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If you are looking for the answer of should however start a sentence, you’ve got the right page. We have approximately 10 FAQ regarding should however start a sentence. Read it below.

defining   defining relative clauses english grammar

flying EVALUATION 1. Encircle the letter of the correct answer.

Ask: flying EVALUATION 1. Encircle the letter of the correct answer. 1. What is the mood of the author in the paragraph below? Erika walked along happily, enjoying the feel of her new rubber-soled leather do you know?” She stopped to smell some flowers, then started for home at a bris, shoes. “So I’m the National Capital Region Geography champion,” she taught. Whe run. She looked forward to her parents’ surprise. Erika felt more as if she was than running. a. lonely and angry C. confident and strong b. happy and proud d. determined and envious 2. What is the tone of the author in the paragraph below? If we are angry, we need to pause and be able to manage our emotions. Remem how to manage our anger. It is not bad to get angry. The challenge, however, is to be ber, more than being emotional, we are also thinking individuals. We should learn able to manage our anger to produce positive results. a. angry c. lonely b. funny d. serious 3. Which part of the sentence expresses an effect? He failed his periodical test because he did not review his lessons. a. he failed his periodical test b. he did not review his lessons 4. Which part of the sentence expresses a cause? As a result of the bad weather, our field trip was postponed. a. as a result of the bad weather b. our field trip was postponed 5. Which part of the sentence expresses a cause? She bumped into the wall for she was reading while walking. a. she bumped into the wall b. she was reading while walking II. Identify whether each sentence is a fact or an opinion. 1. The capital of Catanduanes is Virac. 2. The West African Black Rhinoceros was declared officially extin in 2011.​








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Lesson 2: Presenting and Reporting on Different ViewpointsChoose the letter

Ask: Lesson 2: Presenting and Reporting on Different Viewpoints
Choose the letter of the correct answer.

11. _________________ is the way a person sees things, understands issues or comprehends ideas from his/her own point of view or perspective.
A. viewpoint
B. Report
C. Coherence

12. A ______ is a short, sharp, concise document which is written for a particular purpose and audience.
A. viewpoint
B. Report
C. Coherence

13. _________ is achieved when the sentences and ideas are connected, and they flow together smoothly.
A. viewpoint
B. Report
C. Coherence

14. The main points made in the report are summarized in a few sentences.
A. Body
B. Conclusion
C. Reference

15. All the sources that have been referred to should be listed herein alphabetical order.
A. Body
B. Conclusion
C. Reference

16. Different viewpoints also means _______ viewpoints.
A. coherence
B. Conclusion
C. opposing

17. Repeating key words or phrases helps connect ideas throughout the presentation.
A. repetition
B. transitional
C. parallelism

18. The use of matching words, phrases, clauses, or sentence structures to express similar ideas.
A. repetition
B. transitional
C. parallelism

19. Students should be quiet during the online performance________ applause at the end is allowed.
A. however
B. in fact
C. because

20. ___________ you strive to achieve your goal, nothing is impossible.
A. As long as
B. Before
C. However

21. Mrs. Santos agreed to meet the workers with questions regarding the contract._____ is interested in hearing their concerns so that they can adjust to the new normal.
A. She
B. He
C. It

22. Technology plays a great role in education during this time of pandemic. _____used responsibly, it can enrich students’ learning.
A. She
B. He
C. It

23. Doctors, nurses, and other front line workers in the hospitals work very hard during this crisis. The__________ risk their lives in saving their patients.
A. faculty memebers
B. health workers
C. company workers

24. Many teachers invest a lot in trainings and workshops. These ________ believe that quality education starts from themselves.
A. learners
b. educators
c. members

25. During weekends, children usually enjoy running outside with friends, swimming at the beach, and playing online games. They also like__________ their grandparents especially if they live far apart from each other.
A. to go visit
b. visited
c. visiting​


11) A

12) B

13) C

14) B

15) C

16) C

17) A

18) C

19) A

20) A

21) A

22) C

23) B

24) B

25) C


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18. Charlyn and Gelanswimming at the roro beach every weekend.A.

