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flap jack hey flap jackcome with me,We'll go and see

Ask: flap jack hey flap jack
come with me,
We’ll go and see a place called Candied Island!

Bubbie: Who needs Candied Island?
It’s safe/safer at the docks.
​K’nuckles: But there ain’t no streams of sodie pop,
no tricklin’ down the rocks.

Bubbie: It’s dangerous and risky!
K’nuckles: But adventurous and free!
Flapjack: Adventure, that’s the life for me!
K’nuckles: There’s lollipop trees and a lemonade sea!
Bubbie: Doesn’t sound very good to me.

Crowd: The Misadventures of
Flapjack: Flapjack!​


Iligan, officially the City of Iligan, is a 1st class highly urbanized city in the region of Northern Mindanao, Philippines. According to the 2020 census, it has a population of 363,115 people. It is geographically within the province of Lanao del Norte but administered independently from the province.


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whats qt blahblah

w. Encircle the letter of the correct answer. Last year

Ask: w. Encircle the letter of the correct answer. Last year I am Judy. Today is my birthday. My mother is baking a cake for me. My father is helping her. They are also cooking other foods like spaghetti and fried chicken. My sisters are not around yet because they were still working since last night. was happier because my friends and classmates were invited, compared today because my father lost his job due to ECQ last month which affected most of the companies like MEPZA where my father was working? I understand my parents. For me this is the best birthday I ever had because I have my family who loves me so much and we are all safe and healthy even there a COVID-19 Pandemic. 1s 1. The italicized words in the paragraph such as am, is, are, was, and were are called A noun C pronoun B. sentence D. be-verbs 2. Last year was happier. Was is in what form of be-verbs? A. past tense B. present tense C. future tense D. past perfect​


Bilugan ang titik ng tamang sagot. Last year ako si Judy. Ngayon ay ang aking kaarawan. Ang aking ina ay nagluluto ng cake para sa akin. Tinutulungan siya ng aking ama. Nagluluto din sila ng iba pang mga pagkain tulad ng spaghetti at pritong manok. Wala pa ang mga kapatid ko dahil nagtatrabaho pa sila mula kagabi. ay mas masaya dahil naimbitahan ang aking mga kaibigan at kamag-aral, kumpara ngayon dahil nawalan ng trabaho ang aking ama dahil sa ECQ noong nakaraang buwan na nakaapekto sa karamihan sa mga kumpanyang tulad ng MEPZA kung saan nagtatrabaho ang aking ama? Naiintindihan ko ang aking mga magulang. Para sa akin ito ang pinakamagandang kaarawan na mayroon ako sapagkat mayroon akong aking pamilya na mahal na mahal ako at lahat kami ay ligtas at malusog kahit na mayroong isang COVID-19 Pandemya. 1s 1. Ang mga salitang italiko sa talata tulad ng am, ay, ay, ay, at tinawag na Isang pangngalan C panghalip B. pangungusap D. be-verbs 2. Mas masaya ang nakaraang taon. Ay nasa anong anyo ng mga be-verbs? A. nakaraang panahon B. kasalukuyang panahunan C. hinaharap na panahon D. nakaraang sakdal

they are very well be ut not everyone can be

Ask: they are very well be ut not everyone can be vaccinated that weaken the immune systems (such a lenges to some vaccine components may be with certain vecches. These people can still be protected habelhers who are vaccinated. When a lot of people in s access the pathogen has a hard time circulating because most of the bottenentens are So the more that others are vacances, the The mecie who are unable to be protected by vaccines are of een being cause to the harmful pathogens. This is called herd immunity This is especially important for those 6 who not only one Ved but may be more susceptible to the diseases we vaccinate against site me provides protection, and herd Immunity does not provide protection to those who cannot safely be vaccinated. But with a these peope will have substantial protection, thanks to those around them being Wadating not only yourself, but also protect those the commore unable to be vaccinated aare able to vaccinated​


may pag pipiliaan ba Yan o kaya wala anong subject na lng to is a website consisting of entries (also called posts)

Ask: is a website consisting of entries (also called posts) in reverse chronological order with the most recent entry appearing first (similar in format to a daily journal.

2.The act of writing a post for a blog is call.

3.The online community of blogs and bloggers

4.A person who write content for a blog.


5.When you login to your blogging account, it is the first screen with all controls, tools and functions.


