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write two paragraphs about the timeline of covid-19 symptoms ​

Ask: write two paragraphs about the timeline of covid-19 symptoms ​


Most people who are infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus have respiratory symptoms. They start to feel a little bit unwell, they will have a fever, they may have a cough or a sore throat or sneeze. In some individuals, they may have gastrointestinal symptoms. Others may lose the sense of smell or the sense of taste.

Search on internet history and timeline of the COVID-19 from

Ask: Search on internet history and timeline of the COVID-19 from the place of its origin to the quarantine classification in the Philippines.​


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– A total of 7 new cases tested positive for COVID-19 between 6 and 8

March after the first 3 confirmed cases in January-February 2020.

– Case 4 is a 48-year-old male Filipino with travel history to Japan. The

patient returned to the Philippines last February 25 and experienced

chills and fever on March 3. Results tested positive for COVID-19 on

March 5. He is currently stable and admitted at the Research Institute

for Tropical Medicine (RITM).

– Cases 5 and 6 are a husband and wife without recent travel history,

and the first cases in the country of local transmission. The husband is

a 62-year-old male Filipino with known hypertension and diabetes

mellitus, who experienced cough with phlegm last February 25. The

patient sought medical consultation at a hospital in Metro Manila last

March 1 and was admitted with severe pneumonia. Results tested

positive for COVID-19 on March 5. The 59-year-old wife presented

with cough and was admitted at RITM on March 5 and is currently in

stable condition.

– Case 7 is a 38-year-old Taiwanese male with a history of contact with a Taiwanese foreign national

who visited the Philippines and tested positive for COVID-19 in Taiwan. His symptoms started last

March 3 and he is currently admitted to a private hospital.

– Case 8 is a 32-year-old Filipino male with history of travel to Japan within the past 14 days. Onset of

symptoms began on March 5 and the patient is currently admitted to a private hospital.

– Case 9 is a 86-year-old American male with pre-existing hypertension and history of travel to USA and

South Korea. Symptoms started on 1 March 2020. Patient is currently admitted to a private hospital.

– Case 10 is a 57-year-old Filipino male with no history of travel outside the country. He was reported to

have had contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case. Patient is currently admitted to a private hospital.

– The Department of Health (DOH) has intensified contact tracing and home quarantine of close con-

tacts of confirmed cases in close collaboration with Local Government Units (LGU)

– RITM is testing samples from close contacts at a capacity of 300 tests per day, while 5 sub national

laboratories have received training and supplies to start testing for COVID-19

– DOH raised the COVID-19 Alert System to Code Red sublevel 1 to prepare for possible increase in sus-

pected and confirmed cases in the country and to facilitate mobilization of resources, including pro-

curement of critical logistics and supplies.

What is TIMELINE? What is an example of a timeline?

Ask: What is TIMELINE? What is an example of a timeline?
This for AP I just need the meaning of it.


A timeline is a list of important events arranged in the order in which they happened. … Timelines are often used in history textbooks and biographies — they explain what happened during a certain period of time or to a particular person, starting with the earliest event and moving forward through time.

Tagalog meaning

Ang isang timeline ay isang listahan ng mga mahahalagang kaganapan na nakaayos sa pagkakasunud-sunod kung saan ito nangyari. … Ang mga timeline ay madalas na ginagamit sa mga aklat ng kasaysayan at talambuhay – ipinapaliwanag nila kung ano ang nangyari sa isang tiyak na tagal ng oras o sa isang partikular na tao, na nagsisimula sa pinakamaagang kaganapan at sumusulong sa paglipas ng panahon.


ang timeline po ay yung pakasunod sunod ng pangyayari katulad ni magellan


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what's inactivity 1: my life in timelinedirections:picture of a story

Ask: what’s in
activity 1: my life in timeline
directions:picture of a story of your life create a timeline that will reflect the events happened to you in the past

guide questions:
1. what is a timeline?
2. why is timeline significant? ​


1. That timeline is a conductor of that time.

2. Is it important the significant at the period.


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covid history with timeline ​

Ask: covid history with timeline


The first known infections from SARS-CoV-2 were discovered in Wuhan, China. The original source of viral transmission to humans remains unclear, as does whether the virus became pathogenic before or after the spillover event.

It was initially reported to the World Health Organization (WHO) on December 31, 2019. On January 30, 2020, the WHO declared the COVID-19 outbreak a global health emergency. On March 11, 2020, the WHO declared COVID-19 a global pandemic, its first such designation since declaring H1N1 influenza a pandemic in 2009.

The most recent common ancestor (MRCA) of all coronaviruses is estimated to have existed as recently as 8000 BCE, although some models place the common ancestor as far back as 55 million years or more, implying long term coevolution with bat and avian species.

The International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV) announced “severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2)” as the name of the new virus on 11 February 2020. This name was chosen because the virus is genetically related to the coronavirus responsible for the SARS outbreak of 2003. While related, the two viruses are different.

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On January 26, 2020, a Sikorsky S-76B helicopter crashed in the city of Calabasas, California, around 30 mi northwest of Downtown Los Angeles, while en route from John Wayne Airport to Camarillo Airport.


timeline ng pakikipaglaban ng frontliner sa covid 19

Ask: timeline ng pakikipaglaban ng frontliner sa covid 19


24 hours and other batch of frontliners is next parang nag pulihanay sa day

covid-19 frontliners timeline​

Ask: covid-19 frontliners timeline​

standing in front of the peace corps volunteer for conclusion

Is there any pattern on the increase of covid 19

Ask: Is there any pattern on the increase of covid 19 cases during the given timeline ​

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Ano Ang Meaning ng "Timeline" ? In English What Is

Ask: Ano Ang Meaning ng “Timeline” ? In English What Is “Timeline” ?

Well, for me a timeline is a graphic representation of the passage of time. That’s all! I hope I can help you.

isang graphic na representasyon ng ang pagpasa ng oras bilang isang linya.
a graphic representation of the passage of time as a line.

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timeline tungkol sa Covid 19​

Ask: timeline tungkol sa Covid 19​


marami na ang nag kakasakit at namamatay dahil sa Covid-19

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