. All of these.
______9. Water is in scarce in your barangay. What should you do to save water?
A. Reuse water. C. Use the shower in taking a bath.
B. Leave the faucet spilling water. D. Use the water faucet in brushing your teeth.
______10. It is characterized by the loss of lung compliance causing incomplete lung expansion and increase lung stiffness.
A. chronic obstructive disease C. respiratory tract infection
B. obstructive lung disease D. restrictive lung disease


4.) A

5.) D

6.) A

7.) D

8.) B

9.) A

10.) A


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Which organs of the body are protected by the hipbone

Ask: Which organs of the body are protected by the hipbone or pelvic bone?
stomach and liver
heart and lungs
kidney and bladder
brain and eyes (who answeres correctly and perfectly will get brainliest.)


kidney and bladder

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Thoracic Cavity:

dorsal cavity:

abdominoplevic cavity:


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Directions: Read each item and encircle the letter of the

Ask: Directions: Read each item and encircle the letter of the correct answer.
1. What happens when the blood reaches the lungs?
A. It becomes red.
B. It mixes with carbon dioxide
C. It leaves urine and carbon dioxide.
D. .It gives off carbon dioxide and absorb oxygen.
2. Which system distributes oxygen- rich blood to the different cells of the body?
A. Circulatory B. Digestive C. Excretory D. Respiratory
3. How can jogging, running and other forms of exercise make you healthy?
It can ___.
A. make one grow taller
B. make one tired and sleepy
C. provide rest and relaxation
D. improve the flow of blood and oxygen in the body
4. Which organ filters unwanted materials coming from the blood?
A. Kidneys B. lungs C. muscles D. ribs
5. Why is the heart important?
A. It stops the flow of blood.
B. It checks the flow of blood.
C. It occupies the chest cavity.
D. It makes the blood flow throughout the body.
6. Anna always eats rice and chicken every day and she is undernourished.
A. Rice has no nutrient.
B. Anna eats expensive food.
C. Chicken has too many nutrients.
D. Anna does not get other necessary nutrients.
7. Why is it necessary to wear helmet when riding a motorcycle>
A. to protect the spinal cord
B. to protect us from the heat of the sun
C. to protect the head from any accident
D. to prevent the air from entering the ears
8. Which of these can cause a serious injury to the nervous system?
A. Bad fall C. studying hard
B. Drinking coffee D. too much exercise
9. In which blood vessels does the exchange of oxygen and food nutrients and
waste materials from the blood take place?
A. In the arteries C. in the veins
B. In the heart D. in the capillaries
10. Why should the brain be protected from injury?
A. It controls the muscles
B. The brain enables you to think.
C. The brain controls all the senses.
D. All of the above
11. There are some fat but sickly people. Why?
A. They eat too much.
B. They do not exercise.
C. They do not go to the doctor.
D. They eat the wrong kind of food.
12. Who among the following children will grow healthy and strong?
A. Rose who like meat and rice only.
B. Miguel who likes fruits and vegetables only.
C. Justine who loves soft drink and junk foods.
D. Marie who eats go, grow and glow foods in right amount.


1. D. .It gives off carbon dioxide and absorb oxygen

2. D. Respiratory

3. D. improve the flow of blood and oxygen in the body

4. A. Kidneys

5. D. It makes the blood flow throughout the body

I Write TRUE if the statement is correct and FALSE

Ask: I Write TRUE if the statement is correct and FALSE if it is not 11. Psychiatric Care Center are hospitals or wards specializing in the treatment of serious mental disorder 12. An ophthalmologist can diagnose and treat problems related to the eye and vision, including vision correction with glasses or contact lenses and treatment of disease such as glaucoma. 13. A cardiologist is a medical doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders 14. Waste Management officer aims to promote, protect and maintain the health status of the pupils and the school personnel 15. A dermatologist can diagnose and treal disorders of the skin, mouth extemal genitalia, hair and nails such as skin cancers, moles, allergic disorders and scarring. 16. A pulmonologist is a medical doctor who specializes in diagnosis and treatment of disorders affecting the lungs 17 The birthing center is a facility within the school where basic medical care and first treatment is provided for teachers and students 18. A nurse is a highly shilled health care and professional who combine the art of caring with scientific knowledge and skills developed through his or her education and experience 19. A gastroenterologist is a medical doctor who specializes in diagnosis and treatment of disorders of gastrointestinal tract 20. A urologist is specializing is diagnosis of disorders of urinary tract. Pronarer hv.​