18. Charlyn and Gelan
swimming at the roro beach every weekend.
A. enjoy B. enjoys
C. enjoyed D. will enjoy
19. I have walked everyday to school for a month now. The underlined verb is in
A. present perfect tense
B. past participle
C. past perfect
D. future tense
20. Ana
for two days now.
A. has rested
B. have rested C. rest
D. rests
II. DIRECTIONS: Complete each sentence by changing the verb inside the parenthesis into
its progressive tense. Write your answers on the answer sheet.
21. Lito (talk) – to me now.
22. May (play)
her guitar when the class started.
23. The parents (help)
in the school garden next week.
24. My friend (ask)
for my help yesterday.
25. Joana (write)
a letter to Anna at this moment.
III. Directions: Identify the appropriate conjunction to be used in the given sentences.
Choose the letter of the correct answer.
26. I don’t want to practice playing the guitar,
I don’t want to disobey my
A. and
B. or
C. so
D. yet
27. I studied my lessons,
I got high grades.
A. for
B. nor
c. or
28. Open the windows
you can have fresh air.
A. Because
B. even if
C. so that
D. while
29. He did not take the money
it was not the right thing to do.
A. because
B. in case C. though D. yet
0. You have to keep the car close to the cub
A. as-as
B. both-and C. either-or D. neither-nor
7. We cannot decide
we should go to Manila Davao.
A. neither-nor B. SO-as
C. such – that D. whether-or
2. I love to eat ham often;
mother buys it only on holidays.
A. accordingly B. also
C. however D. nevertheless
5. The tree has developed a large crack over the years;
it has to be cut
A. eventually B. for example C. however D. likewise
You can make a big poster
you can make a small clay statue.​


18. A

19. B

20. C

21. talked

22. played

23. helped

24. asked

25. written

26. A

27. D

28. C

29. A

30. D

7. B

2. C the colon is used correctly in the following sentences.

Ask: forever.
de the colon is used correctly in the following sentences. Write (/) if the item is used correctly or (x)
When my apprentice came to an end, my potions master gave me this advice: “All the things that I
taught you should be used with integrity and responsibility.”
With a heavy heart: I resolved to give in to Lord Zakum’s demands and disobey my master’s advice.
I have no other choice: Make the “wealth-maker” potion or my sister stays locked in the dungeons
After my parents died, there is only one person I care for most in the world: my little sister.
5. I promised my parents that I will do everything: to save my little sister.
, I cannot let Lord Zakum get all the gold and use it for a solely evil purpose: to purchase
armies and seize the royal throne for himself.
7. At that moment, a beggar came knocking at the door. He revealed himself to be no other than my
mentor: Master Von Daris.
After he secretly handed me a small potion: I knew instantly what I needed to do.
9. I started to work on my ingredients
: three gold-churning crystals,
juniper berry extract, the rare Cygnus stone, and my master’s
unknown potion.
10. The potion worked as designed, and my little sister was freed, but
unknown to Lord Zakum: It will only buy us enough time to escape
from his reach, after which I will pronounce enchantments that will
turn all his gold into clay.







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GENILS WHATWHAT I HAVE LEARNED?TASK 1: Identify the conjunctive adverb

TASK 1: Identify the conjunctive adverb in each sentence below. Then choose from
comparison contrast
sequence emphasis
EXAMPLE: I studied hard for the exam; however, I failed.
1. It rained hard; moreover, lightening flashed and thunder boomed.
2. The baby fell asleep; then, the doorbell rang.
3. Jeremy kept talking in class; therefore, he got in trouble.
4. I like you a lot; in fact, I think we should be best friends.
5. You’re my friend; nonetheless, I feel like you’re taking advantage of me.
6. A volcano erupted in Hawaii. Subsequently, local residents moved away.
6. You start cooking the steaks; meanwhile, I will make the dessert.
8. She didn’t take a bus to work today. Instead, she drove her car.
9. My car payments are high; on the other hand, I really enjoy driving such a nice vehic
10. She went into the store; however, she didn’t find anything she wanted to buy.




