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Life's StoryThe great American short story expert, O. Henry, wrote

Ask: Life’s Story

The great American short story expert, O. Henry, wrote a famous Christmas story. It is about a young married couple who were very much in love Christmas was approaching and they wanted to give a present to one another. But they were very poor and had no money for presents . So each one, without telling the other, decided to sell her/his most precious possession. The girl prized above all else her long golden hair. She went to a hairdresser and had it cut off. She, then, sold it to buy a lovely watch chain for her husband’s watch. He, in the meantime, went to a jeweler and sold the only watch he had to buy two beautiful combs for his beloved’s hair. On Christmas, they exchanged their gifts. At first they cried and then they laughed. There was no hair for the comb, and no watch for the watch chain. But there was something more precious and that was the idea behind their gifts: each had deprived self to give the best to the other… 15 A gift is no gift if it does not cost us something, if it does not contain a part of ourselves.

Guide Questions:

1. What is the message of the story?

2. What values or virtues are shown in the story?

3. What is the connection of this story to the lesson?


1.The message of the story tells that in any situation we need to think before we decided to do

and always think wisely.

2.The value can present like as can’t give without change .

yan lng po hirap nmn kasi non

TREESBy Joyce KilmerI think that I shall never seeA poem


By Joyce Kilmer

I think that I shall never see

A poem lovely as a tree.

A tree whose hungry mouth is prest

Against the earth’s sweet flowing breast;

A tree that looks at God all day,

And lifts her leafy arms to pray;

A tree that may in Summer wear

A nest of robins in her hair;

Upon whose bosom snow has lain;

Who intimately lives with rain.

Poems are made by fools like me,

But only God can make a tree.

1. Who wrote trees poem?

2. What is the main idea of the poem trees?

3. How does the tree pray?

4. What are the causes of cutting trees?

5. What will happen to the world without trees?​

1. Joyce Kilmer

2. Against the Earth’s sweet flowing breast

3. Lifts her leafy arms to pray

4. All Peoples

5. Without trees, humans would not be able survive because the air would be unsuitable for breathing. … Therefore, the absence of trees would result in significantly HIGHER amounts of carbon dioxide in the air and LOWER amounts of oxygen!

brainliest if on your opinion is my answer are corrects 🙂

CASE 2 Below is a conversation between Anna and her

Ask: CASE 2 Below is a conversation between Anna and her mom. Anna:(After taking a bath one night) Good night Mom! I will sleep early because I’m tired already. More so, I need to be in school tomorrow before 7:30 AM to attend the flag ceremony. Mother: You can’t slecp yet. Your hair is still wet. Anna: Why? What will happen to me if I will sleep with wet hair? Mother: Your eyes might be damaged and you won’t see us anymore. I could still recall, your grandma would not allow us to sleep if our hair is wet fearing that we will become blind Anna: Do you kn
ow of a person who became blind just because of sleeping with wet hair? Mother: I don’t know but I always followed the instruction of your grandma when I was a kid that’s why I did not become blind. Thiswill not bring you any harm if you follow anyway. Can we consider the idea of the mother scientific?Why? or Wan Not? (3points)​


if she sleep with wet hair she’s not going to get blind, what will happen is  the natural oils and water get absorbed into the pillow and leaves your hair dehydrated, dull, and moisture less.


This combination makes your hair fall and dry

II. Tell whether the statement is biased or prejudiced. Write

Ask: II. Tell whether the statement is biased or prejudiced. Write your answer on the space provided.
11. You like red apples than green ones.
12. Girl with long hair are prettier than those with short hair.
13. People who do not go to church and pray are bad.
14. You can accomplish more tasks in the night shift than when you are in day shift.
15. Poor people are unhappy of their life.
16. Tell lies to ease the pain of a broken-hearted friend
17. It is in favor of or against one thing, person or group.
18. It is an idea or opinion that disregards basic facts.
19. It is a tendency to lean in a certain direction, either in favor or against a particular thing
20. It is any preconceived opinion or feeling, whether positive and negative.​


11. prejudice

12. bias

13. prejudice

14. prejudice

15. prejudice

16. bias

17. bias

18. prejudice

19. bias

20. prejudice

hope it helps!

62. Marjorie saw Amanda in the park, and she waved

Ask: 62. Marjorie saw Amanda in the park, and she waved at her. Amanda smiled back. a) Unreceived communication c) Shared communication b) Destructed communication d) Barred communication 63. Which of the following statement is true about communication? a) Communication involves two persons only. b) Communication involves only oral sharing or exchange of ideas and feelings. c) Communication is the transmission of an idea or feeling so that the sender and receiver share the same understanding. d) Communication is not a process. 64. Known as the source or the person who initiates the communication process. a) receiver c) sender b) audience d) barrier 65. When you convert or translate the idea into a perceivable form that can be communicated to others, you are ? a) decoding c) thinking b) encoding d) formulating 66. It is also called the medium of transmitting the message to the receiver. a) idea c) message b) feedback d) channel 67. What element of communication refers to a group of friends in the mall, family meal or mourners in a funeral? a) context c) barrier b) feedback d) receiver 68. Which of the following are not disturbances which interferes with the physical transmission of the message? a) loud music C) static in the radio b) rolling screen in television d) vivid video presentation 69. Which group of words represents verbal communication? a) dialogue, maps, blink and wave b) discussion, graphic, clothes and hair styles c) telephone calls, letters, papers and voice inflections​


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da answers is I don’t know na stress ako e!!

