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how to repair a broken chair​

Ask: how to repair a broken chair​


use hammer and nails to fix it


1 prepare tools

2 prepare your workplace

3wear epp if neccessary

4 get hammer and nail(common tools used in fixing chair

5 start hammering

6 finish

7 try

how to repair cuticle pusher​

Ask: how to repair cuticle pusher​


Trimmer with Cuticle Pusher – Cuticle Remover Cuticle Nipper Professional … I bought this one to replace an old favorite that broke.


how to repair knife​

Ask: how to repair knife​


tou xan repare it using the steps

1. scrub it to sand paper

2. buy a mettalic things that fit into the knife

3.shape the knife

4. kill your husband

5. kill everyone

and then you will have a knife

how to repair the broken drawer​

Ask: how to repair the broken drawer​

First clean out the draw of any dust or debris loosen any fixing screws then inject wood glue into the cracks or loose joints and retighten the screws allow the glue to dry.

how to repair flashlight step by stephow to repair faucet

Ask: how to repair flashlight step by step
how to repair faucet step by step​


How to repair a flashlight:

Step 1: Gently Pull the Rubber Cap

Step 2: Use Something Thin But Not Sharp to Push the Plastic Housing Out of the Tailcap , Tap It Gently

Step 3: Pull the Switch From the Plastic Housing

Step 4: Measure the Resistance of the Switch to Make Sure That the Problem in the Flashlight Is Caused by the Switch Not From the Pill

Step 5: Use a Thin Object to Pry Open the Switch Through the Holes on the Sides

Step 6: After Opening the Switch , Clean Its 3 Pins Very Well

Step 7: After Cleaning the Pins, Reassemble the Switch

Step 8: Measure the Resistance of the Switch

Step 9: Put the Repaired Switch Back in the Plastic Housing

Step 10: Insert the Rubber Cap

Step 11: Insert the Plastic Housing , Then Tap It Lightly to Secure It in the Tailcap

Step 12: Connect the Tailcap to the Flashlight and Test It

1.)How to repair a Exposed Copper of Extension Cord? 2.)How

Ask: 1.)How to repair a Exposed Copper of Extension Cord?
2.)How repair a Faulty light switch?
3.)How repair a broken wires?


1.)Cut each of the cord ends to get a clean edge.Next, cut back each of the cord ends about 1.5 inches so that all three wires are exposed.From there, cut off about 1 inch of each colored cable to expose the copper wire.

2.)After shutting off the power to the switch, use a screwdriver to remove the plastic faceplate and to unscrew the existing switch from the electrical box Once you’re sure the power is off to the switch, use the screwdriver to remove the existing switch (if there is one) from its wires.Straighten or, if necessary, clip off the very ends of the circuit wires you will be connecting to the switch. Use wire strippers to remove 1/2-inch of insulation from the wire ends unless the ends are already stripped. Loosen the green grounding terminal screw on the switch and, using needle-nose pliers, loop the bare or green grounding wire from the circuit clockwise around it, and tighten the screw to lock the wire in place.f the switch has terminal screws, loop the circuit wires clockwise around the terminal screws in the same fashion and tighten the screws.Mount the switch right side up. First, fold the wires behind the switch and carefully push the switch into the box. Next, align the switch vertically by adjusting the screws in the mounting slots.Screw the faceplate to the switch using the screws included with the faceplate.

3.)First, slide a piece of thin gauge heat shrink tubing over the wires. Next, splice the wires together and tin the wire with a small amount of solder.Finally, cover the solder joint with the heat-shrink tubing and heat the area with a heat gun or blow dryer.


how are glasses repaired​

Ask: how are glasses repaired​


Which ofThe Follwing Is the ex ternal part of the male reproutin


Lord pls Sana makasama ako sa top

How to repair a computer?​

Ask: How to repair a computer?​


parepair mo sa repairan Ng computer

pag walang Pera ayusin mo Kong di ka marunong itapon mo nalng

give the steps on how develop a standard operating procedure

Ask: give the steps on how develop a standard operating procedure for repair procedure (Repair SOP)


Thx dahil sayo mabibigyan ko ang ibang acc ng libreng p0ints binigyan mo ko pero ibibigay ko rin ang nakukuha ko thx talaga

how to repair planes? ​

Ask: how to repair planes? ​


Fix the Plane.

You’ll need to put the 3 plane parts into the plane which is on the aircraft carrier (A Way Out Island), it’s on the top deck (You’ll have to jump up the slope going up to the top and follow the stairs up to reach it). The last things you’ll need are some food, water and fuel

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