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Context: Noli Me Tangere No Nonsense/Blank Nonsense/Blank = Report (Ginawang

Ask: Context: Noli Me Tangere
No Nonsense/Blank
Nonsense/Blank = Report
(Ginawang English Kasi Ayaw Magsend Ng Original Question)

Task 2:
INSTRUCTIONS: Determine who each statement in column A describes. Choose the correct answer from column B. Write only the letter of the correct answer.
____1. He is the accused heretic and subversive A. boy
____2. He was hit by the cane which caused him to be B. Crisostomo Ibarra
faint. C. Don Rafael Ibarra
____3. He was the man who fell and hit his head on a rock. D. tax collector
____4. He told Ibarra what happened to his father. E. Maria Clara
____5. He witnessed the slow advance of the baying his F. Lieutenant Guevarra

Task 3:
Instructions: In the sentences below, define the words written in bold according to their use in the sentence. Write the letter of the correct answer in the blank.
____ 1. The young woman was upset when she found out that her boyfriend was leaving her to study abroad.
a. nagdamdam b. accompany the departure
____ 2. A young woman wants to go to Europe with her boyfriend.
a. nagdamdam b. go along with the departure
____ 3. The young man immediately looked for the place where his father’s body had been laid.
a. part of the mouth b. body of the deceased
____ 4. The young man’s lips trembled when he learned that his father had died.
a. part of the mouth b. body of the deceased
____ 5. The family happily waited for dawn to come.
a. hope b. morning
____ 6. In every problem always think that there will be a dawn.
a. hope b. morning
____ 7. One of the misconceptions of Filipinos is that they believe that their fortune can be obtained through emigration.
a. part of the hand b. luck or luck
____ 8. Many Filipinos go abroad because it can be seen on the palm of their hand.
a. part of the hand b. luck or luck
____ 9. A bright future awaits someone who is working hard in life.
a. future b. next day
____ 10. The next day the father got up early to work.
a. future b. next day
Instructions: Examine what emotion is meant in the following staff statement. Write the letter of the correct answer in the blank.
__ 1. “I think the doctor’s advice to take a vacation in the province first is correct. You are pale and you need fresh air. ” Captain Tiago is….
a. worried b. afraid c. glad d. wondering
__ 2. “I swear I will love you… make you happy… and this time I repeat that curse to you.” Crisostomo Ibarra is….
a. loves b. begging c. sad d. afraid
__ 3. “You must think about your role and future. You must discover the wisdom of life that your own country cannot give you so that it can benefit you one day. ” Don Rafael Ibarra is….
a. angry b. preaching c. contributing d. starring
__ 4. “I have never traveled like you. I reached nothing but Manila and Antipolo and your town. But since I said goodbye to you before entering the convent I have always remembered you and I have not forgotten you even though my confessor ordered me to forget you. ” Maria Clara is…
a. worried b. angry c. sad d. nanunumbat
INSTRUCTIONS: Check (/) the box if the statement is true based on the content of the article and cross (x) if it is not.
1. Captain Tiago was very upset when he learned that Padre Damaso would talk to him.
________ 2. Captain Tiago’s son is set to marry Crisostomo Ibarra, a wealthy young man who had studied in Europe.
________ 3. One of the abuses committed by the friars against the Filipinos was the imposition of high taxes.
________ 4. Don Rafael Ibarra is one of the most recognized people








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Answer if it is: Cause and Effect Description Problem and

Ask: Answer if it is:

Cause and Effect
Problem and Solution
Compare and Contrast

1. All matter, all things can be changed in two ways: chemically and physically. Both chemical and physical changes affect the state of matter. Physical changes are those that do not change the make-up or identity of the matter. For example, clay will bend or flatten if squeezed, but it will still be clay. Changing the shape of clay is a physical change, and does not change the matter’s identity. Chemical changes turn the matter into a new kind of matter with different properties. For example, when paper is burnt, it becomes ash and will never be paper again. The difference between them is that physical changes are temporary or only last for a little while, and chemical changes are permanent, which means they last forever. Physical and chemical changes both affect the state of matter.

2. When I got home from school after a long boring day, I took out the peanut butter, jelly, and bread. After taking the lid off of the jars, I spread the peanut butter on one side of the bread and the jelly on the other, and then I put the two pieces of bread together. After that, I enjoyed it while watching “Cops” on the TV. I swear, that was the best peanut butter and jelly sandwich I ever ate.

3. No one knows exactly what causes tornados, but some scientists believe that when warm air meets cold air, a tornado may form. The reason for this is that the warm air is lighter than the cold air, so it rises up fast and meets different winds moving different directions. Under the right conditions, this can cause a tornado. Though there is still much mystery surrounding tornados, many people believe that when warm moist air meets cool dry air, tornados can result.

4. The playground at the park is built for fun. There are plenty ways to get to the top just like – a ladder, a stairway, and even a rock wall. Once at the top, kids can find plenty of things to play with, like a curved tube, two different steering wheels, and even a tic-tac-toe board. And two curved sliding boards make the perfect way to return to the ground.

5. Working on a computer may be easier and safer than working in a mine, but it doesn’t come without risks. Using a computer for a long time can lead to poor eyesight, muscle loosening, back pain, and injuries to the hands and wrists. If you find yourself working or playing on a computer quite regularly, take a few steps to prevent these problems and you’ll thank yourself later. When you are computing for a long time, take frequent breaks. Get up and walk around every once and while. Exercise a little bit. Take your eyes off of the computer screen. Stretch your hands and wrists. Straighten your back. It can be hard to pull yourself away from your computer once you get into a zone, but your body will thank you later if you do. Make your health a priority and don’t worry so much about what’s happening on that little screen.

6. Bicycles are an excellent choice when it comes to transportation. Biking is healthy and faster than walking, but it is also dangerous. Each year tens of thousands of people are killed or injured while riding a bicycle. This is because our roads are designed for motorists and not cyclists, but we can change the landscape. Each time a road is built or rebuilt, we should put in bike lanes. Clearly marked bicycle lanes will give cyclists a safer place to ride. Our cyclists deserve this little bit of consideration. In fact, their very lives are depending on it.

7. There’s a reason why dogs are called “man’s best friend.” The good friendship that we have with dogs is thousands of years old and, as with most good friendships, was formed by mutual benefit. Dogs are of great value to people because they use their keen senses to detect threats and alert their owners by barking. You may find your dog’s yapping to be quite annoying, but under some circumstances it can be quite helpful. But people are of great value to dogs too. Dogs who live with people usually have easier access to food and a safer place to stay than they would on their own, and that truly is what friends are for.


1. Compare and Contrast

2. Sequence/Order

3. Cause and Effect

4. Description

5. Problem and Solution

6. Problem and Solution

7. Description

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