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Learning Task 2Directions: Read the given text. Then, arrange the

Ask: Learning Task 2
Directions: Read the given text. Then, arrange the events below in the order they happened using letters A to E. Copy and
answer on your paper,
I enrolled on a distance learning course, mainly because I felt that I’d wasted my education. I
left school having passed only two of my GCSEs. Despite that poor performance, I managed to
pass the exams and get a place in an agricultural college. However, I dropped out after the first
term because I had not been doing any work. After that, working in a factory seemed, at first,
to be a good option. I had my own money and some good friends. I was happy, or so I thought.
But this idea kept nagging at me that I could do better. I would spend my evenings reading and
one day I just thought I need to get qualified. Studying at home was perfect because I did not
need to give up my job. It was hard work being a student and holding down a full-time job, but
it got me where I wanted to go – to university. Finally, I gained my degree almost exactly twenty
years after I’d first left school. A little late, but never mind!
1. took a distance learning course
2. graduated from university
3. failed most of his GCSES
4. worked in industry
5. went to agricultural college​


1. A

2. E

3. B

4. D

5. C




What is a velocity GCSE?

Ask: What is a velocity GCSE?


The velocity of an object is its speed in a particular direction. Velocity is a vector quantity because it has both a magnitude and an associated direction. To calculate velocity, displacement is used in calculations, rather than distance.

HOW 0o y onucal ivating prior knowledge ctions: Visit the

Ask: HOW 0o y onucal ivating prior knowledge ctions: Visit the website given and answer the questions. Link – https://www.rpfuller.com/gcse/music/romantic.html – Who are the composers of this period?​


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