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If you are looking for the answer of who do we need food, you’ve got the right page. We have approximately 10 FAQ regarding who do we need food. Read it below.

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1. A hero___deed can be as simple as helping someone

Ask: 1. A hero___
deed can be as simple as helping someone carry his/her lo

while crossing a street
2. Marcela answered the teacher’s question confident___

3. I always want to make sure that clean___
is kept inside my room.

4. Creative___
comes into a mind that is focused and relaxed.

5. To reach my goal to be a professional athlete, I need a train___to guide me

6. The children walk___ Ana’s dog in the park yesterday.
7. When one is tired a suitable entertain__can give him/her some happines
8. To honor her success, we prepared a small gathering for celebrat___
9. When we do not eat healthy foods, we tend to become defense___
seasonal sickness
enough to help those who are in need.
lete the word in the parentheses. Write you
10. Be gener​___enough to help those who are need



Marcela answered the teacher question confident

Directions: Read each statement and write T if it is

Ask: Directions: Read each statement and write T if it is correct and F if it is false.

_________1. We have the choice to do or refuse to do the good we know we should do.
_________2. If God’s grace is not with us, we lack the power to resist temptation.
_________3. We are most likely to succumb to temptation when we are physically and
spiritually weak.
_________4. Jesus is called the New Adam because He remained faithful to His
commitment to the Faith.
_________5. The Old Adam disobeyed the will of the Father.
_________6. We can easily discern the good from the apparent good so there is little
need for us to ask the help of the Holy Spirit.
_________7. We cannot resist temptations because only Jesus can.
_________8. Prayer is a powerful weapon against temptation.
_________9. The food we need for our physical nourishment is more important than the
Word of God that feeds our soul.
_________10. Temptation and sin are deferent.

This question was made by my parent who is a teacher, this is not so that I will get higher scores. I already do know the answers.


1. F

2. T

3. T

4. F

5. T

6. F

7. F

8. T

9. F

10. F

1.Life on Earth is sustained by combination of two interconnected

Ask: 1.Life on Earth is sustained by combination of two interconnected factors – energy from the
sun and cycling of nutrients. Energy flows in ecosystem through the interactions of organism
within an ecosystem. All organisms need energy to survive and this energy is passed from
one organism to another as food. We humans are one of these organisms who live in a
community where interactions are needed to obtain one’s needs. In some point, energy in
humans represents as motivation to do, to be, or to be more of something, it can also be
transferred not only by the means of food or sunlight but also by inspiring others. How can
you transfer your energy to motivate others, especially to your classmates when you see
them unhappy or lonely? Explain?
Need answer ASAP plsss


When I see my classmates or other people being unhappy or lonely, I can transfer my energy by encouraging and comforting them, so they will feel better.

1. who do we need to keep the required temperature

Ask: 1. who do we need to keep the required temperature of a refrigerator?
2. what are the food processing procedures? explain your answer

1. who do we need to keep the required temperature of a refrigerator?

Keep your appliances at the proper temperatures.

Keep the refrigerator temperature at or below 40° F (4° C). The freezer temperature should be 0° F (-18° C). Check temperatures periodically. Appliance thermometers are the best way of knowing these temperatures and are generally inexpensive

2. what are the food processing procedures?

. Food processing and preparation activities cover three main fields: (1) the preservation of foods by (a) modern methods such as refrigeration, canning and irradiation, and (b) traditional methods such as drying, salting, smoking and fermentation; (2) the development of protein – rich foods; (3) food additives.

Food processing is any method used to turn fresh foods into food products. This can involve one or a combination of various processes including washing, chopping, pasteurising, freezing, fermenting, packaging, cooking and many more.


LEARNING OPPORTUNITIESDay 1. Showing Concem for People: Read the lines

Day 1. Showing Concem for People: Read the lines below and answer the questions that follow
Todays when our file seems baugh and need
We call all familles
There’s a struggle to belong to be free
Share the treasure that’s in your hands
And to begin to everyone.
One can save now
We all all families
One can food to
Rime pandise your hand as one
One can make us all be one
Comme how the world, the loving ones
und God’s children into one.
Jamie Rivera, “Only Sellos
1. In the first 3 lines, what advice is given by the speaker?
a. Do not lose hope
b. Be a gin to everyone
Have faith in God
d. Do not allow people to judge you
2. In the last line, what advice is clven by the speaker?
a. We need to be strong
b. We need to help each other
c. We need to love one another
d. We need to talk to one another
3. What was the whole line all about?
a. Do not lose hope
b. Be a gift to everyone
Have faith in God
d. We can win any battles if we help each other and if we will put God first
Day 2. Do you know the song. “Tell the World of His Love”? This song was chosen as the official
theme song of the Tenth World Youth Day in 1995. Listen to the song and then answer each
question. Encircle the letter of the correct answer
1. Who should be sought and led home, as stated in the song?
a. Those who have lost their loved ones
b. Those who have walked astray
c. Those who work from home
2. How did God show his greatest love for humanity?
He protected us from harm
b. He provided us with everything we need
c. He gave us his only Son to be our Savior


