What Is Wrong With Someone Who Talks All The Time

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If you are looking for the answer of what is wrong with someone who talks all the time, you’ve got the right page. We have approximately 3 FAQ regarding what is wrong with someone who talks all the time. Read it below.

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Read the summary of " The Good Prince Bantugan" below.

Ask: Read the summary of ” The Good Prince Bantugan” below. Then, complete the preceding table by picking three phrases, three clause, and three sentences from the story.
For the sentence, make all the letter caps for the subject and for the predicate use open and close parenthesis.

“The Good Prince Bantugan”

The Kingdom of Bumbaran were ruled by the old king. But the old king was full envy toward his younger brother, Prince Bantugan. Prince Bantugan was so handsome, good and brave. Every time someone praised him. The old king looked angry with him.
One day enemies attacked the kingdom of Bumbaran and Prince Bantugan led his men to defend the kingdom, the evil king plotted against the good prince. Soon Prince Bantugan returned victorious from the battle. He knew that his brother hated him, so he decided to left the kingdom of Bumbaran.
In his journey he heard about the beautiful land of the Kingdom-Between Two-Seas. It was ruled by a good king and the beautiful princess Datimbang, his sister. He decided to go to that kingdom. But when he stood outside the gates. He suddenly felt very weak. Prince Bantugan fell to the ground and died. The king and the princess of the kingdom were shocked when they saw the stranger lying.
Princess Datimbang fell in love with the stranger but no one knew who the stranger was. The king made proclamation that all of his people must come to look at the prince so that he would know who was that man and where did he come from. But no one knew who that man is. Two parrots talked to each other about Prince Bantugan. The parrot of Prince Bantugan said, I lost my master, he left Bumbaran never to return. Another parrot said, “He is dead. But you can see his body in the palace where he is lying in royal states.” The parrot flew to the palace. He saw his master’s body and said, “He was so good to his people. He defended them in war.” When the king heard what the parrot said. He brought the body of Prince Bantugan into the kingdom of Bumbaran.
Everyone quieted for the good Prince Bantugan. His brother, the King was full of repentance, blaming himself for the death of his brother. On the other hand, Prince Madali, Bantugan’s younger brother loved him so much. Because of that, he stole the soul of Prince Bantugan from the angel of death. When he reached the palace of Bumbaran and transferred the soul of Prince Bantugan to his body, it stirred Prince Bantugan alives as if he has just awoken from a deep sleep. They celebrated the return of their Prince.
Later Prince Bantugan married Princess Datimbang.








wala po bang mag a answer into

Why Houseplants are the Perfect Valentine's Day Gift The Beatles

Ask: Why Houseplants are the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift
The Beatles sang “money can’t buy me love” but do you think they’d say the same thing about
houseplants and love?
If your partner or crush is a lover of all things green and leafy, then we bet they’d be thrilled
with getting a houseplant for Valentine’s Day. And even if they’re not a convert yet, now is a
good time to get them hooked to the plant gene. It’s early spring for most of us, and this is the
perfect time to bring a new houseplant home.
Sure, you can always default to red roses for a grand Valentine’s Day gesture, but let us try to
change your mind. Here’s why houseplants make for much better gifts than cut flowers, plus
a few ideas of low-maintenance and romantic houseplants to get you started!
1.Houseplants last longer
Ok, this is obvious. But we’re trying to slowly ease into advocating for houseplants. The
average life of a bouquet of cut flowers is about a week. Some bouquets come with plant feed
that might stretch that to ten days. After that, it’s bye-bye flowers!
Houseplants last much longer. Even the blackest of thumbs can’t manage to kill a plant in a
week (don’t take that as a challenge though!). Houseplants may last for years as a good
reminder for a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift.
2. Houseplants are often cheaper
We bet this one is not so obvious, right? You may think of houseplants as an investment. And
some of them are (especially rare specimens). But you can easily find houseplants that cost
10 dollars, and we’re not talking about runts. Prices are going down as the popularity of
houseplants is going up, so even a trip to your local plant nursery won’t break the bank.
3. Houseplants are more environmentally friendly
Most people don’t realize the environmental footprint of the fresh flower industry. That’s
because we tend to associate flowers with nature, and nature can do no wrong, right?
What I Can Do
Well, not until it’s exploited for profit at a massive scale. Most cut flowers are grown year-round
in greenhouses and fields heavily laden with pesticides. In the United States, most fresh
flowersare imported. And because the flowers are already cut (so pretty much dead), they are
shipped long distances in refrigerated containers that take a lot of energy to stay cool.
There is also a lot of waste in the flower industry because we all want perfect-looking flowers
with zero blemishes. And not to mention the waste caused by the flowers being thrown away
en-masse if the supermarket can’t sell them within the short window when they look nice and
perky. We’re not saying that houseplants have a zero-carbon footprint. But they are definitely
the more responsible choice for eco-conscious Valentines.
4. Houseplants send a message
Now that we got the practical reasons out of the way, let’s talk a bit about the sentimental
symbolism. When you give someone a houseplant, the underlying message is this: I think
you’re a responsible person. I think you can nurture and take care of something. And you can
count on me because I’ll be around to help. Maybe in not so many words. But the sentiment
is there!
If your partner is already someone who loves houseplants, then offering them another plant
for their collection shows that you care about their interests and hobbies. And you get extra
bonus points for being a good listener if they’ve already hinted that they wouldn’t mind another
green friend, and you deliver.
Source: https://www.pilea.com/post/why-houseplants-are-the-perfect-valentine-s-day-gift
1. Is there someone in your family who loves planting? What do you think does he/she
feels after reading this blog?
2. Pick out lines that reveal the purpose of the author in writing the blog.
3. Did the author make use of literary devices? Mention some.
4. Do you agree/ disagree with the ideas of giving plants as a gift on Valentine’s Day?
Why or why not?
5. Which part of the blog catches your interest and convinces you the most of the
blogger’s reflections or ideas?


