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Read the following situations and identify if it expresses (A)

Ask: Read the following situations and identify if it expresses (A) text to self, (B) text to text or (C) text to world connections. Letters only. 11. You have read the story entitled The Lost World by Arthur Conan Doyle and you found out that it is somehow same with the story of Frankeinstein by Mary Shelley for they both discussed conflict between ethics of science and creation
12. You are reading this and eventually thought of your first crush. Ausrud
13. You have read My School is St Closed and cried because you missed your classmates and your teachers.
14. The news about Election 2022 made you wonder whether the supposedly elected officials will do something about health problems and the future economy of our country.
15. The news about Covid 19 patients who died affected you because you also knew someone who passed away because of the same disease.
18. This book reminded you of your younger days.
19. You also recalled the story of The Monkey and The Turtle as you open this book.
20. You have seen the movie Knights of the Round Table and thought of Voltes V the movie because the characters were using swords.

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not sure kung tama lahat but yan yung answer ko dun,,

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Ask: Who is your crush
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I don’t have crush



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