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shouldnt wash raw chicken kitchn

Directions: Choose the letter of the best answer that will

Ask: Directions: Choose the letter of the best answer that will be appropriate to each statement. Write
your answer in your TLE notebook..
1. Karla will cook “Tinolang Manok” as lunch of her family. She prepared all the ingredients and
bought a kilo of whole chicken meat. There are left-overs after their lunch which can be eaten for
dinner. Which of the following can she do to avoid its spoilage for the remaining hours before
A. Freeze it
C. Cooled quickly as quickly as possible
B. Transfer into bowl and cover D. Let it in the pot at room temperature
2. If food poisoning outbreak occurs due to mishandling or poor storage procedures, what can
possibly happen to consumers, those involved in production and in marketing the poultry and its
A. Price increases
C. Increase of customers and sales
B. There’s cheaper legal and court costs D. Illness and even deaths of consumers
3. This is considered the safest temperature to hold any poultry meats and could maintain flavor
and moisture.
A. 32°F to 35.6°F
C. 35°F to 50°F I
B. 3°C to 5°C
D. 5°C to 7°C
4. How long could you store cooked poultry dishes in a freezer?
A. 1-2 days
C. 4-6 months
B. 2-4 days
D. 9 months
5. When handling and storing any poultry meat and game dishes or even any food, the following
are the basic guidelines that one needs to follow, EXCEPT…
A. Don’t cross-contaminate.
C. Cook properly and refrigerate promptly.
B. Wash hands and surfaces often. D. Use scented liquid chlorine bleach for sanitizing

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1. B






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True or False1. Fresh eggs have rough and white shells.2.

Ask: True or False

1. Fresh eggs have rough and white shells.
2. in preparing meat for “longganisa” making, it is best to combine lean and back fat.
3. tinabal is the product if dry salting
4. Beef flesh should be res in color.
5. muscles of poultry that are active have more fat.
6. “pigue” is also known as “kasim”
7. Whole meat can be used in making “longanisa”
8. Fast the chicken for one (1) hour before bleeding.
9. Scale the fish using blunt knife.
10. Wash fish before and after preparation to remove dirt and slime.​













1. true

2. true

3. false

4. true

5. false

ho Assessment Card size of particles, stirring, or temperature, water

Ask: ho Assessment Card size of particles, stirring, or temperature, water instead liquid one. She mixed it with water, Direction: Identity whar motor will affect the solubility of solute in a solvent Choose 1. Ceoll bought chocolate powder to be used for her ice candy. She po powder in water. She notic
ed undissolved powder in the mixture. She 2. Mother bought powder bleach or chlorox because it is much cheaper 3. Mother used a solvent that will remove grease from dishes, 4. A block of ice was bought by Nikki. She had to put it in 8 glasses to 5. Mang Kiko will paint a wooden chair. He mixed the left over paint 6. Sarah made fresh orange juice for her classmates. The mixture spread 7. You are washing your clothes. You want soap to appear right away 8. Mang Andres is building a concrete fence. He is mixing sand and 9. Mom is going to fry the chicken. Due to cold weather, the cooking halo. you used powder soap. solid. Aller using a solvent, mom was able to cook. 10. Glyza is making graham. She ran out of crushed graham cracker the whole graham cracker.

plss answer​





4.size of particles



7.size of particles



10.size of particles


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1. Above is to under as up is to _________________.

Ask: 1. Above is to under as up is to _________________.
A. down B. along C. above D. from
2. Large is to tiny as full is to ____________________.
A. filled B. empty C. blank D. drain
3. Team is to player as platoon is to_______________.
A. teacher B. students C. soldier D. cook
4. Stone is to heavy as cotton is to ________________.
A. soft B. light C. rich D. poor
5. Tree is to climb as river is to ___________________.
A. big B. fish C. walk D. swim
6. Lonely is to frown as happy is to ________________.
A. smile B. injury C. pain D. proud
7. Stripes is to zebra as giraffe is to ________________.
A. fur B. hair C. spots D. nails
8. Spaghetti is to pasta as ketchup is to _____________.
A. sauce B. condiment C. pulp D. rice
9. Wind is to windmill as sun is to __________________.
A. solar panel B. engine C. hammer D. tools
10. Honest is to truthful and grateful is to_____________.
A. thankful B. beautiful C. smart D. lonely
Months ago, the whole world was
surprised due to the spread of the
Corona Virus. Once a person was
infected by this virus he would
experience high fever, dry cough,
shortness in breathing that may cause
death if not properly attended to. It is
now called COVID 19 by health experts.
Reports and studies said it originated
from China. The virus came from
animals such as bats and was
transmitted to other animals until such

