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whos    learn english english grammar learn english words

4 1. Instruction: Fill the space with word(s) to complete

Ask: 4 1. Instruction: Fill the space with word(s) to complete our learning for this module. 1. Job Opportunity is simply an opportunity for 2. When we say career, it is a long-term professional journey you may determine based on your 4. The goal. 3. A career in entrepreneurship can be made in virtually any field, depending on your Republic of the Philippines Bepartment of Coucation Region II- Cagayan Valley Schools Division of Cagayan 5. The PEÑABLANCA EAST DISTRICT PEÑABLANCA EAST NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL Quiz 2 represent a company for a product or service. 6. The is responsible for controlling, coordinating and carrying out research in various company departments, guaranteeing the continuous innovation of products and work processes. 8. The business professionals. assess and create solutions to help the company more efficiently meet its 7. The is someone who raise money for a specific purpose and meant not to make profit but instead for maintaining the organization or toward the purpose for which it was created. transfers his/her skills and knowledge to students to become qualified 10. The interesting ways. 9. The is someone whose job is in sourcing, attracting, recruiting, interviewing, and on-boarding employees to an organization. is someone who write breaking news and business stories in unique and 26​


I want to finish my carrer


because this its important of our self

Directions: Read and analyze the situations. Identify what characteristic of

Ask: Directions: Read and analyze the situations. Identify what characteristic of having a
pleasant personality is being described. Choose your answer from the box
below. versatility showmanship control of emotions
humility of the heart common courtesy sportsmanship
forthright manner and speech sense of humor flexibility of the mind
faith in infinite intelligence promptness of decision tactfulness
1. Alvin has been asked by a friend if she looks fat on the dress but instead of giving a yes
or no he said that whatever makes his friend happy would look good on her so long as the
clothing is appropriate for the situation. 2. Melissa would always greet her boss in the morning even when her greetings were never
receipted, even once. 3. Luna is a student whose grades are high while excelling in sports, drama and many other
extra-curricular activities. She also knows how to manage her time properly. 4. There was never a day when Carlo would not make the class happy. Even when they are
faced with many tasks, he would crack jokes and make the class merry.


5. Mrs. Amelia has a student whom the other teachers reprimand a lot. As the adviser of the
student, she is always informed of what kind of student the child is. Instead of feeling
troubled or angry, she would always encourage the child to talk to her of his reasons why
his teachers would think that he is always troubling them. 6. Linda is caught in a bickering between her co-employees, she was beside them when the
bickering started until they were asked by their boss of the problem. Despite the fact that
one of her co-employee is her best friend, she told the boss that two were at fault for the
quarrel. 7. Leah is troubled with many problems at work but she would always look forward to going
to work everyday. She believes that her struggles will soon be finished because she is
guided by a Divine power. 8. Because of his good ideas, Bryan’s team is always praised by their boss. His secret lies
in his ability to listen to the suggestions of his teammate and change the game plan if
necessary. 9. Mia was tasked to organize a company event. On the day of the event, she found out that
one of the main artists who will perform was stuck in a traffic jam. She immediately
checked the program and arranged for other performers to perform ahead while waiting
for the main artist to come. 10. Mary’s boss would always praise her for a job well done. Instead of becoming proud of
this, she would become shy and timid. She would often say that her achievements only
became possible because she is being taught and guided her co-worker in the company
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2.common courtesy


4.sense of humor

5.control of emotions

6.forthright manner and speech

7.falth in infinite intelligence

8.flexibility of mind

9.promptness of decision

10.humility of heart


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The closing of 2019 stunned the world with a silent,

Ask: The closing of 2019 stunned the world with a silent, raging storm, the Coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19). The World Health Organization (WHO) has learned about this infectious disease on the 31st of December, 2019 from cases of Wuhan, People’s Republic of China. On the 5th of January, WHO issued its first disease outbreak detailed report about a cluster of pneumonia cases whose cause is yet unknown (WHO, 2020). On the 9th of January, the first death linked to was reported. On the 11th of February, 2020, the disease’s name causing the new coronavirus outbreak was officially announced coronavirus disease 2019 by the World Health Organization (CDC, 2020). It was abbreviated as Covid-19. As days progressed, Covid- 19 cases continued to grow exponentially, which was considered a global pandemic. As of November 4, 2020, there are 48, 054, 541 confirmed cases around the world, 1,223,409 reported deaths, and 34,485,291 recovered cases. Covid-19 is causing turmoil in 216 countries and territories worldwide (Worldometer, 2020).

As of November 5, 2020, there are 130 country-wide school closures and 990,324,537 affected learners. (UNESCO, 2020). Considering this present global educational situation, educational institutions were forced to find a way to deliver quality education to the learners outside of the classrooms. Educational institutions in countries affected by Covid-19 were forced to act quickly instead of strategically study, design, and adapt to changes in the new teaching and learning setting (Thompson & Lodge, 2020). This posed an enormous challenge since most educational systems are not yet prepared. However, digital learning appears to be the solution at this time (Marshal & Kostka, 2020; Palsdottir, 2020). Therefore, countries must learn from this experience and start designing contingency plans during difficult times like this.

