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what is synonyms of wrath​

Ask: what is synonyms of wrath​




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Synonyms for wrath

anger, angriness, birse [chiefly Scottish], choler, furor, fury, indignation, irateness, ire, lividity, lividness, mad, madness, mood [archaic], outrage, rage, spleen, wrathfulness

what is the difination of wrath

Ask: what is the difination of wrath

It means Extreme anger

30. Maria remembers that the island on which they are

Ask: 30. Maria remembers that the island on which they are staying with her family is one big volcano. Soon the mountain releases its wrath, and the eruption threatens every person in the place. What conflict does this scenario show?

A. man vs. man
B. man vs. nature
C. man vs. self
D. man vs. society​


letter B I’m not sure

wrath in a sentence​

Ask: wrath in a sentence​


The wrath of gods brought chaos in the world


The wrath of an angry woman is something to behold.

who should be held accountable for the catastrophe? is it

Ask: who should be held accountable for the catastrophe? is it the people? the government? or no one since it is an act of nature’s wrath?​


The distinction between natural and human-made disasters is ingrained in everyday language. Disaster scientists have long been critical of this dichotomy. Nonetheless, virtually no attention has been paid to how disaster survivors conceptualize the causes of the disasters they experience. In this mixed-methods longitudinal study, 112 survivors of the 2016–2017 Central Italy earthquakes completed questionnaires 3 and 16 months following the earthquakes, with the aim of assessing attributions of blame for the earthquake damage. In-depth interviews were also conducted with 52 participants at the 3-month mark to explore representations of causation for the earthquake damage. The distinction between disasters caused by nature and disasters caused by humans was not supported by survivors of the earthquake. In the longitudinal surveys, building firms and the State were assigned as much blame as nature for the earthquake damage, at both 3 months and 16 months after the earthquakes. Corroborating this complexity, in the interviews, the causes of the earthquake damage, rather than being understood as purely natural, were perceived as a complex mosaic composed of political, technological, natural, and moral factors. This empirical work shows that disaster survivors combine both nature-based and human-based explanations of disasters, rather than subscribing to one or the other. These findings have practical implications for disaster risk reduction and response.



what is the meaning of wrath​

Ask: what is the meaning of wrath​

Wrath is great anger. An example of wrath is the way you would feel after your brand new car is stolen and destroyed.


extreme anger (chiefly used for humorous or rhetorical effect).

Similar to Wrath:

anger, rage, fury, annoyance, indignation, outrage, pique, spleen, chagrin,

vexation, exasperation, dudgeon, bad mood, ill humor, irritation, irritability, displeasure, air rage, ire, choler

He who believes in the son has eternal life;but he

Ask: He who believes in the son has eternal life;but he who does not obey the son shall not see life,but the wrath of god abides on him(john 3:36)​


all writes in bibles are reals all words in bibles are not write in a one book


For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. – 2 Timothy 1:7


Good night and Godbless ❤️

wrath technical definition​

Ask: wrath technical definition​


sorry i don’t no the answer

Paraphrase this poem I was angry with a friendI told

Ask: Paraphrase this poem

I was angry with a friend
I told my wrath,my Wrath did end
I was angry with my foe
I told it not,my wrath did grow

Non sence report​

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Why Achilles did uttered the words: "No more, old man,

Ask: Why Achilles did uttered the words: “No more, old man, don’t tempt my wrath, not now!”?​


i don’t know there is no question



Achilles is the Achaean troops’ greatest hero and combatant. He demonstrates this via his incredible combat abilities and dedication to the war. This look is harmed when Achilles refuses to fight for days on end due to a minor disagreement with Agamemnon. While Achilles is a brilliant combatant, he also possesses all of the regular feelings that mortal men have. This may not appear to be the case when he slaughters Trojans savagely, pouring their blood without hesitation, yet Achilles is nevertheless susceptible to human feeling. When Achilles was confronted with the decision of whether or not to offer Hector’s body to Priam, these emotions aided him.

During their conversation concerning the return of Hector’s body, Achilles, among other feelings, grew enraged with Priam. “No more, old father, don’t provoke my fury, not now! My own mind’s made up to give you back your son” (24.656-657). He places a high importance on self-achievement and is irritated when others do not. “So don’t anger me now. Don’t arouse my furious heart any more old man – suppliant that you are – may transgress the rules of Zeus (24.667-669)!” Achilles says to Priam after Priam refuses Achilles’ hospitality by refusing to sit and wants his son’s body immediately. Achilles is enraged by this because Priam is being disrespectful to Achilles’ selfless efforts. This demonstrates Achilles’s volatile emotions, as he could be compassionate and grief-stricken one moment and fiercely outraged the next. Achilles becomes so enraged that he threatens to question the gods’ laws and demands, which most mortals would never dare to do.

Achilles personality ​



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