1.yes, he is happy and amazed amd because he loves to plant he appreciates the plants that are given to him even more.


yan lang po sagot ko eh



1. Buying new clothes.
*Buy the best you can afford. Cheap may get you through in the short term, but tends to fall apart, then you have to buy more and end up spending a lot anyway.

2. Choosing friends.
*Earn the trust and love
3. Eating food.
*Pick what you can only eat

4. Deciding where to study for Senior High School.

5. Attending classes in the afternoon.
*Eating lunch-because it provides energy and nutrients to keep the body and brain working efficiently through the afternoon. Afternoon classes are fun and somewhat tiring as well.

6. Going to school.
*Leave at least 10-15 minutes before school starts so you will get there in time. Check your school schedule and then pack all the required things. Pack an emergency kit for school. This could include a hair tie, perfume, deodorant, pads or tampons, lip balm and ask first what he/she needs not wants.

7. Visiting a friend.
*Ask permission to your Mother before leaving.

8. Joining an organization in school.

9. Playing computer games.
*Make sure that your playing a below +18 games. Know what is right for your age to avoid addiction of the game that leads to serious mind trouble or even death.

10. Buying a new gadget.
*Earn money

11. Asking permission if you would like to go out with friends.
*First think of the questions that they might ask you; will it give you benefits? Will you be happy, but in the right way? Are you responsible for your actions? How will you go home?? They just want the best for you, make sure to also follow them in case they allowed you to go with your friends.

12. Helping a stranger.
*Show the love

13. Traveling without your family.
*You should finish your studies and have a job and get a lot of money and then you can travel. but it will be nice if you travel with your loved ones/ family.

14. Going to mass or any religious activities.
*First of all we need to make sure our safety, avoid talking closely to someone make sure you guys have social distancing, clean anything that you touch such as chair,table and more and lastly make sure you are wearing face mask.

15. Watching movies that are not allowed for your age.
*First, make sure that the movies are good for your age. If it’s not, then you’ll pick another movie.

16. .Posting your opinion or feelings in the social media.
*Be responsible for your actions

17. Communicating to your siblings about a conflict.
*Calm both yourselves first and do a deep reflection. Reflection means going back to what you think have gone wrong between the two of you, what mistakes you both done and how are you going to accept that you both made a mistake.

18. Giving opinions.
*First, make sure that the situation is related with your opinion. 2. Ask yourself if you have the best opinion. 3. Lastly, think before you speak your opinions and make sure you have detailed opinions to avoid quarrels and misunderstanding.

19. Going out with the opposite sex.
*Earn trust (again)

20. Confronting a person who verbally hurt you.
*Have the courage



action is very important to all because you don’t have any action it so very sad to your body

Not only you can get the answer of what is wrong with someone who talks all the time, you could also find the answers of ACTIONS WHAT MUST, Why Houseplants are, and Read the summary.