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cost  sequencing  human genome

LEARNER'S PACKET (Leap]Learning Actres15) Annie; Thot would be fantastic inde

Learning Actres
15) Annie; Thot would be fantastic inde mor his project con proscer so that
con also reach the borangay officials. They might offers more nee
do it right and there might be more volunteers, we can also ask heto
from volunteers through social media. I’m so excited
50 mins.
Learning Tosk No. 6
Directions: Sort the following tees of the text below according to its rype, write the
fille under the correct heading in the table. Do this in your notebook.
* Loftor to the principal obout an Accident
How did toof Vicano Erupt?
• Do-It-Yoursolf popor Dolls
* Typos of Aquatic Animals
• Kinds of Natural RoMurces
• How to Study for an Exom?
The Three Aspects of Verbs
• Tho Typos of Vascular Plants
The Life Cycle of a Butterfly
The Couses and effects of plastic use
Classification Text Type
Explanation Text Type
Guide Questions:
1. How did you clossity the titles of the context according to its text type?
2. What are the clues in identifying a classification text type or explanation text​


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procedures Choose the correct answer found inside thebox and write

Ask: procedures Choose the correct answer found inside the
box and write it on the space provided before the number.
Heaning lest
Scoliosis Test
Vision Screening
Breast Self-Examination
6. It is an examination that the doctor or nurse
practitioner check the women’s breast of any lumps
or bumps and see if there are changes since the
last exom.
7. It is an efficient and cost effective method to
identify children with visual impairment or eye
8. It is a simple screening test that can detect potential
problem or unevenness of the spinal colon.
9. It is an instrument used to determine the severity of
the curve in the spinal colon.
10. It is part of an ear exam that test how well a
person is able to hear.​


6. Breast Self-Examination

7. Vision Screening

8. Scoliosis Test

9. Scoliometer

10. Hearing Test


6.Breast self-examination

7.Vision screening

8.Scoliosis test


10.Hearing test



V. Answer the following word problems.15. What is 30% of

Ask: V. Answer the following word problems.
15. What is 30% of 80?
16. In a class of 50 pupils. 40% are girls. Find the number of girls and
boys in the class.
17. Ron scored 344 marks out of 400 while his elder brother Ben scored
582 marks out of 600. Who has a better percentage score?
18. In the final exam of Grade 5 section Jupiter which is composed of 50
pupils, 10% got a failing grade. How many pupils passed the exom.
19. In a 50-item test, Benj got 92% of correct answers. How many items
did he answer correctly?
20. Sarah scored 20 out of 25 items in English, 30 out of 40 items in
Science and 68 out of 80 items in Mathematics. In which subject is Sarah’s
score be considered best?​


15. 24

16. 20

17. ben has a better percentage score

18. 45 got passed

19. 49 item

20.In English(because she has only 5 mistake)


15. 24%

16. 20 (girl) 30 (boy)

17. Ben (97%)

18. 45 pupils passed

19. 46 items

20. English (80%)

Step-by-step explanation:

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b. annusty uncertain16. What do you com a secuence of

Ask: b. annusty uncertain
16. What do you com a secuence of comments made at time period
b. Simdienterest
d. Comcound
17. What is the formuid to determine the present on ordinaryone
18. What is the formula to determine there of an ordinary on
19. Cash infows can be represented by
a. even
b. nego
c. odd
20. Which is NOT on exome of Anny
a House and Lot poyment
cufe surance
b. Tuition Fee
droment bons of poing a con
21. Which is an example of annutes
a interest​