Despite these challenges education departments and ministries worldwide face, some heroes have to be commended for their selfless love and dedication to their profession and for their students despite the risks they face. These are all the generous-hearted teachers around the world




oo nga bwiset yang COVID nyan

PA ANS PO TAMA PLSSSSSSSSSWho was Plato?The ancient Greek philosopher

Who was Plato?
The ancient Greek philosopher Plato was a student of Socrates and a teacher of Aristotle. His writings make up some of the most fundamental texts of Greek philosophy, and concern justice, beauty, equality, politics, theology, cosmology, epistemology and the philosophy of language.
It is believed that Plato was born into the Greek aristocracy around 428 B.C. He was probably taught by some of Athens’ finest educators. Two major events in his youth set him on a course for life. The first was meeting the great Greek philosopher Socrates, whose methods of dialogue and debate impressed Plato so much that he became very close to Socrates, and dedicated his life to the questions of virtue and how one could form a noble character. Then second major event was the Peloponnesian War between Athens and Sparta. Plato served in this war for about 5 years. With Athens’ defeat came the defeat of its democracy, which the Spartans replaced with an oligarchy. When the oligarchy was overthrown and democracy was restored, Plato considered a career in politics, but Socrates’ execution in 399 B.C. convinced him instead to pursue a life of study and philosophy.
For 12 years after Socrates’s death, Plato traveled. He studied mathematics with the Pythagoreans in Italy, and geometry, geology, astronomy and religion in Egypt. It is during this time that he began to write the dialogues with which we are familiar today. With a goal of providing a place for future leaders to discover how to build a better government in the Greek city‐states, Plato founded a school known as the Academy around 385 B.C. He was its leader for the rest of his life. Its curriculum included astronomy, biology, mathematics, political theory and philosophy.


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Don Juan Returns to Berbania Don Juan, the King's youngest

Ask: Don Juan Returns to Berbania Don Juan, the King’s youngest son, returned to Berbania yesterday morning after the Adarna bird had testified that his brothers Don Pedro and Don Diego beat and left him unconscious in Mount Tabor. Don Juan had followed his brothers in their journey in search of the Adarna bird whose song could supposedly cure the king’s illness. He caught the Adarna bird with the help of an old man and a hermit. Don Pedro and Don Diego had earlier been transformed into stones when the droppings of the Adama bird fell on them while they were sleeping. They returned to their human form after Don Juan had poured on them water from the well in Tabor. The two elder brothers got the Adarna bird from the unconscious Don Juan and brought it to the palace, claiming success in their search. But the Adarna bird refused to sing and instead told the king the whole story. The king was enraged, but Don Juan pardoned his two brothers as an act of love and mercy for them. No. of words: 173 Comprehension Check:
1. Where did the story happen? A. Mt. Apo B. Mt. Makulot C. Mt. Banahaw D. Mt. Tabor

2. Who are the elder brothers mentioned in the selection? A. Don Felipe & Don Diego C. Don Diego & Don Juan B. Don Pedro & Don Diego D. Don Marcos & Don Flaviano

3. To what does the word unconscious mean? A. take it easy B. at ease C. not comfortable D. melancholy

4. Who is the King’s youngest son? A. Don Diego B. Don Pablo C. Don Juan D. Don Pedro

5. Who were transformed into stone? A. the two elder brothers B. the king C. the youngest brother D. the Adarna bird​


1. D

2. B

3. C

4. C

5. A


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identity what is being describe in every item.________1. It is

Ask: identity what is being describe in every item.

________1. It is “a framework for building theory that sees society as a complex system whose parts work together to promote solidarity and stability”

________2. It focuses on a small-scale perspective of the interactions between individuals, like when you hang out with a friend, instead of looking at large scale structures, like education or law.

________3. It is one of the theoretical approaches in social science that is associated with conflict theory, or the view that society is divided into social class which are always in conflict with one another.

________4. The unrecognized and unintended consequences of Social Pattern.

________5. Are those that are intentional or known, referring to functions which people suppose and anticipate to be fulfilled by the Institutions,

________6. It refers to the means by which people creatively communicate whose meaning came from social interaction,

________7. He was a German philosopher, economist, and political thinker who is considered as the father of 20th century communism.

________8. In sociology, a system is said to be social equilibrium when there is a dynamic working balance among its interdependent parls.

________9. Mental aspect of individuals which materializes from human communication.

________10. Those who “own the means of production” and buy labor power from the proletariat, thus exploiting the proletariat.

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1. Structural functionalism, or simply functionalism

2. Symbolic interactionism

3. Marxism

4. latent functions

5. manifest functions

6. the careful assessment of the practices of everyday communicating between people in various

7. Karl Heinrich Marx

8. Definition of Dynamic Equilibrium

9. Consciousness and Language

10. bourgeoisie


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Those ( which, who, whose) skip meals to lose weight,

Ask: Those ( which, who, whose) skip meals to lose weight, on the other hand, could end up gaining weight instead. What is the correct answer.




