Wash Whole Chicken Before Cooking

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Directions: Choose the letter of the best answer that will

Ask: Directions: Choose the letter of the best answer that will be appropriate to each statement. Write
your answer in your TLE notebook..
1. Karla will cook “Tinolang Manok” as lunch of her family. She prepared all the ingredients and
bought a kilo of whole chicken meat. There are left-overs after their lunch which can be eaten for
dinner. Which of the following can she do to avoid its spoilage for the remaining hours before
A. Freeze it
C. Cooled quickly as quickly as possible
B. Transfer into bowl and cover D. Let it in the pot at room temperature
2. If food poisoning outbreak occurs due to mishandling or poor storage procedures, what can
possibly happen to consumers, those involved in production and in marketing the poultry and its
A. Price increases
C. Increase of customers and sales
B. There’s cheaper legal and court costs D. Illness and even deaths of consumers
3. This is considered the safest temperature to hold any poultry meats and could maintain flavor
and moisture.
A. 32°F to 35.6°F
C. 35°F to 50°F I
B. 3°C to 5°C
D. 5°C to 7°C
4. How long could you store cooked poultry dishes in a freezer?
A. 1-2 days
C. 4-6 months
B. 2-4 days
D. 9 months
5. When handling and storing any poultry meat and game dishes or even any food, the following
are the basic guidelines that one needs to follow, EXCEPT…
A. Don’t cross-contaminate.
C. Cook properly and refrigerate promptly.
B. Wash hands and surfaces often. D. Use scented liquid chlorine bleach for sanitizing

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