time transmitted to humans. What is scary about this virus, lately, it
resulted millions of people and even killed a big number throughout the
There is no available medicine for this disease and medical experts are
still finding ways to find a cure for this COVID 19. The Philippines is one of
the 180 countries affected. Mostly the most progressive nations with modern
hospital facilities have the greatest number of deaths and confirmed positive
patients. With this the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID 19
as a pandemic which means the disease was prevalent over the whole world.
Corona Virus Disease or COVID 19 has affected the economic status
of different countries. People have been observing safety measures such as
social distancing, constant hand washing, using disinfectants, and staying
at home to avoid being infected by the virus. People around the world are
praying and hoping that one day, the COVID19 will be eradicated through
the invention of a vaccine or medicine.
1.What kind of virus spread all over the world months ago?
A. Corona Virus B. Flu Virus C. Dengue D. HIV
2. What term did Health experts use that refer to corona virus?
A. Corona B. COVID19 C. COVID20 D. SARS
3. What will happen to a person infected if not properly attended to?
A. survives B. comatose C. die D. fly
4. Where did the virus originate based on reports and studies?
A. Japan B. China C. Vietnam D. Spain
5. From what animals did the virus come from based on the selection?
A. Chicken B. Frog C. Bats D. Pig
6. Is there available medicine for COVID19?
A. NO B. YES C. Maybe D. No answer
Illustrator: Maria Ruth Janeo-Castillo T-I


7. What countries have the greatest number of deaths?
A. Poor B. Progressive C. Third world D. Asian
8. How did the World Health Organization (WHO) call this crisis?
A. Epidemic B. Outbreak C. Pandemic D. crisis
9. Does COVID19 affect the economic status of the countries?
A. YES B. NO C. Maybe D. No answer
10. What do the people around the world pray to be invented to stop the
virus from spreading?
A. Vaccine B. Tablet C. Movie D. Sprayer


Activity 1

  1. A
  2. D
  3. C
  4. B
  5. D
  6. A
  7. C
  8. A
  9. A
  10. A

Activity 2

  1. A
  2. B
  3. C
  4. B
  5. C
  6. A
  7. B
  8. C
  9. A
  10. A

44. Since I was hungry,a. I bought a bottle of

Ask: 44. Since I was hungry,
a. I bought a bottle of water to drink.
b. I cooked meal for the next day.
c. I ate the whole chicken.
d. I washed my hands after eating.​


[tex] answer[/tex]

  • C. ate the whole chicken




2. Below are the basis of sorting raw materials EXCEPT

Ask: 2. Below are the basis of sorting raw materials EXCEPT for one.
a. Quality
b. Species
c. Sizes
d. Flavor

3. Assessment of the overall quality of raw materials.
a. Grading
c. Sorting
b. Species
d. Measuring

4. The following are the ways to check the quality of meat EXCEPT for one.
a. Firmness
c. Visual identification of quality meat
b. Weighing
d. Smell

5. Meat has clean cuts, rich red or uniform color and firm flesh. What can you say
about the meat?
a Low Quality
c. Spoiled meat
b. Stale
d. High quality

6. Yolk is free of defects, slightly defined white, clear and firm
a. Quality A
c. Quality B
b. Quality AA
d. Quality AB

7. Egg size is determined by
a. Weight
b. Shaped
c. Color
d. Quality

8. The term 8-cut chicken is used to describe a chicken segmented into:
a. two drumsticks, two thighs, two wings and two breasts halves
b. two drumsticks, two wings and four breasts
c. three wings, two drumsticks and three breasts
d. four breast, two thighs and two drumsticks