& Panuto: Isulate patlang ang v kung tama ang kaisipan

Ask: & Panuto: Isulate patlang ang v kung tama ang kaisipan hinggil sa Batas Militar at X naman kung mali. 1. Ang curfew ay takdang oras ng pagbabawal sa mga taong sibilyan na lumabas ng kanilang mga bahay. 2. Suspindedo ang writ of habeas corpus kung ang bayan ay nasa ilalim ng Batas Militar. 3. Isa sa mga dahilan ng pagdeklara ng batas Militar ay ang pagdami ng mga namatay dahil sa gutom at bagyo. 4 Ang pagdeklara ng Batas Militar ay hindi sang-ayon sa Saligang Batas. 5. Labag sa karapatang pantao ang pag-aresto ng walang warrant of arrest. 6 Naging malinis ang daan sa panahon ng Batas Militar. 7. Naging disiplinado ang mga tao noon. SUmuuwi ng maaga ang mga kabataan dahil sa curfew. 9. Walang ginawa ang rehimeng Marcos laban sa kanyang mga kalaban sa politika. 10. Higit na ligtas ang mga tao noon. 11. Ipinaaresto ni Marcos ang kanyang mga kalaban sa politika. 12. Si Ninoy Aquino ay ikinulong at binaril habang pababa ng eroplano sa Manila International Airport (ngayon Aquino International Airport). 13. Isang senador i Lino Brocka na kalaban ni Marcos. 14. Naging biktima rin ng Batas Militar ang mayamang pamilyang Lopez. 15. Si Jose Diokno ang tanging tao na nanguna sa resulta ng bar exom at boord exam ng CPA​


1. /

2. x

3. /

4. x

5. /

6. /

7. /

8. /

9. x

10. /

11. /

12. /

13. /

14. /

15. /

Sana po makatulong, di po ako sigurado sa ibang sagot ko, pakitama nalang po

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Idioms are a form of figurative anguage.COST an arm and

Ask: Idioms are a form of figurative anguage.
COST an arm and a leg = very expens ve
get cod feet to be afraid to do somethng importent
apple of my eye = something that someone roues
ght ow someone who ikes to stay uy ste
Practice by
You should
What i Can Do
DIRECTIONS: Underline the idiomatic expression present in the following sentences.
1. Sharon had butterflies in her stomach before the game.
2. My dad blew his stack when we saw my poor grades.
3. Jennifer was a bundle of nerves before her exom.
4. Last rught, it was raining cats and dogs.
5. The boxer was as fit as a fiddle.


butterflies in her stomach

blew his stack

bundle of nerves

raining cats and dogs

as fit as a fiddle

D Complete the sentences with the verbs in brackets. Use

Ask: D Complete the sentences with the verbs in brackets. Use the First Conditional.

2. If she _____ (do) well in he exoms my sister _____ (go) to university.

3.) Jenny ______ (not eat) supper if she _______ (eat) all that ice cream.

4.) My Brother ______ (Drive) us to the cinema if we _______ (ask) him

5.) Uncle Tim _____ (phone) is if he _____ (want) to come with us.​


2 doing

3 eat

4 driver’s

5 phones wants

pu ale II. Directions: Analyze and answer the following questions

Ask: pu ale II. Directions: Analyze and answer the following questions (10 points) Today is Monday. Ronz has an exom on Thursday. He plans to study for hours later in the attemoon, 2 hours on Tuesday, and hour on Wednesday. For how many hours Renz intends to study for his exam? Unknown: Given: Solution: Final Answer​


1 hour because my twimmen it’s my twimmen it’s my twimmen go best friend12344

& Write an appropriate response to each scenario. Use a

Ask: & Write an appropriate response to each scenario. Use a separate sheet of
1. “Good morning sow you yesterday buying something of the grocery store
2. “How did you feel after the exone”
3. Rom. Ilust came here to apologize for what i did to you yesterday.”
4. “You are anys late in my class. You missed a lot of activities.”
5. “Congrats! You’ve successfully passed the school entrance exom.”​


1. oh hi yes i buyed my nesseties there.

2. i felt nervous

3. oh its okay

4. im verry sorry

5. thank you so much!

00 in a math exom, two students scored 95, six

Ask: 00 in a math exom, two students scored 95, six students scored 90, three students scored 80, and one student scored 50. What was the average score for the class

Pa answer ​



Step-by-step explanation:

(95 + 95 + 90 + 90 + 90 +90 + 90 + 90 + 80 + 80 + 80 + 50) ÷ 12 = 85


85 is the average score for the class.

Step-by-step explanation:

Not only you can get the answer of steps of whole exome sequencing, you could also find the answers of pu ale II., & Write an, & Panuto: Isulate, LEARNER'S PACKET (Leap]Learning, and Idioms are a.