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whos the top 10 richest businessman in the world​

Ask: whos the top 10 richest businessman in the world​


Si Elon musk lang po Ang alam sorry po


1. Elon Musk – $251 billion

2. Jeff Bezos – $153 billion

3. Gautam Adani and family – $137 billion

4. Bernard Arnault & Family – $136 billion

5. Bill Gates – $117 billion

6. Warren Buffet – $100 billion

7. Larry Page – $100 billion

8. Sergey Brin – $95.8 billion

9. Steve Ballmer – $93.7 billion

10. Larry Ellison – $93.3 billion

Who are the top 10 smartest people?​

Ask: Who are the top 10 smartest people?​

1. Isaac Newton

He is an extraordinary genius physicist, mathematician, astronomer and alchemist. He is considered as the most influential and greatest scientist ever lived. His scientific work not only contributed to the 17th century scientific revolution but also gave birth to modern technologies.

2. Aryabhatta

He was an acclaimed mathematician and astronomer. His contribution to science, maths and astronomy is tremendous.

3. Galileo Galilei

He was an illustrious mathematician, astronomer and Physicist. Also, known as the Father of Modern Astrono

4.Thomas Alva Edison

He was a prolific inventor and a leading businessman. In building America’s economy he was the mastermind behind discoveries and innovations and front-runner of America’s first technological revolution.

5.Leonardo da Vinci

He was an architect, mathematician, musician, polymath, sculptor, engineer, inventor, anatomist and writer.

6.Stephen Hawking

He is at present 74, a cosmologist, author, theoretical physicist and Director of Research Centre for Theoretical Cosmology.

7.Terence Tao

Amazing you won’t believe is that when he was 2 years old he used to teach 5 years old students how to spell and how to add numbers. At the age of 10, he started participating in International Mathematical Olympiads and won bronze in 1986, silver in 1987 and gold in 1988 and became the youngest ever gold medallist in the Mathematical Olympiad. At 16, he had earned Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree and completed his Ph.D at the age of 20 with an outstanding IQ of 230 and at present he is 41 years old.

8.Christopher Langan

He is known as the smartest man in America having an IQ of 195 and 210. In SAT exam he had scored what is needed but we can’t ignore is that he slept in an exam and then too he cleared it. At present he is 64 years old.

9.Kim Ung-Yong

Do you know that he had booked a place for himself in The Guinness Book of World records and has more brain power than Hawking and Einstein. When he was four months young he started speaking and at the age of 2 he used to read Japanese, Korean, German and English

10.Judit. polgar

She is 40 years old and a Hungarian chess grandmaster.


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who Is the top 10 african author​

Ask: who Is the top 10 african author​


1.Chinua Achebe

2.Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

3.Ayi Kwei Armah

4.Mariama Bâ

5.Nuruddin Farah

6.Aminatta Forna

7.Nadine Gordimer

8.Alain Mabanckou

9.Ben Okri

10.Ngugi wa Thiong’o


1.One of the world’s most widely recognized and praised writers, Chinua Achebe wrote some of the most extraordinary works of the 20th century. His most famous novel, Things Fall Apart (1958), is a devastating depiction of the clash between traditional tribal values and the effects of colonial rule, as well as the tension between masculinity and femininity in highly patriarchal societies. Achebe is also a noted literary critic, particularly known for his passionate critique of Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness (1899), in which he accuses the popular novel of rampant racism through its othering of the African continent and its people.

2.Born in Nigeria in 1977, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is part of a new generation of African writers taking the literary world by storm. Adichie’s works are primarily character-driven, interweaving the background of her native Nigeria and social and political events into the narrative. Her novel Purple Hibiscus (2003) is a bildungsroman, depicting the life experience of Kambili and her family during a military coup, while her latest work Americanah (2013) is an insightful portrayal of Nigerian immigrant life and race relations in America and the western world. Adichie’s works have been met with overwhelming praise and have been nominated for and won numerous awards, including the Orange Prize and Booker Prize.

3.Ayi Kwei Armah’s novels are known for their intense, powerful depictions of political devastation and social frustration in Armah’s native Ghana, told from the point of view of the individual. His works were greatly influenced by French existential philosophers, such as Jean Paul Sartre and Albert Camus, and as such hold themes of despair, disillusionment and irrationality. His most famous work, The Beautyful Ones Are Not Yet Born (1968) centers around an unnamed protagonist who attempts to understand his self and his country in the wake of post-independence.

4.One of Africa’s most influential women authors, Mariama Bâ is known for her powerful feminist texts, which address the issues of gender inequality in her native Senegal and wider Africa. Bâ herself experienced many of the prejudices facing women: she struggled for an education against her traditional grandparents, and was left to look after her nine children after divorcing a prominent politician. Her anger and frustration at the patriarchal structures which defined her life spill over into her literature: her novel So Long A Letter (1981) depicts, simultaneously, its protagonist’s strength and powerlessness within marriage and wider society.

5.Born in Somalia in 1945, Nuruddin Farah has written numerous plays, novels and short stories, all of which revolve around his experiences of his native country. The title of his first novel From a Crooked Rib (1970) stems from a Somalian proverb “God created woman from a crooked rib, and anyone who trieth to straighten it, breaketh it”, and is a commentary on the sufferings of women in Somalian society through the narrative of a young woman trapped in an unhappy marriage. His subsequent works feature similar social criticism, dealing with themes of war and post-colonial identity.