9. To have an accurate data on the weight of the fish, which of these will you do?
a. Weigh the fish using standard weighing devices
b. Weigh the fish using improvised weighing devices
c. Weigh the fish before and after cleaning
d. Estimate the weight of the fish then record

10. If you are assigned to cut up a whole chicken, which of the steps below will you do first?
a. Remove the whole leg
b. Separate the thigh and drumstick
c. Separate the wing from the breast
d. Remove the rib bones

11. Fish has sunken pupils, dull brown or gray gills and loosing scales. What can you say
about the fish?
a. The fish is fresh
c. The fish is partially fresh
b. The fish is stale
d. The fish is spoiled

12. Fish has bulging eyes, red gills and a firm body. What can you say about the fish?
a. The fish is fresh
c. The fish is partially fresh
b. The fish is stale
d. The fish is polluted

13. The fishes you graded have slightly sunken eyes with grayish pupil; the flesh and
backbone are slightly soft and with a slightly sour odor. To what grade will you assign
a. Grade 1
c. Grade li
b. Off-grade
d. Grade III

14. Whole chicken leg is broken down into a drumstick and
a. Thigh
c. Wing drumette
b. Winglette,
d. Breast

15. The separation of raw materials on the basis of shape, size, weight, image and colour
a. Grading
c. Weighing
b. Sorting
d. Washing​

  1. b. Species
  2. d. Measuring
  3. a. Firmness
  4. d. High quality
  5. a. Quality A
  6. d. Quality
  7. a. two drumsticks, two thighs, two wings and two breasts halves
  8. a. Weigh the fish using standard weighing devices
  9. b. Separate the thigh and drumstick
  10. b. The fish is stale
  11. c. Grade li
  12. a. Thigh

13.d. Washing

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study’s first

II. Directions: Below are excerpts taken from some of the

Ask: II. Directions: Below are excerpts taken from some of the Philippine literary selections
(Column A) and the various influences in literary selection depicted in
each writing (Column B) Match Column A and Column B by writing the
letter of your answer on the space provided.
A culture
B. economic
C. environment
They had prepared a room for him in Don Eliodoro’s house
so that he would not have to walk far to school every
morning, but he gave nothing more than a glance at the big
stone building with its Spanish azotea, its arched doorways,
its flagged courtyard.
Source: Zita”https://www.sushidog.com/bpss/stories/zita.htm
Virgilio was the only child. His mother was killed in a motor
accident when he was nine. Don Pepe never remarried. He
became more and more dependent on Clara as he devoted
himself to books, music and conversation. His house in
Cabildo was a salon during the years of the Commonwealth
Source: “At War’s End”,
“You know that I have done my best” she said. “I have
prayed to Kabunyan much. I have sacrificed many chickens
in my prayers
Source: “The Wedding Dance”, https://discrib.com/download/the-
She would have liked to be there with the other women to
take part in their jokes and their laughter and their merry
gossiping, but they paid a centavo for every piece of soiled
linen they brought there to wash and her mistress wanted to
save this money
Source: “Servant Girl”,
I lived in an old, nearly crumbling apartment house just
across the street from the movie house. From the street,
could see into the open courtyard, around which rooms for
the tenants, mostly a whole family to a single room, were
Source: “All Over the World”.
D. health
E history​


1. C

2. E

3. A

4. B

5. C


Hope it helps

Hyperbde L.Identify what kind of figures of speech used in

Ask: Hyperbde L.Identify what kind of figures of speech used in each of the following phrases or sentences.Write Hyperbole or Irony. 1. I have a mountain of laundry to wash. 2. His memory was excellent, he remembers nothing. 3. My dad has iron hands that could lift a ten-storey building. 4.. The dentist suffers a disturbing toothache. 5. The chicken ate a whole cow 6. He cried a million tears just to win back his wife. 7. Old folks attended the baby party. 8. An engineer can build a mansion for one day. 9. My best friend died last month and I cried a river. 10. The shoemaker’s children have no shoes.​











Not only you can get the answer of wash whole chicken, you could also find the answers of ho Assessment Card, 2. Below are, 1. Above is, II. Directions: Below, and Hyperbde L.Identify what.