Is It Ok To Change Who You Are

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If you are looking for the answer of is it ok to change who you are, you’ve got the right page. We have approximately 10 FAQ regarding is it ok to change who you are. Read it below.

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How will these strengths/good characteristics be your weapons in accepting

Ask: How will these strengths/good characteristics be your weapons in accepting changes?

the strengths:
1. Be true to who you are
2. Always know your worth
3. Be humble to yourself and others
4. It’s ok not to be okay sometimes
5. Don’t forget to love yourself​


1.this will make you more confident

2.if you know your worth then you might see how good you are

3.if you are humble other people will most likely not be rude to you back and if you are good to them they will be nice to you too

4its ok to be not ok because you will learn from your mistakes

5.if you forget to love yourself you will think what is the point of life so you need to love yourself and have fun so you can see the poibt of life

in reading sirapliedin themok. What reasxercise 4: True or False

Ask: in reading sira
in them
ok. What reas
xercise 4: True or False with Correction
needs to be
ing. Which
Directions: Read carefully the given sentences. On the blank, write TRUE if the statement is
fald and FALSE if otherwise. If the statement is FALSE, change the highlighted word/s to
make it correct.
Intensive reading
Example: Skimming is the most time-consuming of all the reading techniques.
1. Scanning includes looking for the main ideas of the article.
2. Looking up the synonym of the word “boisterous” in the dictionary is an
example of scanning.
gal for
style )
3. Skimming is quickly reading over a text to find a specific piece of
4. Extensive reading style doesn’t work for those who find reading
uninteresting and tiring.
5. Intensive reading does not focus on closely following a shorter text, doing
exercises with it, and learning it in detail.
6. It is good to scan a story if you want to read it slowly.
7. Key words and numbers can help with skimming.​




3.False skimming is reading rapidly in order to get a general overiew of the materials .

4. true

5. true

6 false scanning is reading rapidly in order to find specific facts

7 false scanning

1. Who was the English scientist who made accurate observations

Ask: 1. Who was the English scientist who made accurate observations on how pressure and
volume were related?
a. Josef Boyle
C. Robert Boyle
b. Gay Lussac
d. Jacques Charles
2. When pressure on a gas is reduced to half, what happens to its volume?
a. doubles
c. stays the same
b. reduced to half
d. rises, then falls
3. In the equation for Boyle’s Law, P2 stands for:
a. new pressure
c. difference in pressure
(b. original pressure
d. standard pressure, 1 atm
4. The volume of a gas increases to 150%. What happens to its temperature?
a rises
c. stays the same
d. falls
d. rises then falls
5. The equation P1V1 = P2V2 is known as:
a. the Combined Gas Law
b. Charles’ Law
c. Boyle’s Law
d. the Ideal Gas Law
6. The mathematical statement of Charles’ Law is
a. T1V1 = T2V2
c. T2V1 = T1V2
b. T1V2 = T2V1
d. T2V2 = T1V1
7. Which value represents the standard temperature?
a. OK
c. 273 K
b. 273°C
d. 373 K
8. At a given temperature, a gas can be compressed to a smaller volume by:
a. increasing the pressure
c. increasing the kinetic energy
b. decreasing the pressure
d. increasing the number of moles
9. It’s 12 noon and you just bought a dozen balloons for your little sister’s birthday. Upon arriving
at your house after traveling for more than an hour, you found that some of the balloons had
burst (but the atmospheric pressure did not change at all). You accept this as a consequence
a. Boyles’ Law
c. Gay-Lussac’s Law
b. Charles’ Law
d. your own carelessness
10. The J-shaped glass tube containing mercury and a sample of trapped gas was used by
to measure the reduction in volume as more mercury is added.
a. Boyle
c. Avogadro
b. Charles
d. Gay-Lussac​












dear childhood best friend, even though you chose someone, I'm

Ask: dear childhood best friend,

even though you chose someone, I’m always here (well maybe).
i missed our childhood memories but i can’t now since you’ve changed a lot.
back then you’ve promised me to keep our promises. I’ve waited for years until i came back and saw you have a lover already.
I didn’t regret at all, why? you taught me a lesson… it’s ok to make mistakes right? but thank you… even though you’re not you’re old self anymore that boy who always make me laugh, and happy.. I’ll just wait until the next life… they say everything in this world is temporary, I guess I agree too.