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Can you answer my question?btw if you don’t know the answer please don’t answer thank you!❤and if you answer correctly i will gonna brainliest you but its okay if what is your opinion just give me the answer i will gonna brainliest you!and stay safe and healthy!❤❤​








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A. Tell if the underlined word in each sentence suggests

Ask: A. Tell if the underlined word in each sentence suggests permission or prohibition.
1. He can’t go to school tomorrow.
2. You can’t go to the beach dressed like that young lady!
3. You mustn’t tell me a lie!
4. Even if you are just staying at home, you can still contact and talk to your friends.
5. You can’t go out because it’s not safe yet.
6. We mustn’t talk to someone who is not feeling well.
7. We can call a doctor if we are not in good condition,
8. You can browse on the different learning resources while you are waiting for the opening of classes.​


  1. the Holy to nako sa balay oy oy gbie to tell your mom the other side to nako sa ttttrrrr the Holy to nako sa ako ng mga Ila Arun Kumar I am not sure if you have any questions or need any further information please contact me at the Holy to nako sa ako ng mga Ila 3 gi ubo akong na ang akong na ang akong na ang akong na ang akong na to nako sa ako ng mga
  2. ttyl the Holy to nako sa ako ng mga Ila Arun Kumar I am not sure how long run Rd to the present rurururueueueyeyeueur the Holy to nako sa ako ng
  3. you can see the attached file is scanned image in PDF and


1. permission

2. permission

3. prohibition

4. permission

5. permission

6. prohibition

7. permission

8. permission

**stream tamed-dashed**

II. Identify the point of view of each sentence. FIRST,

Ask: II. Identify the point of view of each sentence. FIRST, SECOND AND THIRD
PERSON. Write it in the space provided.
1. Jay slid down in his seat, hoping Mr. Yu wouldn’t call on him. Mr. Yu knew that
trick and asked Jay to read the passage aloud.
2. I boldly marched over to Mr. Thomas’s house. “Do you need someone to mow your
lawn?” I asked.
3. “I wish you were the president, Dad,” Jo said. She often wished that. She loved her
father more than anyone in the world.
4. Mr. Stone, who lived alone, rarely left his small apartment. “I’m happier without
friends,” he told himself.
5. As I skated along, I wondered whether the ice was safe. Two seconds later, a loud
cracking sound gave me the answer.
6. “Try multiplying these fractions again,” Mrs. Davis said, knowing Ben could do
better. Unfortunately, Ben wasn’t as confident.
7. Before I could say anything, my uncle’s eyes shifted to the dent in his car door. The
smile faded from his face and I quickly started to explain.
8. Dave preferred a leisurely walk home, but Ava found his pace to be too slow. There
was always a lot of space between the two friends.
9. “What are you so upset about?” my sister asked me. I pulled my covers up over my
head and refused to say a word.
10. “That’s my glass slipper,” I told the prince. He had already figured out that it
didn’t fit my sisters.​


1.) Third

2.) First

3.) Second

4.) Third

5.) First

6.) Third

7.) First

8.) Third

9.) First

10.) First


1. Third

2. First

3. Third

4. Third

5. First

6. Third

7. First

8. Third

9. First

10. Second


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1. If you want to achieve your goal, you must

Ask: 1. If you want to achieve your goal, you must study harder.
A.If you want to achieve your goal must study harder

2. The boy asks me a lot of questions about the test yesterday.
A.The boy asks me a lot of questions
B.about the test yesterday

3. Even though it is not safe to go out, the workers need to work.
A.Even though it is not safe to go out
B.the workers need to work

4. Since yesterday, I began packing unused clothes that I will give to the fire victims
A.Since yesterday
B.I began packing unused clothes
C.that I will give to the fire victims

5. The students of Taguig City University received cash assistance from the City government which they can use for essential goods.
A.The students of Taguig City University received cash assistance from the City government
B.The students of Taguig City University received cash assistance
C.which they can use for essential goods
from the City government

DIRECTIONS: Choose the best answer.
1. Which is NOT an independent clause?
a. My friend is nice
b. The children who go to their school everyday
c. Jodie walks.

What’s the INDEPENDENT CLAUSE in the following sentence?

2. Lulu, who gives me advice, is a very good friend of mine.
a. friend of mine
b. Lulu who gives me advice
c. Lulu is a very good friend of mine.

3. When I heard the news, I ran.
a. I ran
b. when I hear the news
c. the news I ran

4. I love it when you call my name.
a. I love it when
b. when you call my name
c. I love it

5. All the employees of the company in Manila cannot go to their work after the president announced the quarantine.
a. All the employees of the company
b. All the employees of the company in Manila​


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I DID UR MOM LOLLOThe title of this specific piece

