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apple pay users        contactless payment

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Ask: ool: Date: Take a deep breath, relax, and do not fear. Answer the test accurately and honestly. This is non-graded nor a contest. You are taking the test to get the profile of your knowledge, understanding and skill in Mathematics as you enter the new grade level. Your test results will help you, your schoolmates, and your school improve your performance in Mathematics. Direction: Read each item carefully and encircle the correct answer. A) Tens B) Hundreds 1. There were about 4 213 children who helped their parents do the household chores. What is the place value of 2? C) Thousands D) Ten Thousands 2. There are 103 baskets of rambutan harvested in a plantation. If each basket weighs 27kg, about how many kilograms of rambutan were harvested? A) 2 000 B) 3 000 C) 4 000 D) 5 000 3. Mina harvested 20 kg of tomatoes from her vegetable farm. She sold them at PhP49.00 per kg, about how much did she earn? A) PhP800.00 B) PhP1,000.00 C) PhP1,200.00 D) PhP1,500.00 4. My sister bought 420 pieces of apples to give to her guests on her birthday. If each apple costs PhP15.00, how much did she pay? A) PhP4,000.00 B) PhP6,300.00 C) PhP8,000.00 D) PhP8,400.00 5. It’s Jun’s birthday. He brought his friends to Jollibee. They ordered three cups of rice at PhP25.00 each and six pieces of fried chicken at PhP40.00 each. If Jun paid using a 500-peso bill, how much was his change? A) PhP185.00 B) PhP315.00 C) PhP175.00 D) PhP165.00 6. Susan paid PhP 2, 160.00 for 12 coloring pens to be donated during the opening of classes. What operation should she use to determine the cost of a coloring pen? A) Addition B) Division C) Multiplication D) Subtraction 7. Cardo earned three 1000-peso bills for selling vegetables in the market. He plans to give some of it to his siblings, so he asked his father to change his three bills. How many bills will he receive if he asks for 50-peso bills? A) 600 B) 200 C) 60 D) 20​


I only know number 1. Number 1.B

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Ask: vainly to warn Snow White, knowing what will happen when she bites into the apple. This shows dramatic irony. G. Theme. Theme is the meaning or concept left to the readers after reading a piece of fiction. A theme usually depicts and unifies the central topic of the story. It gives the reader a deeper significance of the work to people’s day to day lives. Moral/lesson of the story is not the theme of the story. Theme is the author’s way of sharing ideas, perceptions, and feelings with readers, and it may be directly stated or it may only be implied. The theme unifies the concept of the story. It must adhere to the following requirements: 1. The theme must account all the major details of the story. 2. The theme must not be contradicted by any detail of the story. 3. It must not only rely on supposed facts- facts not actually stated or clearly implied by the story. Furthermore, let us take time and consider some suggestions in creating a theme of a work of literature by Laurence and Thomas Arp, 1993. 1. Theme should be expressed in a statement form having a subject and predicate. 2. Theme must be stated as a generalization about life. 3. Do not make the generalization larger (or smaller) than is justified by the terms of the story. 4. Theme unifies the concept of a story. Therefore, a theme accounts all the major details of the story, it is not contradicted by any detail of a story and it does not rely upon supposed facts. 5. There is no single way of stating a theme. 6. Avoid using statement that reduces the theme to some familiar saying, proverb, or axiom. HOME BASED ACTIVITIES TASK 1: CHARACTER SKETCH BE LIKE! What recent movie or television series have you watched? Recall the character that strongly gets your attention and describe below all his/her features. Character’s Name: (you may focus on physical description such as color, shapes of the eyes, height/weight, speech, or personality and behavior). TASK 2: RECALL A CHARACTER YOU KNOW HOW AND WHY CHARACTERS CHANGE Character’s Name: Directions: Provide evidence from the story to support your conclusions. At the beginning… How the character changed At the end… TASK 3: Why the Character Changed Directions: Read the short passages below. Answer the question by identifying an implied character trait. Explain your answer by referencing the text. Jason is an excellent accountant who works full-time for his best friend’s company larger accounting firm contacts Jason and offers to pay him twice if he will work for them. Jason thanks the company for their offer but declines. He doesn’t even tell his friend that he received the offer. What character trait does Jason demonstrate? Enc’s car broke down in the woods and his phone wasn’t getting a signal. He used his car antenna as a spear and caught fresh salmon. He started a fire with sparks from his car battery, and he ate the cooked salmon while waiting for help. What character trait does Eric demonstrate? 3. After coming home late from a party, Mae’s father questioned her. She wanted to tell him that she was studying at a friend’s place and lost track of time, but she told him the truth instead: she was at a party. What character trait does Mae demonstrate? 4. The teacher told the students that they were not to start testing until everyone received all of the testing materials. He went on to explain that the test booklet was to remain sealed until he had read through all of the directions. Immediately after receiving the test booklet, Chris raised his hand and asked if he could start testing. What character trait does Chris demonstrate? 5. Katie’s mother came home from a long day of work and noticed that the entire house had been cleaned from top to bottom. She figured that Katie must have cleaned it. The strangest thing was that she didn’t even ask Katie to clean. Then she found a note on the counter from Katie asking for permission to sleep over at her friend Heather’s house. Katie’s mother smiled. What character trait does Katie demonstrate?​


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