Thank you. : >


Naol meron childhood best friend


Paki heart at brainliest

Bullying others or being bullied can hurt someone both physically

Ask: Bullying others or being bullied can hurt someone both physically and emotionally,
and even have a lasting effect. Being bullied can lead to sadness, being afraid to go to school, anxiety, and in
very serious cases, thought and acts of suicide. If you are being bullied by someone, it’s OK to ask for help.
Teachers, parents, a doctor or nurse, and other trusted adults should be able to help you.
There may be times when you see others being bullied. Although you may not be directly
involved and even though it may be easier to ignore the bullying, try to keep in mind, we all need a little help
from time to time. Think about how you might feel if the bullying was happening to you. The victim of a bully is
someone you can protect. By telling someone at school about bullying, you are protecting the victim the same
as if you stood up to a bully yourself.
When you help someone who’s being bullied, you are not just helping someone else, you’re also
helping yourself. When you tell trusted adults about the bullying, you are not helping the victim but this would
also help the bully to change.
1. Have you ever been a target at harsh and unkind words?​

People around always say bad things about me like i should not be born or about my out side looks something like that and i feel like why did even exist in this world even i can only get harsh and cruel words from people around me

Pa Like po please

We respect people not because it is the right thing

Ask: We respect people not because it is the right thing to do or because you need to do it, rather we co-exist with people and we recognize our similarities and differences. We accept them for who they are and we don’t force to change them just to be like us. It’s the same thing that they cannot do such to us. The following are just some ways to demonstrate our respect for others: 1. Respect yourself first. You cannot give what you don’t have. You cannot control how others would see you but you can shape the way you see yourself. If you think that you deserve to be treated well, treat yourself well. For example, you don’t allow others to abuse you physically or psychologically as there are a lot of means to stop it properly and legally. 2. Be on the lookout when your prejudice strikes. There’s nothing wrong if you have an opinion or idea about the person you have just met. However, it has to be balanced with actual facts at hand. If you think that he/she is a person you cannot trust, treat the person well, the same as you treat everyone else, and just reserve your idea to yourself. We have to operate with a logical mind to be fair to other people. 3. Remember that they are also like you as a person. We have our own life and difficulties or problems. Who knows, the person you might be laughing at is suffering from depression. The man you might be trying to discredit is a victim of bullying and physical abuse. Your classmate who always cracks jokes might be trying to forget his dying father. We all have our shortcomings and we are all capable of committing mistakes. The good news is our past does not define us, so learn to keep in mind that people are always a work in progress. 4. Look at the positive side of the person. Despite the imperfections or flaws, there are good things in people that are worth celebrating. Who else does not have any flaw or mistake? We treat people with respect because that’s our nature and it defines who we are and not who they are. 5. Always try to be the bigger person. Have a big room for understanding and tolerance for individual differences. Try not to let your emotion get the best of you. You may feel disheartened, angry, jealous or even disappointed with people and that’s OK. However, it should not change your nature as a person and the way you relate with them. Keep in mind the insights you got from the negative experiences with other people and use these to improve your dealings with others.​

Asan po yung answeran ko dyan ask lng po

TAMA pero ask lang po san sasagutan jan? bibigyan mo lng po ba ng points?

you welcome Lyrics Ok, ok, I see what's happening here

Ask: you welcome


Ok, ok, I see what’s happening here
You’re face to face with greatness, and it’s strange
You don’t even know how you feel
It’s adorable
Well, it’s nice to see that humans never change
Open your eyes, let’s begin
Yes, it’s really me, it’s Maui
Breathe it in
I know it’s a lot
The hair, the bod
When you’re staring at a demi-god
What can I say except, “You’re welcome”
For the tides, the sun, the sky
Hey, it’s okay, it’s okay
You’re welcome
I’m just an ordinary demi-guy
What has two thumbs and pulled up the sky
When you were waddling yea high?
This guy
When the nights got cold
Who stole you fire from down below?
You’re lookin’ at him, yo
Oh, also I lassoed the sun
You’re welcome
To stretch your days and bring you fun
Also I harnessed the breeze
You’re welcome
To fill your sails and shake your trees
So what can I say except you’re welcome
For the islands I pulled from the sea
There’s no need to pray, it’s okay
You’re welcome
Ha, I guess it’s just my way of being me
You’re welcome
You’re welcome



salamat point

thank you point

MAPEH 11 Who is the Philippine President who declared Amis


11 Who is the Philippine President who declared Amis as a National Martial arts of the Philippines?
A Gloria Diaz
C. Gloria Arroyo
B. Joseph Estrada
D. Ferdinand Marcos

12. Which of the following is not a fundamental skill in Amis?
A Grip
C. Stance
B. Running
D. Salutation

13. What is the goal of ARPHI?
A. To lessen its members
B. To develop striking skills
C. To have an injury-free training
D. To have a large number of members

14. What is the stance used in blocking and evasion? A. Oblique
C. Straddle
B. Side
D Backward

15. Which of the following 12 striking techniques is NOT included in the choices?
A. Left chest stab
C Right eye poke
B. Top of the head
D. Left back

16. What coping mechanism of stress that is to help you change your thoughts?
A Seeking help
C Self-Talk
B. Supoort Seeking
D. Problem Solving

17. What positive-reframing strategies is applied if individual “I DID IT!”?
A Affirmation
C Self-Congratulations
B. Coping with fear
D. Facing the challenge/problem

18. When you are facing the challenge/problem, which of the following is NOT appropriate self-talk?
A. Its OK to make mistakes no one is perfect!
C .Relax, it will end
B. I can always call someone
D. I did it!

