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primanyDirections: Read the story Oli Impan and answer the questions

Ask: primany
Directions: Read the story Oli Impan and answer the questions that follow
1. How will you describe the boy and the girl based on how they are presented in the eten?
who are
Oli Impan by Alberto S.
Yo Florentino
Boy How do you know? Do you see
After the liberation of Manila,
any smoke? Do you hear any
hundreds of indigent families settled
fireman? (resumes his play. Runs
go in the squalid, cramped space of the
LEEEEEbombed ruins of an old government
around imitating a fire engine)
EEEEEEEEEEEE! I like it when there one that
building of Juan Luna. For more than
is a big fire!
a decade these “squatters”
Girl: (Worried) If there is no fire, why
Long tenaciously refused to move out in
are they putting these things out?
ragic fra
pila ospite of court rulings. The “casbah”,
(pints to a pile of household
nga ne as the compound was popularly
belongings nearby)
farces a rosenele
known, became a breeding place for
Boy Because we are being thrown umor
vice and corruption. The city
out lodrarna
rated genre
government was able to evict the
Girl: Who told you? of the audience
“squatters” only on December 20, Boy. My mother ne – this type of dramateks
1958 – five days before Christmas. Girl. Who is throwing us out?
(On the middle of the stage,
Boy (Sits on the other end of the
extending from side to side, is a stone stone wall) The government pts Terve
wall one and a half feet high. At left
Girl: What is a government? also be based on
now may be seen a portion of a tall
Boy I don’t knowce of drame that showcase
Ora edifice At right, is a portion of the
Girl: You didn’t ask your mother? the num
borgo lo as “casbah”. Beyond the stone wall, an Boy I forgot to ask her.
Xby should estero (unseen) – and the sky. A five- Girl: Why should the government
US out?
year-old girl sits on the stone wall, her throw us out?
Points to the thin legs dangling in the air. Offstage
se it wms there is a continuous commotion of
Enraged) Bu evacuation. A woman’s voice rises Girl. (Enraged) But this is ours!
No tinctio above the commotion as she
Boy: No, it is not ours. a play/drama cane
sistent reprimands a child for getting in her Gint (Insistent) It is ours! It istanding on how
is not way A six-year-old boy appears on Boy: It is not to whet
ingen stage walking backwards – away Girl. (A tiny scream) It is! It is on on stage her
Lood) row from his mother, nagging offstage. Boy: (Loud) How do you know it is tagonists and a
The mother quiets down. The boy
ours? characters around which the whole som
Nel tums around and plays with his toy: Girt: We’ve always been here, haven’tharacters w
an empty milk can pulled along the we?protagonists
es but that ground with a piece of string.)
Boy: Yes, but that doesn’t mean it is d orial ste
Girl: Is there a fire?
ours Vase behavior and es contrast with the
After paus Boy (Stops playing and faces her) Girl: (After a pause) If they throw as that man
have no Huh? go How
out, we’ll have nowhere to go. How the antagon
you you heGir 1 said, is there a fire?
about you? You have any place to portrayed by
Boy: There is no fire. (Continues to go? carry out the action of the play. Some
None But wplay) va ong
BoyNone. But we will have one other times
dywy molt Girl: (Looks toward the street. After a (Proudly) My mother has a job through the
he has 7 pause ) 1 think there is no fire.
Girl. She has arries the plot and theme of the
Boy: (Stops playing_ I told you there’s Boy! Yestival characters if dialogue is unreal
What does none.
Gid: What does she do? strongly drawn cons
Che reads ha Girl: There is
Boy: She reads hands.
Because it owns this mpound, ttement on
non) 1A​



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