What How Hot Is It Going To Be Tomorrow

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If you are looking for the answer of what how hot is it going to be tomorrow, you’ve got the right page. We have approximately 3 FAQ regarding what how hot is it going to be tomorrow. Read it below.

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Solve the given problems. Note: Identify first whether the problem

Ask: Solve the given problems.

Note: Identify first whether the problem is directly or inversely proportional to know what formula you are going to use.
Write only the exact number of your answer. Example: 24

1. Mix 3 liters of water with 4 lemons to make lemonade. How many liters of water are mixed with 8 lemons?

2. Rachel earned P 34 in 4 hours at her job today. She wants to know how much she could earn tomorrow if she works 10 hours at the same hourly rate.

3. Mika can eat 21 hot dogs in 6 minutes. She wants to know how many minutes it would take her to eat 35 hot dogs if she can keep up the same pace.

4. Chef Rita is cooking for a Sunday brunch. She knows that 22 pancakes can feed 8 people. She is wondering how many people she can feed with 55 pancakes. She assumes each person eats the same quantity of pancakes.

5.Sam used 6 loaves of elf bread on an 8 day hiking trip. He wants to know how many loaves of elf bread left he should pack for a 12 day hiking trip if he eats the same amount of bread each day.


the points is very small i need brainlies i know the answer but the point is very small

6. How would you know if a text was written

Ask: 6. How would you know if a text was written in problem-solution text structure? * a. The text would explain the steps of an event in time order b. The text would show how two things are similar and different c. The text would explain one main issue, and the solution to this issue d. The text would define and describe one main topic

7.Which of these options would be a good solution to the problem: Wendy can’t reach the package of light bulbs in the garage. * a. She could just stay in the dark. b. She could use a broom to knock the box down. c. She could stack random things to create steps. d. She could ask somebody taller for help.

8. Here is a solution. What could be the problem? Ted used glue on his skateboard. * a. Ted can’t ride a skateboard well. b. Ted snapped a wheel off his board. c. Ted fell and broke his glasses. d. Ted is clumsy and scratched his board on the sidewalk.

9.. Which of the following is an example of good solution for this problem? Nobody in class likes Paul. * a. Paul should keep calling his classmates names. b. Paul should move classes. c. Paul should tell everyone to go away. d. Paul should be nicer to his classmates.

10.Ben can’t find a job. He needs money to pay for college. What could be a good solution to his problem? * a. He could turn to crime. b. He could not continue his education. c. He could find alternative ways of making money. d. He could just sit in the classes without paying.

11. One problem to resolve in crocodile watching is transportation. How can an observer get close enough to watch without scaring it away or being attacked? which text structure is this? * a. directions b. cause and effect c. problem and solution d. description and list

12. Identify the problem in the passage below. Lynn has a test tomorrow, but she also has a track meet tonight. She needs to study so she can get an A on the test. Lynn knows she won’t be running in every race. Therefore, she concludes that she can study in between her races. * a. Lynn needs to study, but she also has a track meet. b. Lynn doesn’t want to run her race. c. Lynn needs to run fast enough to beat her rival. d. Lynn will run in every race.

13. Identify the solution in the passage below. Kelvin makes himself a bowl of soup. The bowl is still hot when he picks it up, and he drops it in surprise. It shatters when it hits the ground. There is soup and glass everywhere. Kelvin does not want to cut himself on the glass, and he needs to clean up the soup. First, Kelvin uses a thick towel to pick up the glass pieces. Then, he cleans up the soup with a mop. When the floor is clean, Kelvin makes himself a new bowl of soup. * a. Kelvin drops the bowl of soup. b. Kelvin makes himself a new bowl of soup. c. Kelvin does not want to cut himself. d. Kelvin uses a thick towel and mop to clean up.

14. Identify the problem in the passage below. Ava’s dance teacher assigns her a partner, Lisa. This causes a dilemma for Ava, because she already has a solo dance planned. Lisa proposes a solution. She suggests that they can both do the same routine side-by-side. This way, Ava can still do the same routine. Ava likes the idea. The side-by-side dance gets Ava and Lisa a standing ovation at their show. * a. Lisa suggests doing the dance side-by-side. b. Ava and Lisa get a standing ovation. c. Ava already has a solo dance planned. d. Lisa does not have a partner.

15. Some dogs and cats do not have homes. People started animal shelters to take care of these animals and solve the problem of homeless animals. At the shelters, dogs and cats get food and water. They get to play with other dogs and cats. Sometimes, people bring a lost animal to the shelter. Some of these dogs and cats get a new home! People come to animal shelters to get a new pet. what type of text structure is this? * a. cause and effect b. problem and solution c. description d. compare and contrast​


6. C.

7. C.

8. A.

9. D.

10. C.

11. C.

12. A.

13. D.

14. C.

15. B.

Explanation: Hope it helps 🙂

Answ b. grass C. air 10. The connotative meaning of

Ask: Answ b. grass C. air 10. The connotative meaning of the word clown is someone who is funny or jolly. Which of these sentences shows denotation? a. Henry is the clown of the group. He always jokes around. b. The birthday boy cried when the clown suddenly appeared on the stage. 11. There’s a warm welcome for the guests at the party. The word warm in the statement means a hearty, hospitable b. nearly hot 12. A rose is to flower as lion is to a. plant C. roots d.animal 13. Seaweed is to water as grass is to a. soil b. pot d. garden 14. Rhea will study her modules in three learning areas, such as English, Mathematics and Science. Learning areas means a. topics b. titles C. subjects d. lessons 15. As a catastrophic natural event, Super Typhoon Rolly devastated a large portion of Bicol Region. Catastrophic means a. disastrous b. unlucky C. unpleasant d. disappointed 16. The toy of Alfred is broken. How do you write the correct possessive noun of the underlined phrase? a. a. Alfreds’ toy b. toy’s Alfred C. Alfred’s toy d. Alfredss’ toy 17. A of soup was served for father. a. box b. plate C. bowl d. handful 18. Andre has a pet bird. He feeds with rice and corn. a. his b. her d. me 19. Spiders are tiny animals that spin silk to catch insects. Which word in the sentence, Is an adjective? a. Spiders b. catch c. tiny 20. Which of the following is the correct series of adjectives? a. expensive red two cars c. big four orange balls b. three hairy brown dogs d. long three red ribbons 21. Mang Pedro is a fisherman. He fishing everyday b.going c. went 22. Enrico drew his masterpiece a. weekly b. tomorrow c. last year d. monthly 23. My grandparents the hot tea that I made for them. a. drank b drinks C. drink d. drinking 24. Anna wants to study quietly in the library everyday. What kind of adverb is the underlined word in the sentence? c.it d. spin a. go d. goes​


10. A

11. A

12. D

13. D

14. D


16. C

17. C

18. C

19. C

20. B

21. D



24. A

25. B

26. A

Not only you can get the answer of what how hot is it going to be tomorrow, you could also find the answers of 6. How would, Solve the given, and Answ b. grass.