(Pasagot ho sa nakakaalam, thank youuu)Right answers- BRAINLIESTNon-sense- REPORTLet’s Apply

Ask: (Pasagot ho sa nakakaalam, thank youuu)
Right answers- BRAINLIEST
Non-sense- REPORT

Let’s Apply Directions: The following ideas are based on the sample texts presented in the Let’s Understand part of this module. Identify the text type where the specific idea, event, or description is elicited. Write your answers in your paper.

1. Parents’ should supervise their kids to avoid harmful effects of media.

2. While Tommy was walking home from school, he saw something that fell from the pocket of a man who was carrying a lot of things.

3. Students are unwise in spending their leisure time amidst their busy schedule in school.

4. It gives a vivid picture of a woman’s hair, what she wears and how she crosses the street and appears suddenly in front of the narrator.


1. Persuasive Text
2. Narrative Text
3. Expository Text
4. Descriptive Text


ang pagkakaintindi ko is i identify daw kung anong text so yan yung apat na Text sa Let’s Understand^^ correct me if im wrong ^_^ thanks

TRUE OR FALSE1. Poor posture among adolescents is due to


1. Poor posture among adolescents is due to slouching due to their height

2. A mentally healthy person is not open to new ideas and suggestions to other people

3. Facial hair in males normally appears on a specific order during puberty

4. Emotional health is a dimension thatbis concerned with people with who we come into contact

5. Spiritual health is the one that refers to your personal beliefs values and faith

6. Having negative attitude helps you attain and maintain holistic health

7. Social health means how well does your body functions​










pa heart lang po


1. true

2. false


4. false

5. true

6. true

7. true


pa brainliest po

Identify if the following ideas REPORT or ARGUE. Write R

Ask: Identify if the following ideas REPORT or ARGUE. Write R on
the blank if the statement reports an idea and write A if the
statement argues or makes judgments/comments on a
certain topic.
_R__ 1. A 7.2 magnitude earthquake shook the city of Manila last
September 14, 2021 at midnight, leaving citizens terrified.

_A__ 2. Chocolate is so much better than vanilla because it is a
richer flavor.

3. Eating fast food is not bad if you only eat it once a week.

4. Smoking in public areas is against the law in some countries.

5. Copying homework answers from your classmates is wrong.

6. Sometimes curly hair is better than straight hair.

7. The chicken burger is more expensive than two peanut butter sandwiches.

8. Mixing red and blue makes purple.

9. Justin Bieber is very talented

10. Students who are caught cheating will be asked to write a letter of apology to the principal and they will receive a failing score.













read and understand the paragraph identify the pattern of written

Ask: read and understand the paragraph identify the pattern of written text use the topic sentence in the supporting ideas for leo his mother is the most important person whose gives meaning in his life she might be a little strict but you always give slayers piece of advice that made him realize a lot of things as we grow up as they are not rich but his mother make sure to send him to school to give him a quality education he deserves for his mother education is history sure it will be his arm or as he face life’s challenges and lesley his mother is a good listener she listens even though the last important events of leos life for his mother knowing holiest day was means everything for her for hair leo could be more proud of her being his mother who’s the sing everything for him seven pattern a topic sentence supporting ideas ​


1. Multiple Choice Encircle the lotter of the correct answer

Ask: 1. Multiple Choice Encircle the lotter of the correct answer It is the most important thought about the text or topic A key sentence B clue words C main idea D. story details 2. This expresses the central idea or general statement of a text A main idea B word clue C key sentence D. text details 3. To identify the topic or main idea, one must answer the question A What does the author want me to know about the topic? B What else in the text helps me understand the main idea? C. What is this about? D Who are the characters of the study? 4. These provide the fact, example or explanation that help support the main idea? A details B main idea C key sentence D all of the above 5. (The parent or household partner will read the text found at the appendices of this module) What is the main idea of the text? A They sleep all day C. Bats are nocturnal animals B. They go out at night to eat. D. None of the above 6. (The parent or household partner will read the text found at the appendices of this module ) What is the key sentence in the text? A Teaching is one of the most challenging jobs B. Teachers should be manageable C. Teaching requires dedication and perseverance. D Teaching is knowledge 7 If the author describes the physical attributes and characteristics of a dog the author’s hair idea is about A an animal B. an event ca person D. a thing 8. (the parent or household partner will read the text found at the appendices of ti modidle.) Dogs are man’s best friend The sentence is an example of A main idea B. detail 1 C detail 2 D detail 3 9. If your teacher describes the effects of Co-Vid 19. he/she wants you to underst andabout A New Normal B. Corona Virue 19 c health D. diseases 10. (The parent or household partner will read the text found at the appendices of this modidle ) Where can you find the key sentence of the text? D fourth sent C. third sentence A first sentence B. second sentence once on the blank​


  1. C
  2. A
  3. B
  4. D
  5. A
  6. C
  7. D
  8. B
  9. B
  10. A

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Not only you can get the answer of who hair ideas, you could also find the answers of (Pasagot ho sa, read and understand, 1. Multiple Choice, Identify if the, and II. Tell whether.