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B. Identification. Fill in the blanks with the correct answer1.

Ask: B. Identification. Fill in the blanks with the correct answer
1. Instead of paying VAT, a business entity or taxpayer whose annual gross
receipts is below three million pesos (3,000,000) will pay what?
2. A kind of sale transaction whose buyer is located outside of the
Philippines and pays in foreign currency
3 How do you call a person or entity who offers hie avode arland​


in number 1

Step-by-step explanation:

they have the option to avail any of the following:

a.) Use graduated income tax rates (follow the regular rates for individuals)

b.) Avail for an 8% tax on gross sales/receipts in excess of 250,000 PHP

Direction: Choose the letter of the best answer. 1. What

Ask: Direction: Choose the letter of the best answer.

1. What is an exclusive social group formed out of shared interests and identity?

A. in-group

C. secondary group

B. out-group

D. reference group

2. What is a social group associated with opposition based on its different nature?

A. out-group

C. in-group

B. reference group

D. primary group

3. What is the tendency of a person to classify those people who are not in their in-group as being

similar to one another?

A. out-group favoritism

C. in-group favoritism

B. out-group homogeneity

D. in-group homogeneity

4. Lee is a member of a church choir. He has established a good relationship with his comembers. Which group category is Lee part of?

A. in-group

C. reference group

B. out-group

D. secondary group

5. Arna is modest and is seen as a role model to many. She does not hang out with Teresa’s

group which is known for their indecent acts and bullying. What group category is Teresa’s

team to Arna’s social life?

A. in-group

C. primary group

B. out-group

D. reference group

6. A group of students did not vote for Andi as the vice president of their batch despite his

qualification for the position. They instead voted for Mark who is their friend. What is manifested

in the statement?

A. in-group favoritism

C. out-group favoritism

B. in-group homogeneity

D. out-group homogeneity

7. Roldan treats all Grade 11 students whom he is not friends with as intellectually-challenged

people. What is manifested by Roldan’s perspective about people who are not members of his


A. out-group favoritism

C. in-group favoritism

B. out-group homogeneity

D. in-group homogeneity
8. How are boundaries in society, as a result of in-groups and out-groups, formed?

A. People voice out their political standpoints in public.

B. People perceive that differences among groups or people exist.

C. People define their roles and groups in society based on gender and appearance.

D. People make their boundaries for their security and safety.

9. Which best explains the existence of in-groups in society?

A. People who communicate and interact with each other lead productive lives.

B. People whose differences are so well-defined tend to have good relationships.

C. People with mutual relationships are needed for attaining peace and order in society.

D. People who share common experiences or ideas in life join and form a group of their


10. Which manifests proper behavior towards out-groups?

A. Practice in-group favoritism and out-group homogeneity.

B. Acknowledge perceived differences with threat and intimidation.

C. Classify in a negative manner those people who are not members of your in-group.

D. Embrace differences by accepting who people are and what they can and cannot do.​


1.a2.c 3.a4.b5.b6.7.8.9.













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Read the passage below, take note of the underlined words,

Ask: Read the passage below, take note of the underlined words, then do the activity. Use context clues to answer it.

Orpheus was poet and musician. When Orpheus sang, or played an instrument, birds fell silent from respect and envy. Flowers turned away form the sun and splayed their petals wide, instead, in Orpheus direction, to soak up the beauty of his music. From the loneliest stone on the ground to the highest mountain peak, every non-living grew ears sa as not to miss a note. Orpheus fell in love with the alluring eurydice whose beauty was unsurpassed by any other woman. When eurydice was bit by an snake and died, Orpheus was devastated. With a heavy heart he traveled to the underworld. There, he begged its king,hade to allow eurydice to return gone with him. Orpheus sand of his brief of hades, who wa so touched by his musco, that he succumbed to Orpheus wishes. Hades told Orpheus that eurydice left the underworld. Orpheus, appreciative and relieved, agreed at once. Together, the lovers fles with Orpheus leading the way. When they were almost back to the upper world, Orpheus, deprived by eurydices beauty since her death and overjoyed to be reunited with her, turned back to reach of her hand. In that instant, she dissapeard forever.

Word what does it mean what was your clue
1. Envy
2. Splayed
3. Lowliest
4. Alluring
5. Unsurpassed
6. Devastated
7. Succumbed
8. Condition
9. Appreciative
10. Deprived​


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Wanting what someone else has and resenting them for having it is envy. If your best friend comes to school with the silver backpack you’d had your eye on all summer, you want to be happy for her, instead you feel bitter envy.

Not only you can get the answer of who instead of whose, you could also find the answers of Don Juan Returns, B. Identification. Fill, identity what is, PA ANS PO, and Read the passage.