What Causes Whole Body Weakness

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EXPOSITION: Life SituationOnce upon a time, the member of the

EXPOSITION: Life Situation
Once upon a time, the member of the human body began to find fault with the belly,
complaining that it led an idle and luxurious life while they themselves had to slave
for its support or minister to pleasure. So they formed a conspiracy and cut off its
The hands were no longer to carry food to the mouth, the mouth to receive the
food, or the teeth to chew it. But is not long before they grew listless and weak, and
the the whole body began to pine a way.
Then the members were convinced that the belly too, cumbersome and useless as it
seemed, exercised an important function of its own; that they could no more do
without it than it could do without the; and that if the body was to enjoy good health,
they must work together each in its prophere, for the common good of all.
Guide Questions
1. What is the message of the story?
2. What caused them to resolve their problem?​


1.member of human body(not sure)

2.they must work together


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Additional Activity Read the text below and label the research

Ask: Additional Activity Read the text below and label the research below using the elements of restarch (Title, Introduction, Methodology, Results and Discussions, Conclusion and References) Color Psychology Paper How does color affect one’s mood? Colors may just seem simple and unimportant, but they affect our daily lives more han we may know. If someone is feeling angry, it could just be because they’re angry. or it could be perhaps that they are surrounded by or looking at the color red. That’s right: People’s moods can change just because they are looking at different colors There are many theories on how just a simple color can change one’s whole mood According to Johnson (2007), color does affect mood by producing certain chemicals and stimulating different feelings such as hunger. For example, blue can make one leel calin because it releases calming chemicals, and red can make one hunen because it is an appetite stimulant. Yellow can make one feel irritated, and it isuren that people lose their iemper most in yellow rooms. However, pink is tranquilizing and can make one feel weak. In conclusion, Johnson says that depending on the color, one’s body can do things like producing chemicals) that cause a certain emotional reaction (mad, sad, etc.). Another idea, by Sruith (2007), is that the effect color produces is based on what one’s body does in response. For example, vellow is mentally stimulating, and activates memory, whereas red increases confidence. Also, brown can make a person fecl orderly and stable, while a dark blue can make one leel sad Therefore, Smith says that different colors do in fact change one s mood and the consequences can be negative or positive. I third writer Wollard. (2000) seems to think that color can alleet one’s mood, but the effect also can depend on one’s culture and what one’s personal reflection may be for example, someone from Japan may not associate red with anger, as people from the US tend to do so a person who likes the color brown may Associate brown with happiness. However Holland does think that colors can make everyone feel the same, or close to the same mood. According to Wollard, pink reduces aggression, which is why the walls of the cells in the Seattle prison are pink! Also, brown can make one feel comforted. Wolland feels that colors do aficct oncs mood, but there are other factors that can alter that one supposed to feel Enc, John and Paraag’ (2007) main point about color Example green makes people feel relaxed because it relaxes their muscles and makes sychology is that color has both physiological and psychological cflect. For them breathe deeper and more slowly. Furthermore blue lower blood pressure mood because of what it does to the body. Yet another idea by lucy (2000). is that which makes one fcel calm. Eric John, and Para conclude that color atlects ones is energy, and it can have a physical, mental, spiritual and or emotional effect can also make one feel depressed. Also brown can make a person feel reliable and people. He states that black anake one feel sophisticated and secure, but it can have dillerent kinds itellects all prople. color CO Q4 ENGLISH10 MODULE 1​


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