1 a 2 c 3 a 4 d Yan po Ang sagot kopo dati Tama po lahat

LET’S READ & LEARN When you were in Grade 1,

When you were in Grade 1, you learned about
nutritious and less nutritious food.
Nutritious food contains vitamins, minerals, proteins,
carbohydrates and other nutrients needed by the
body to be strong, energized and less prone to
sickness. Less nutritious food has too much sugar,
salt and fats. When you eat less nutritious food
more than nutritious food, your body will not get the
nutrients it needs to achieve good health.
The picture above has examples of nutritious food: squash, cabbage, pechay, mangoes, carrots,
fortified milk, chocomalt milk drink, whole grain cereal, brown rice, chicken, eggs, and fish.
Look at the pictures you drew on the previous page. Which ones are nutritious? Which ones are
less nutritious?
Nutrition is the study of food and how the body uses
it to maintain health and prevent sickness.
Malnutrition is a condition where the body does
not receive the right amount of nutrients it needs
to be healthy. When people think of malnutrition,
they usually think of someone who is weak and
underweight, but even those who are overweight can
have malnutrition.
Children who do not eat enough nutritious food may
develop undernutrition. We need to make sure that
we eat enough nutritious food everyday to avoid this
form of malnutrition.
Children who eat too much may develop
overnutrition. Overnutrition increases the chances of
getting serious health problems, like heart diseases,
stroke, diabetes and even cancer.
A person who is malnourished:
• may not have a strong, healthy body and may
struggle to move or carry heavy things.
• is also more likely to get sick. If a person gets sick
often, it could mean that they lack the vitamins
and minerals that their body needs.
• often lacks energy. When a person lacks energy,
they get tired easily when playing with friends or
may get sleepy in class.


tama po yan it correctly po


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AMy brother threw their small change.We watched the servants cooking

Ask: A
My brother threw their small change.
We watched the servants cooking and frying delicious food.
The judge pounded the gavel.
Father’s farm had been destroyed in 1918.
“Then,you are paid.”
The case is dismissed.
1.Who threw their small change?
2.Who watched the servants?
3.Who pounded the gavel?
4.In column B,are the subjects doing the action of the verb?



1. my brother

2. we watched the servants

3. the judge

4. what

What do the doctors do in this pandemie time? (present

Ask: What do the doctors do in this pandemie time? (present tense of verb)
2. Who cooked the foods for your dinner last night? (past tense of the verb)
3.What will your parents submit in the school on Friday? (future tense of the verb)
4.What things did you commonly do last year that you cannot do today? (coordinating conjunction)
5. Why do we need to observe health protocols during these trying times? ( subordinating
6. Who works in the family to earn a living? (correlative conjunction)


1.Doctors work night and day just to fight COVID 19

2.My mother

3.learning modules?

4.Play outside

5.because of this pandemic we need to be safe



Hope it helps?

16. This need has become only secondary to food or

Ask: 16. This need has become only secondary to food or other needs, like education, more so if the budget is limited. a. food b. clothing d. shelter and other related needs

17. This component is the priority in the household budget. Approximately 50%-60% of the budget goes to it. a. Food b. cloth d. shelter and other related needs

18. Resources that is available to the family that includes roads, parks, schools, markets, hospitals a. Time b. health

19. It is precious but still a part of a good home management to share with family members. d. knowledge a. Time b. attitude

20. What do we call the additional income of a family member who has written a book, composed a song or invented a thing? d. royalty and copyright a. Money b. pension c. capacity to do work community facilities c. interest c. commission​


18.Community facility


20.Royalty and copyright


Di Ako sigurado sa 19

hope it helps

"Eat like a prince during breakfast and like a pauper

Ask: “Eat like a prince during breakfast and like a pauper at dinner, Filipinos are fond of eating and we eat our meals three times a day with snacks in between. No one can question that people in all walks of life are food-lovers. But we need to know that the most important meal that we should consider is breakfast. Energy for the body depends on the meal that we have for the day. It is during daytime that we do almost all of our activities from our homes to our schools. It is but important to have breakfast in order to do all these activities. In addition to this, body cells need nutrients from the food that we eat so that the organs can also do their work well. Lastly, our brain will function well if our body will be properly nourished with breakfast. Pupils, who do not eat breakfast, are weak and could not think well in school. So, begin your day with breakfast to be energized and become alive!

Read the text above. Then, Identify the features and the purpose shown by the text.​


Nutrients are compounds in foods essential to life and health, providing us with energy, the building blocks for repair and growth and substances necessary to regulate chemical processes.

Not only you can get the answer of who do we need food, you could also find the answers of 16. This need, 1. A hero___deed, Directions: Read each, 1.Life on Earth, and 1. who do.