Its because this is the conjunctive adverb that connect the sentence between It rained hard; and lightening flashed and thunder boomed

Directions: Complete the sentences below by filling in the blanks

Ask: Directions: Complete the sentences below by filling in the blanks the correct word or phrase. c. 9 Traditional Society is a 1.) of mainly subsistence 2.). little of which is traded. In 3.) agriculture becomes more mechanized and more output is traded. 4.) and 5.) grow although they are still small percentage of national income (GDP). Some external funding is required for example in the form of overseas aid or perhaps remittance incomes from migrant workers living overseas. For take-off, 6.) assumes greater importance, although the number of industries remains 7.) Political and 8.) start to develop- external finance may still be required. Savings and investment grow, perhaps to 15% of GDP. There is often a 9.) apparent with rising productivity and wealth in manufacturing and other industries contrasted with stubbornly low productivity and 10.) in rural agriculture. Moreover, in the phase of drive to maturity, industry becomes 11.) Growth should spread to different parts of the country as the state of technology improves- the economy moves from being dependent on factor inputs for growth towards making 12.). to bring about increases in real per capita income. However, output levels grow at the of 13. and enabled to increase 14.). There is a shift towards15.) activity and the growth is sustained by the expansion of a middle class of consumers.​


1.agricultural economy


3.Pre-conditions for take-off



6.Manufacturing industry

7.small institutions

9.dual economy

10.real incomes

11. more diverse

12.better use of innovation

13.Age of mass consumption

14.consumer expenditure

15.tertiary sector


not sure in 13/14

Read and analyze the short paragraphs below and underline one

Ask: Read and analyze the short paragraphs below and underline one sentence in each
which is irrelevant or not related to the topic. Write your responses on a separate sheet.
1. I dislike being stressed in the morning. Therefore, I wake up two hours before leaving for
work. This means having to go to bed very early in the evening. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be well
enough rested. Eating my breakfast is a thing I should not forget.
2. Public transportation plays a pivotal role in human life nowadays. Many people use different
modes to travel between places, such as train, bus, and taxi. Fare should be taken into
consideration. However, using public transit has its own advantages and disadvantages.
3. My favorite color is blue. Blue sports cars go very fast. I like it because it is calming and it
relaxes me. I often go outside in the summer and lie on the grass and look into the clear sky
when I am stressed. For this reason. I’d have to say my favorite color is blue.
4. Mr. Park resisted pressure to take a job with a large corporation and rejected the security
and prestige that comes with such employment. He spent two years trying to convince his
wife and family that he had real entrepreneurial talent. His children are very supportive of
him. Finally, he entered the business plan in a competition and won.
5. International Women’s Day is celebrated on the 8th of March of every year. It began as a
Socialist political event in several Western countries. Women are more powerful than men.
Then, other countries also started celebrating the holiday just as a way to express their love
for women. Currently, the United Nations observes the holiday as a way to bring to light
women’s issues around the world.


1. Eating my breakfast is a thing I should not forget.

2. Fare should be taken into consideration.

3. Blue sports cars go very fast.

4. His children are very supportive of him.

5. Women are more powerful than men.


1. The topic is all about the speaker’s dislike about being stressed, and the need to be well-rested, so the mention of breakfast is very irrelevant to the topic.

2. Although fare is indeed connected to public transportation, which is the main topic, it is not really necessary to include in the paragraph.

3. Yes, the color blue was mentioned as the color of the sports car, but it is very irrelevant when you compare it to the other sentences, thus should be omitted.

