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1. What layer of the Earth consists of the crust

Ask: 1. What layer of the Earth consists of the crust and the top of the mantle?
a. inner core
b. lithosphere
c. asthenosphere
d. outer core _

2. Approximately how fast does an Earth lithospheric plate move?
a. several centimeters per year
b. several centimeters per day
c. several centimeters per hour
d. several centimeters per second

3. Features useful in defining plate boundaries include all except:
a. shorelines between continents and oceans
b. distribution of volcanoes and mountain ranges c. distribution of earthquakes
d. all are correct

4. The greatest threat to our environment is
a. volcanoes
b. earthquakes
C. subduction
d. bacteria

5. Why do earthquake occurs at convergent plate boundaries?
a. The motion of the lithosphere as it plunges through the mantle causes the quakes.
b. They are often associated with earthquakes and volcanoes.
C. The heat from radioactive processes within the planet’s interior causes the plates to move, sometimes toward and sometimes away from each other.
d. The plates can be thought of like pieces of a cracked shell that rest on the hot, molten rock of Earth’s mantle and fit snugly against one another.

6. You are an oceanographer and want to map the ocean floor on the east coast of the Philippines. As you do your study, you notice that there is a portion in the ocean floor which is relatively much deeper than the rest. What most likely is that deeper part?
a. Linear sea
b. oceanic ridge
c. rift valley
d. trench _

7. The movement of the lithospheric plates is facilitated by a soft, weak and plastic-like layer. Which of the following layer is described in the statement?
a. Asthenosphere
b. Atmosphere
c. Lithosphere
d. Biosphere

8. What do geologists call the earth’s crust and upper mantle?
a. Asthenosphere
b. Lithosphere
c. Mesosphere
d. Atmosphere

9. What will happen when an oceanic crust and a continental crust converge on one another?
a. The basaltic oceanic crust is much denser than the continental crust, forcing the continental crust above the oceanic crust
b. The continental crust is much denser than the oceanic crust, forcing the oceanic crust above the continental crust
c. The continental crust and the oceanic crust will collide and stop moving
d. The oceanic crust will melt the continental crust

10. Convection current causes the lithospheric plate to
A.Move slowly but constantly
c. move faster
b. Move in any direction
d.create another plate​












Hello! Please I'm begging for help! Anyone please and I

Ask: Hello! Please I’m begging for help! Anyone please and I really very much appreciate it. Thank you sincerely!

Topc: Conic Sections (Ellipse) (Pre-Calculus)

1.) the orbit of the planet mars around the sun is an ellipse with the sun at one focus. If the major axis of the elliptical orbit has length 456 million km and the nearest distance form mars to the sun is 207 million km. Find the farthest distance between mars and the sun.

2.) an arch has the shale of a semi-ellipse that is 10 ft long and 3 ft high at the center. How high is the arch at point 2ft from the center

3.) the cylindrical cardboard tube of a tissue roll was squeezed into an elliptical shape. Will a marble that is 1 inch in diameter fit into the tube if the tubes major axis is 2 inches long and the foci are 1 inch apart.

4.) a dorm has a cross section of a semi-ellipse that is 60 ft long and 22.5 ft high at the center. It has the property that if you and your friend stand at the foci of the ellipse, you can whisper a secret and your friend will hear you as though you are just inches away. Find the distance between you and your friend


Please refer to images for the solutions.

Direction: Read each question carefully. Write the letter of your

Ask: Direction: Read each question carefully. Write the letter of your answer on your notebook.

1. What do you call the way of thinking about a subject or an issue by a person?

a evidence

b. fact

c information

d. viewpoint

2. What does it mean to have a coherent and comprehensive report?

a. There is complete information or details.

b. It is written in a well-organized manner that can easily be understood.

c. Both a and b d. Neither a nor b

For numbers 3 to 10, read the paragraph below and write the letter of the correct answer.

I am Genalyn and I am a Grade 6 pupil. I have been asking my parents to buy me a laptop My father believes that I could only get my own laptop when I am in senior high school so that I will know how to be more responsible. My mom said, that maybe, I can get one next year because I would be Grade 7 then and I may need it in my studies. But I toid them, I need it now because I have plenty of learning tasks to do and I cannot finish all of them because I have to wait for dad to come home and borrow his laptop to do my research.

3. How many viewpoints were there?

a one

b, two

c. three

d. four

4. What is the point of view of the father?

a. Genalyn can a have a laptop when she goes to Senior High School b. Genalyn can have a laptop when she becomes a Grade 7 student

c. Genalyn should have a laptop now, while she is still in Grade 6.

d. all of the above

5. Why does Genalyn thinks that she needs to have a laptop now? a because she thinks having her own laptop is cool

b. because she thinks she is old enough to own one

c. because all her classmates already owns a laptop

d. because she needs in in answering doing research

Scientists found out that Mercury’s atmosphere is very hot. Venus is hot too. Mars and Pluto are too cold, and

their atmosphere is made up of too much carbon dioxide just like those of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune

The planet Earth on the other hand has an atmosphere which is made up of oxygen. Earth also receives enough light and rays from the sun which makes the planet fit for life.

6. What is the selection about?

A. atmosphere of the planets 7.

B. gases in the atmosphere

C. atmosphere of the Earth

What do you call a person who studies

the planet’s atmosphere? B. poets

A. scientists

C. inventors

8. What makes the other planets too cold?

A enough carbon dioxide

B. too much oxygen

C. too much carbon dioxide

9. What gas makes up the Earth’s atmosphere? A carbon dioxide B. oxygen

10. What makes the planet Earth fit for life?

A enough light and rays from the sun

B. less heat light and rays from the sun C. no heat and light rays from the sun
please pa answer​


1. d

2. c

3. b

4. a

5. b






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