6.Born in Glasgow but raised in Sierra Leone, Aminatta Forna first drew attention for her memoir The Devil That Danced on Water (2003), an extraordinarily brave account of her family’s experiences living in war-torn Sierra Leone, and in particular her father’s tragic fate as a political dissident. Forna has gone on to write several novels, each of them critically acclaimed: her work The Memory of Love (2010) juxtaposes personal stories of love and loss within the wider context of the devastation of the Sierre Leone civil war, and was nominated for the Orange Prize for Fiction.


Who is the top 10 person famous in the world?​

Ask: Who is the top 10 person famous in the world?​


1.Joe Biden

2.Donald Trump

3.Jeff Bezos

4.Bill gates

5.Dwayne Johnson

6.Robert Downey

7.Kylie Jenner

8.Cristiano Ronaldo

9.Justin Bieber

10.Barack Hussein Obama II


Sana makatulong

1. catriona gray

1. catriona gray2. tailor swift

1. catriona gray2. tailor swift3. keon jungkook

4. arianna grande

4. arianna grande5. halsey

4. arianna grande5. halsey6. duwa lipa

7. john xena

7. john xena8. barak obama

7. john xena8. barak obama9. kim taehyung

10. jennie kim

who are the top 10 enterprenuers in the philippines​

Ask: who are the top 10 enterprenuers in the philippines​


SOCORRO C. RAMOS -National book store


Lucio Tan -Philippine Airlines


Henry Sy -ShoeMart

Corazon D. Ong- CDO

Cecilio K. Pedro -Lamoiyan Corporation

Mariano Que Mercury Drugstore

Alfredo Yao- Zest-O Corporation

Henry Sy -ShoeMart


  1. Henry Sy
  2. Tony Tan Caktiong
  3. John Gokongwei Jr.
  4. Lucio Tan
  5. Andrew Tan
  6. Socorro Ramos
  7. Felipe Gozon
  8. Edgar Sia
  9. Alfonsoa Yuchengco
  10. Eduardo Cojuangco Jr.

who is the top 10 president of the philipnes​

Ask: who is the top 10 president of the philipnes​

i think is Ferdinand Marcos maybe

Who are the top 10 richest entrepreneurs?

Ask: Who are the top 10 richest entrepreneurs?


Jeff Bezos

Bill Gates

Warren Buffett

Bernard Arnault

Carlos Slim Helu

Amancio Ortega

Larry Ellison

Mark Zuckerberg

Michael Bloomberg

Larry Page


The top 5 richest entrepreneurs are:

Andrew Carnegie

Henry Ford

Oprah Winfrey

Bill Gates

Larry Page

Who are the top 10 successful entrepreneurs?

Ask: Who are the top 10 successful entrepreneurs?

what country ? is it from, what ?

Who are the top 10 entrepreneurs?

Ask: Who are the top 10 entrepreneurs?

Bill Gates – $88.8 billion

2. Jeff Bezos – $84.3 billion

Warren Buffet – $80.5 billion

Amancio Ortega – $78.5 billion

Mark Zuckerberg – $71.7 billion

Carlos Slim – $67.9 billion

Larry Ellison – $59.1 billion

David Koch – $49.2 billion

Michael Bloomberg – $47.1 billion

Andrew Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie loved efficiency. From his start in steel, Carnegie’s mills were always on the leading edge of technology. Carnegie combined his superior processes with an excellent sense of timing, snapping up steel assets in every market downturn. Like Rockefeller, Carnegie spent his golden years giving away the fortune he spent most of his life building (though not as well-remembered as some of his contemporaries, Andrew Carnegie’s legacy is strong and moralistic).

Thomas Edison

There is no doubt that Edison was brilliant, but it’s his business sense, not his talent as an inventor, that clearly shows his intelligence. Edison took innovation and made it the process now known as research and development. He sold his services to many other companies before striking out on his own to create most of the electrical power infrastructure of the United States. While Edison is a founder of General Electric (GE), many companies today owe their existence to him–Edison Electric, Con Edison, and so on. Although Edison had far more patents than he did corporate ties, it is the companies that will carry his legacy into the future.

Henry Ford

Henry Ford did not invent the automobile. He was one of a group working on motorcars and, arguably, not even the best of them. However, these competitors were selling their cars for a price that made the car a luxury of the rich. Ford put America–not just the rich–on wheels, and unleashed the power of mass production. His Ford Model T was the first car to cater to most Americans. Ford’s progressive labor policies and his constant drive to make each car better, faster, and cheaper made certain that his workers and everyday Americans would think Ford (F) when they shopped for a car.

Who are the top 10 richest entrepreneurs?

Ask: Who are the top 10 richest entrepreneurs?




2. Bill Gates

3. Warren Buffett

4. Bernard Arnault

5. Carlos Slim Helu

6. Amancio Ortega

7. Larry Ellison

8. Mark Zuckerberg

9. Michael Bloomberg

10. Larry Page

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