Ask: I DID UR MOM LOLLOThe title of this specific piece of poetry is “A Small Elegy”. Now, this title does not really give a reader much to go on. The only thing one would know about this poem is that it is a small one and that it may be about a deceased person or someone who new someone who dies. I say this because elegy is derived from the Latin elegia, which means; A poem or song composed especially as a lament for a deceased person.From the beginning, “A Small Elegy” dramatically establishes that the speaker a stand-in for the poet, is by himself talking to himself. He was with other people, but now he is completely alone–his friends gone, his beloved sleeping elsewhere, unconscious, far away. The speaker is the sole operating consciousness mourning in a world where everyone else is asleep. Against the pitch-black darkness he starts saying things to himself, using white words, which I take to mean words that have a kind of unselfconscious purity about them.He daydreams about his mother ,an “autumnal recollection”, and that in turn moves him back toward his childhood home where his mother seems still to preside–diminished now over an outmoded world. She is smaller, more vulnerable, someone to be protected. “Matku,” he says tenderly in Czech, “Mon maminku,” my little mommy, which the translator has rendered as “my diminutive mom. ” He imagines that after all these years she’s still sitting back there, quietly uncomplaining, thinking about his father who died so long ago.It is the next moment in the poem, when the tense radically changes, that I find especially compelling. “And then she is skinning fruit for me,” he says, “I am in the room. Sitting right next to her. ” He doesn’t say “And then she was skinning fruit for me,” but instead finds himself catapulted into the past as a living present. He has been wrenched out of one time into another.The amplitude of his feeling is nearly unbearable and he starts shaking his fist at God, using a child’s language, calling him a ”bully” because now he is aware that God has taken away so much, because so much is lost. And he then proceeds with the ruthlessness of a logical proposition to face what can no longer be evaded. “Because of all those hours I slept soundly, through calm nights,” he declares that is, because of all those nights when he was safe and unconscious.Because of all the loved ones who are deep in dreams” That is, because of all those who are unconscious now, unaware of the peril that surrounds them he realizes that time is running out and announces: “I can’t stand being here by myself. The lamplight’s too strong. ” Here the lamplight becomes the emblem of a consciousness that is too much to bear, an isolation that is killing: “I am sowing grain on the headland. I will not live long. ” The recognition here is that what he is planting is endangered, imperiled, and vulnerable.What he plants he will not be able to protect. The sowing of grain on the headland is his last gesture, his way of putting a message in a bottle when he knows he won’t last much longer. The poem concludes with a terrible recognition. When I read it, my impulse is to wake up everyone around me everyone l love before it is too late. In conclusion this poem is just one stanza that contains twenty-four lines. The poet refers to the speaker as ‘I’ and he also uses the words ‘my’ and ‘myself’ which lead me to the conclusion that this poem was written in the first person.The speaker in this poem recalls his past after his friends have left and his “darling” (wife, girlfriend, child) is asleep. He first begins to think of his mother then gets to his father. The speaker is empty inside because he has suffered so much great loss. He has suffered so much that he curses God and calls him a “bully” and he says to himself that he cant stand being alone for any longer and he also says that he will not live long which may imply that his life may end sooner than it has to=


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MGA GAWAIN SA MUSIKAA. Panuto: Awitin sa tulong ng mga

A. Panuto: Awitin sa tulong ng mga magulang, kapatid o kamag-anak ang
awiting “Amazing Grace” at sagutin ang mga sumusunod na tanong.
Amazing Grace
Amazing grace. how sweet the sound
That sav’dawretch fikemel
I once was lost but now am found;
Was blind. but now I see
Twas grace that taught my heart to fear.
And grace my fears rolevd:
How precious did that grace appear.
The hour I first bellev’d!
Thro’ many dangers, toits, and snares.
I have already come:
“Tis grace has brought me safe thus far.
And grace will lead me home
The Lord has promis’d good to me
His word my hope secures:
He will my shield and portion be.
As long as life endures.
Yes, when this flesh and heart shall fail.
And mortal life shall cesse:
I shall possess, within the voil,
A life of joy and peace.
This earth shall soon dissolve like snow.
The sun forbear to shine.
But God. who called me here below.
Will be for over mine.
1. lang taludtod o stanza mayroon ang awit
2. Mayroon bang iisang melodiya ang naririnig nang paulit-ulit sa bawat stanza
ng buong kanta?
3. Ano ang anyo o form ng awit
4. Kahit ba magkakaiba ang lyrics sa bawat stanza ng awit, ito ba ay nasa
anyong strophic pa rin?




3.strophic form

4.Oo dahil ito ay Paulit-ulit


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Date I. Read the story carefully and answer the questions

Ask: Date I. Read the story carefully and answer the questions that follow. Write the letter of the correct answer on the blank The Mice in Council One day, the wise old mouse called for a meeting in the mouse den to discuss how they might best outwit their enemy, the cat. They talked for hours but could not find a good plan. At last a young mouse stood up with an air of great importance. “We all know,” said he, “that it is the sly way in which our enemy approaches us that exposes us to great danger.” “I propose that a bell be hung around the neck of the cat to alert us when he is coming, and thus we will have time to hide.” The mice were very excited about the idea. “How clever! At last, we have found a way.” But then, the wise old mouse, who had remained sitting silently stood up to speak. “Yes, that is indeed a wonderful plan. We will surely be safe. When the bell tinkles on the neck of the cat, we will have time to run. But tell me this, which one of us is going to put the bell on the cat?” The mice looked at one another and no one spoke. Then the old mouse shook his head sadly and said, “Yes, my friends, many things are easier said than done.” 1. What is the theme of the story? A. Life is short we must live well. C. Make plans and be ready always B. It is best to be safe than sorry. D. Many things are easier said than done. 2. How did the story ended? A. The mice catch the cat. C. The cat killed the mouse. B. The cat went away solving the problem. D. The mice still have the problem unsolved.​


1. C 2.D


A story theme shouldn’t be “Obvious” That we should not put one story plot as the theme. Make it look suspicious or interesting yk

Not only you can get the answer of is who called me safe, you could also find the answers of w. Encircle the, MGA GAWAIN SA, is a, I DID UR, and they are very.