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The joints of the skull do not move. What do

Ask: The joints of the skull do not move. What do you call this kind of joint?
A. Ball-and-socket
B. Fixed
C. Hinge
D. Sliding

Which bone protects the heart and lungs?
A. Cranium
B. Pelvis
C. Rib cage
D. Spinal column

How does the skeletal system work with the circulatory system?
A. It protects the brain
B. It protects the lungs
C. It produces blood cells
D. It serves as attachment of muscles

When our ankle is sprained, which tissue in the joints is stretched or torn?
A. Cartilage
B. Ligament
C. Periosteum
D. Tendon

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1. B


3. A

4. C


What I Know2Let userumine your prior kated onsafety prooedbro.T TMultiple

Ask: What I Know
Let userumine your prior kated on
safety prooedbro.
Multiple Cholos Test
Directions Read each statement otty Write only the better of the
1. It is operated on LPG gas that may cause the problem of fire in the kitchen
not properly maintained
A Refrigerator
B Panga C. Washing machine D Bone
2 It should be prohibited in designated area that is lept free of
A Smoking
B Cleaning
3. Uso
who worlaing around hot oil.
A. gloves
B. caution
4. This is another invisible, odorless as that could be hanging sound in your
B. Oxygen
C. Radon
A. Carbon Dioxide
5. This grows in areas where moisture accumuiates, such as near laky
A. Bacteria
B. Virus
C. Moid
6. It is a radioactive gas generated in rock soil that causes lung
cancer–and sometimes collects in homes.
A. Carbon Monoxide B. Radon
7.10. Identify the type of hazard/accident in the workplace. Write only the letter of
the best answer.
A. Protecting your property from fire
B. Protecting your property from natural hazards
C. Protecting your property from crime
D. Protecting your staff and visitors from accidents
E. Legislation that may affect your business
7. Manufacturing and packaging standards should pass the regulatory board
8. Prepare a flood plan for your business
9. Non visual inspections of all portable electrical items and electrical wiring
10. Clear up spillage promptly and post warning notices​


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Who protects the lungs and heart?​

Ask: Who protects the lungs and heart?​


Rib cage


The rib cage protects vital organs such as the hearts,lungs and liver.

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___24. Regular exercise will keep our body system in good

Ask: ___24. Regular exercise will keep our body system in good shape,
___21. Eating healthy foods can keep our body system physically fit.
___23. Playing mobile games until dawn is a good exercise for the brain,
___22. Our lungs can benefit if we are surrounded by people who constantly smoke,
___25. Using umbrella under the heat of the sun can protect our skin from harmful sun
___27. It is good to scratch our skin after being bitten by insects because it will relieve
___28. Drinking plenty of water will help flush out body waste through perspiration
and urination
___28. We should maintain proper posture because it makes us feel better and gives


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i earning Activity #3 "Identification” Direction: Fill – the blanks:

Ask: i earning Activity #3 “Identification” Direction: Fill – the blanks: 2. Applying chemicals can cause eye irritation. Protect our vision with appropriate safety eyewear such as safety 1. aod 3. when spraying insecticide, applying fertilizers or working in the shop where there is a heavy accumulation of dust. Chemical substances, molds and dust do not only affect the eyes but also our respiratory system especially the lungs. We must protect our lungs with appropriate respiratory equipment such 4. 5. 6. and 7. When trimming trees and cutting big post, we should wear a hard 8. to protect our head. Farmers who are operating noisy equipment such as tractors, millers and chainsaw should wear acoustic earmuffs or 9. to protect our 10. as​


1 eyeglasses

2 goggles

3 faceshield

4gas mask

5dush mask

6air packs

7cartridge respirator




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