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obriens  rotten tomatoes

what happend in 1984?​

Ask: what happend in 1984?​

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1984 philippine criminologoy​

Ask: 1984 philippine criminologoy​


criminological school


sana po makatulong:)

How much does conan o'brien needs a friend make?

Ask: How much does conan o’brien needs a friend make?


Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend premiered on November 18, 2018, when O’Brien’s talk show was on hiatus and being retooled from an hour-long format into a half-hour format. O’Brien announced, “After 25 years of extensive market research, we have learned that people want to hear my voice without seeing my face. So rejoice, America.” The title refers to the podcast’s premise that O’Brien is only friends with people who work for him, and the friendly conversations he has with celebrities on his talk show rarely translate to lasting friendships, an issue he is looking to fix.

The first 36 episodes of the podcast were packaged together as one season. A second season consisting of another 36 episodes premiered on October 7, 2019,  after a run of six special episodes titled Deep Dive with Dana Carvey. A third season premiered on August 3, 2020.

In April 2021, O’Brien launched a companion podcast titled Conan O’Brien Needs A Fan, in which he, Movsesian, and Gourley will take questions from fans via Zoom.

who compose akhnaten (1984)​

Ask: who compose akhnaten (1984)​

Exp:(Opera by Philip Glass)
Premier March 24, 1984 Staathstheater Sttutgart
The composer in 1993

What is the generation of those who who were born

Ask: What is the generation of those who who were born from 1965 to 1984 who were diverse and was able to adapt with the new idealism, religions and sexual orientation?




answer I hope it works

oh no someone broke into the house",Larry O'Brien

Ask: oh no someone broke into the house”,Larry O’Brien

what do you mean? do you want me to tell the story or not?

Why is albert einstein considered as the most intelligent person?

Ask: Why is albert einstein considered as the most intelligent person? Even if Walter O’Brien defeated the IQ of Einstein?

Thanks to work of pathologist Thomas Harvey to preserve Albert Eisntein’s brain decades ago, we can continue to busy ourselves today with trying to figure out what made Albert Einstein so smart. Knowing the world would want to scrutinize the brain of one of the most brilliant persons to ever live, Harvey took photographs of the brain then cut it into tissue slices which he mounted onto slides and distributed to some of the world’s most prominent neuropathologists who hoped to find an anatomical clue as to how Einstein achieved his startling genius.

The initial analyses didn’t turn up much, except for the fact that Einstein’s brain, counterintuitively, was actually smaller than average. And early tissue studies showed the normal hallmarks of aging, biomarkers that were expected for someone who lived to the age of 76. So Harvey put the brain fragments in a formalin-filled jar, stuck the jar inside a cider box and kept the box under a beer cooler in his office.

The fabled brain was pulled out decades later, when, in 1985 a study showed that two parts of Einstein’s brain contained higher amounts of glia, the cells that surround and support neurons. And another study published in the nineties concluded that a groove was missing in one part of the cortex. What was interesting was the area missing the groove is thought to process visuo-spacial information and be important for mathematical skills. The scientists speculated that the missing groove might have enhanced neuronal connections, partially explaining why Einstein’s visuo-spatial and mathematical skills were mindbogglingly enhanced.

Now more scientists are revisiting the six decades long curiosity. Dean Falk and her fellow anthropologists at Florida State University in Tallahassee analyzed 14 of Harvey’s original photographs that had only recently been found. Some of the photographs were taken at angles not seen in photos previously studied, offering new views of Einstein’s brain. They compared his brain anatomy to that of 85 brains which had been previously described in two other studies. They found that Einstein’s prefrontal cortex was “highly convoluted” compared to the average amount of convolutions observed in the other brains. The prefrontal cortex is important in higher level, abstract thought. It’s possible that the increased number of folds and fissures in Einstein’s prefrontal cortex contributed to his ability to carry out his famous thought experiments, such as imagining himself traveling alongside a beam of light.

The photos also showed a part of Einstein’s right somatosensory cortex was enlarged. The area, which processes sensory information from the left hand, is thought to have overdeveloped due to his extensive violin playing.

Humans, the most intelligent species on the planet, owe their acumen to the evolutionary enlargement of the brain as well as the coincident reorganization of the brain’s connections occurring over time. Regarding intelligence, the most important reorganization is generally accepted to be the increased specialization of the neocortex, the part of the brain responsible for carrying out higher brain functions. One has to wonder, though, about the true power of nature over nurture. Does the secret to Einstein’s genius really lie in the folds and fissures of his brain? Did his extra-specialized prefrontal cortex really give us the special theory of relativity? Currently we cannot definitively answer these questions, but it’s certainly fun to try.

There are a lot of people that defeated Albert Einstein’s IQ, like William Sidis, who had an estimated IQ of 250-300. Althought William got a higher IQ, he didn’t do anything significant, unlike Eisntein. Einstein is known for the theory of relativity. He was astounding with this topic. He was able to discover, understand and create because he was full of curiosity. While Sidis decided to remain anonymous and live an ordinary life, not that there’s anything wrong with that. The point is that, one’s IQ does not define whether they are gonna be famous or not, or how successful they are gonna be. Not all those who have an IQ that is considered to be on the “genius level” will create history, do something that is significant or change the world’s perception on a certain topic.

Who is the Miss Universe 1984​

Ask: Who is the Miss Universe 1984​


Who is the Miss Universe 1984?

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1. The story happened on___________a. October 31, 1984b. October 30,

Ask: 1. The story happened on___________
a. October 31, 1984
b. October 30, 1984
c. October 29, 1984
d. October 1, 1984​


where’s the story po?

di ko po masasagutan yan wla po ksi yung story

where is the story


plssß paki pasa nung pic

name the actor who died in 1984 and who also

Ask: name the actor who died in 1984 and who also stared in the film titled 1984​





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