Who Is J Hope’s Dad

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hope dad

who's ur fav? mom or dad?

Ask: who’s ur fav? mom or dad?


both hello


why not

The one who wants to be just like his dad?

Ask: The one who wants to be just like his dad?




As all of us know, our dad’s the one who is responsible for us since we were born in this world (the same as our own mother) they are hardworking person just so we could eat and buy what we need. They are trying really hard for us to have a good life. They are one of a role model. I’m amazed by how they would sacrifice anything just for their family. I want to be just like my dad, I know he’s tired when he was still alive but still denies it, no one expect his death cause he only shows his bright smile in front of everyone even us were surprised but I really admire that he doesn’t want to worry anyone. He was still smiling when he died. Ya’ll, there’s a pain behind someone’s smile. I wish you all treasure your parents before it’s too late. Be a good daughter/son to them so their problem might decrease.

who loves you your mom or your dad?​

Ask: who loves you your mom or your dad?​


  • Both


hope it helps

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mom and my dad i love dem because they love me

The fat dad has a vanWho has a vanWhat does

Ask: The fat dad has a van
Who has a van
What does the lat dad have?
1. Monzi is a shy boy
Who is a shy boy?
What kind of boy is Monzi?​


1. the fat dad

2. a van

3. Monzi

4. shy boy


Who has a van?

The fat dad.

Who is a shy boy?


What kind of boy is Monzi?

he’s a kind of shy boy.


Hope its help:)

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who is Orochimaru dad

Ask: who is Orochimaru dad


Orochimaru’s parents are dead, and they had to be killed while he was small because by the time he was about 10-12 years old they were dead. He is a human being and he had to have a mother and father.


paki branliest po please

who are the characters of the story in the best

Ask: who are the characters of the story in the best night out with Dad?


The characters of the story “The Best Night out with Dad” are;

1. Danny

2. Vincent’s dad

3. Vincent

4. Danny’s dad

5. The ticket agent


I know this story po so anymore questions po?

who is that?a.he is my dadb.it is my dad​

Ask: who is that?
a.he is my dad
b.it is my dad​




because when the question ask Who it’s about a person


A. he is my dad


hope it helps even tho the question is confusing

Who killed rizal?dad or mom?​

Ask: Who killed rizal?

dad or mom?​


Jose Protacio Rizal was killed by a firing squad of native soldiers in Bagumbayan (today known as Rizal Park) Manila.






who is the heaviest working mom or dad?​

Ask: who is the heaviest working mom or dad?​

I think it would be the mom because she gave birth to us. Younger working mothers are among the most likely to say that being a working parent makes it harder for them to get ahead in their career. One reason mothers are more likely than fathers to say it’s harder to get ahead in the workplace may be that women are much more likely than men to experience a variety of family-related career interruptions. About four-in-ten working mothers  say that at some point in their working life, they had reduced their hours in order to care for a child or other family member, while just working fathers say they had done the same; almost as many working mothers  say they had taken a significant amount of time off from work for one of these reasons, compared with about a quarter  of working fathers. And mothers are more likely than fathers to say they quit their job at some point for family reasons.

Who is Einstein's dad?​

Ask: Who is Einstein’s dad?​


Hermann Einstein



Simple his mother’s husband of course


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