4. It doesn’t really matter whether Mr. Park’s children supports him or not. Comparing this sentence to the other sentences within the paragraphs deemed it as a very irrelevant sentence.

5. Now this sentence is very obvious, it just came out of nowhere. The main topic is the International Women’s Day, so this sentence doesn’t really mean much when included in this paragraph.

ulher should assist him.For 7-9.the opening of classes gets closer,

Ask: ulher should assist him.
For 7-9.
the opening of classes gets closer, the
learners start to orient themselves with the different
modalities of learning.
7. What subordinating conjunction should be used in the
complex sentence?
c. however
b. since
d. therefore




pls brianlyest

are A. Direction: Complete the following statements by providing the

Ask: are A. Direction: Complete the following statements by providing the appropriate verbs found in the box. must ought to could doubt had better 1. It is recommended by health experts that a person sleep eight hours a day. 2. You make use of your time at home by either doing gardening or cooking. 3. Depression is seriously not a joke. People who are depressed seek a doctor’s help. 4.1 everything that I do. Maybe, I should start looking at the brighter side of things. 5. You must avoid vices such as taking illegal drugs, drinking alcohol, and smoking for they harmful to your health. B. Direction: Complete the idea of the paragraph by providing the appropriate verbs. You can Depression: Not A Joke All of us may feel a little sad and pessimistic (thinking negatively) sometimes. However, if we 1. these emotions all the time, it 2. not anymore a simple sadness. It is already a sign of depression. Depression 3. be taken seriously since it can lead to suicides. What should we do if we see the above symptoms in our family? It is best that we help them seek professional help. Medical professionals suggest that a depressed person 4. – see a psychiatrist. A psychiatrist is a doctor who treats and cures illnesses of the mind. We, as family members, can also help. We 5. spend time talking to them, letting them feel that we are there to support them. In this way, they will feel that they are not alone. TASK 1.2 ADJECTIVES Direction: Read each sentence and choose the best adjective that fits the sentence. 1. The best way to be is by being contented. (happy / delighted / excited) 2. Saying ___ words to children is not good. ( insignificant / harsh / worst ) 3. Young people feel_ to be with their parents. ( satisfied / secured / better) ( 4. You should be for the blessings that you receive.( merciful / hopeful / thankful ) 5. Children often feel whenever they make a mistake. ( unsure / anxious / worst) 3​


1.ought to






Keep safe po :3

III. Write sentences about COVID-19 pandemic using the following conjunctions.Example:

Ask: III. Write sentences about COVID-19 pandemic using the following conjunctions.

Example: Conjunction – BUT

Sentence – Supposedly, classess started regularly, but because of the the arising pandemic the government Stated that it should be postponed.

12. OR
14. AND
15. IF


Since the pandemic started, people started panicking

People are always given a choice; they go outside and risk their health, or stay at home to be safe

Some of the Government Officials declare a lockdown, however, the people still break the rules

People are being told to wear face mask and face shield when going outside

If i saw a person not wearing a face mask, i will tell immediately


hope it helps


Since there are tons of peoples are dying all of the globe. We all should listen to the professional, because they know more better than us.


Got No Idea In This Word


However COVID-19 might be deadly or scary, we should not let this fear get in us. Because once the fear get you it will damage you and the people around you. So getting a positive mindset will help you get through this Fear or

Losing someone or yourself.


And all of the year we spend in this pandemic there are positive and negative effect on us, but the way our technology are evolving I really think, this might a good thing. Why because the technology I been talking about is the technology in the medical industry.


If we all listen to the things the professional been saying all the time like, wearing a mask and five feet apart to the other people avoid getting contact with people might have a sickness. And we all gonna be safe, but there will always gonna some people that will protest in this way of doing stuff.

Not only you can get the answer of should however start a sentence, you could also find the answers of Read and analyze, 18. Charlyn and, are A. Direction:, flying EVALUATION 1., and Lesson 2: Presenting.