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Which among the international agencies give updates to COVID-19 status?a.

Ask: Which among the international agencies give updates to COVID-19 status?

a. DOH c. IFPI

b. FDA d. WHO​


letter b


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the lecture use PowerPoints presentation to show the updated of

Ask: the lecture use PowerPoints presentation to show the updated of the update of the update of the rising covid 19 inour country​


Tama PowerPoint at diagram


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covid 19 updates of infected​

Ask: covid 19 updates of infected​



Total cases







who covid 19 updates

Ask: who covid 19 updates

Corona Virus (CoViD-19)

In December 2019, there was a cluster of pneumonia cases in China especially in Wuhan. Investigations found that it was caused by a previously unknown virus, and now it was called the “2019 Novel Coronavirus

How these viruses get their names?

Coronaviruses are a large group of viruses or its refers to a family of virus that are zoonotic. Zoonotic means, it is a disease or microbe that’s spread from animals to human beings. It was named ‘corona‘ because they consist of a core of genetic material surrounded by an envelope of proteins spikes this gives an appearance of look likes a crown. Crown in Latin is called ‘Corona‘ and that’s how these viruses get their name into it.

It initially occurred in a group of people with pneumonia, who had been associated with seafood and animal markets in Wuhan, China. The disease has since spread from the sick to others including family members and healthcare staff such as nurse and doctors or also called as “frontliner.” There are many cases at present and has spread within China and other countries and that is global pandemic today.

So, where did the virus come from?

It’s known that the coronaviruses circulate in a range of animals such as birds and mammals. Sometimes these viruses can jump from animals to humans and this is called a “spillover.

MERS are came from Camels and SARS are came from civet cats. The animal reservoir of the 2019 coronavirus is not known yet of where it is specific came from.

How is it transmitted?

The virus is yet to be determined of how this virus is transmitted. In general respiratory its usually transmitted through “droplets” created when an infected person coughs or sneezes or through something that has been contaminated with the virus. People most at risk of infection from a novel coronavirus are those in close contact with animals, such as animal workers in Seafood Market in Wuhan China, and those who are caring for people who are infected with the virus, such as family members or healthcare workers like nurse and doctors.

What are the symptoms?

Well, from what is known so far there could be a number of symptoms ranging from mild to severe. In mild, there can be a

  • fever
  • respiratory symptoms such as cough
  • shortness of breath

In severe cases there will be;

  • pneumonia
  • kidney failure
  • and lastly is death.

How can we tell if someone is infected (Diagnosis)

The infection can be diagnosed with a test or also known as PCR or Polymerase Chain Reaction this test identifies the virus based off its genetic fingerprint, so that the doctors will know if you have a virus or not. There’s currently no known medication or treatment and any vaccines for the virus. Treatments and vaccines are still in development yet.

How do we prevent transmission of the virus?

There are a standard hygiene practices that have been recommended to protect against infection and further spread of disease. These include;

  • Covering your mouth and nose with a medical mask, tissue or flexed elbow if you sneeze.
  • Avoid close contact with those who are unwell or have those kind of symptoms.
  • Follow the appropriate use of masks and personal protective equipment, washing hands regularly with soap and water or alcohol-based hand rub, it must be 70% alcohol content.

Actions that can be taken to prevent infection from an animal source including:

  • Avoiding unnecessary contact with animals, washing hands after contact with animals or animal products,
  • and ensuring animal products are cooked thoroughly before they’re consumed.
  • It’s important to stay home if you’re feeling unwell, but if you have a fever, cough or difficulty of breathing seek medical care early and share your previous travel history with your health care provider.

For more info;

Mga plano o panukala na ginawa ng mga pamahalaan laban sa makamandag na sakit na tinatawag na Covid-19;


Mga katanungan ukol sa sa pamahalanan sa CoViD-19;




what is the genre of covid updates​

Ask: what is the genre of covid updates​




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covid – 19 updates in ph​

Ask: covid – 19 updates in ph​

since covid19 comes in the philippines many people are struggeling because of the rules and covid19 attacks million people in earth but now they see an slowly ending of the covid i hope covid19 ends always wash ur hand and stay at home

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What are the latest updates about COVID that WHO has

Ask: What are the latest updates about COVID that WHO has released or announced in 2021?​


president duterte


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What are the latest updates of WHO on COVID-19?

Ask: What are the latest updates of WHO on COVID-19?


pakonte ng pakonte ang mga nag popositibo

Updates about covid 19​

Ask: Updates about covid 19​

Andaming namamatay sa covid 19 kaya kayo laging magsuot ng facemask and faceshield para iwas corona virus Keep safe and god bless

updates on the status of your relatives who tested positive

Ask: updates on the status of your relatives who tested positive for covid 19​


How long does it take for symptoms of the coronavirus disease to appear?

On average it takes 5–6 days from when someone is infected with the virus for symptoms to show, however it can take up to 14 days.


The risk of getting COVID-19 from a person without any signs and symptoms is very low. Remember, COVID-19 is only spread through respiratory droplets coughed by an infected person. Therefore, if an infected person does not cough, he/she most likely will not infect others. However, many infected persons only experience mild symptoms. This is particularly true at the early stages of the disease. It is therefore possible to get COVID-19 from an infected person with mild cough but is not feeling ill.


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