19. Which of the following line is applicable if you are in a coping that Positive Problem Solving Strategies?
A. Ask advice from responsible family members/relatives
B. Come up with the different solutions to the problem
C Talk to a friend who can do something about it
D. Seek professional help

20. Sandra talks to a friend who can do something about it, ask advice from responsible family members/relatives and talks to someone to find out more about the problem Which of the following coping technique she practices?
A Positive Problem Solving Strategies
B Suppor-Seeking Strategies
C. Family talk strategies
D Self-talk strategies​

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II – complete the senteces with anything , nothing, anyone,

Ask: II – complete the senteces with anything , nothing, anyone, anybody, no one, or nobody.
1.________________is more important than love and goodhealth?
2._________________knows the new teacher ?
3. Does__________________in 1A have the new grammar book?___________________in I B has it.
4. A: Do you want ______________________to drink?
B: Yes, bring me soda pop please. Thank you.
A: OK. But give me money because I have____________________today.
5. Carlos doesn’t have friends at school because he doesn’t know ___________________. Let’s play with him.
6. At school, __________________likes the vegetable salad. It’s horrible!
7. Where are my things? I have __________________ on my desk! Is _______________taking my things?
8. I know _________________ about tge new science guide. I’m lost. Do you know _________________ about it?
9. ___________________is playing in recess. The director is talking to all the students .

10. Mary isn’t going to buy _________________ for her mom. That’s sad!
III – Complete the sentences with the correct following relative pronouns who, which. And whose from the given choices.
1. Talked to the girl _______ car had broken down in front of the shop.
2. Mr Richards, ________ is a taxi driver, lives on the corner.
3. I live in a house in Norwich__________is in East Angilia.
4. This is the girl __________comes from Spain.
5. That’s peter, the boy _________ has just arrived at the airport.
6. Thank you very much for your e-mail ___________ was very interesting.
7. The man, _________ father is a professor. Forgot his umbrella.
8. The children __________shouted in the street are not from our school.
9. The car. ______________driver is a young man, is from Ireland.
10. What did you do with the money ___________your mother lent you?

IV – Rewrite the following sentences changing each singular noun to plural. Adjustments should also be made in the verb.
1. The beach here is safer than other beaches in the country.
2. Here is a paragraph for you to fill in with the words above each.
3. A passerby was hit by a stray bullet.
4. Her thesis has a lot of appendix.
5. An Ilocano is known is known to be the thriftiest Filipino.
6. There is only one t in the word commit. There are two in the word commitment.
7. Add only a spoonful of sugar to the porridge.
8. The researcher formulated her hyphothesis carefully.
9. A child is very precious to his parents.
10. I admire the generosity of my sister in-law.

VI. Complete the following interview with a verb from the box, and if necessary, with do (not ), I, You, etc.
Have want do give work live start pay finish read earn listen

Q: Good morning. I would like to ask you a few questions:
A: 31 Mt. Samat Street.
Q: And____________________ a family?
A: Yes, I _____________________ a wife, but we____________any children.
Q: I see. And what _________________ in your leisure time?
A: well, I ________________ a lot of books, and I ____________ to classical music.
Q: Splendid! And why ________________to change your job?
A: well, my wife ___________________ she never has. And the trouble is, nowadays my salary
isn’ t enough for two.
Q: How much ______________ you received in your percent job?
A: well, I ____________________about P3,500.00 a month.
Q: what time ________________ in the morning?
A: At eight O’clock.
Q: That’s fine. And what time __________________ work in the evening?
A: At five, and there’s an hour for lunch.n​



1. nothing

2. no one

3. anyone

4. B

A. Nothing

5. anyone

6. no one

7. nothing & anyone

8. nothing & anything

9. anyone

10. nothing


1. whose

2. Who

3. Which

4. Who

5. Whose

6. Which

7. Whose

8. Who

9. Whose

10. Which


let me think in IV sorry for the delay but i will comment my answer


I dontknowhowtoanswerthis:'(

i will comment later i will think about it

What's New Activity 1: My Diaries Directions: Read and understand

Ask: What’s New Activity 1: My Diaries Directions: Read and understand what is written in the sample diaries below. Then answer the questions that follow y can do con FEE 25 24 st have been Fre, Dream! The secret of charge to focus on *59 night to building – The change of nature – met hange the muscles – IT WILL BE The wasting and 493 the past hortage change the who the change, and get in adapting to getting – hood on the who don’t have seen and thenga come from events and sites det vara by trying to hold onto the post so for me say bring on the change, and its get sorted! OK Decores onto tot the aty But my puntoon time regry of the earts hore mepped out for the whose thing and it is gives my whole moodu ve bostonwoor- Questions What are the two diaries tell about? Are you fond of writing during your spare time? Do you keep diaries about important events in your life?



What are the two diaries tell about?

The two diaries keeps of your thoughts and feelings throughout your life you are able to look back on your past experience might include a record of nightly dreams, personal reflections and experiences.

Are you fond of writing during your spare time?

Yes, Because writing is my favorite and because it helps me recall the things that makes me happy.

Do you keep diaries about important events in your life?

Yes, because the words you put and expressed inside the diaries/journals you made during the important events of your life will be remembered.

Not only you can get the answer of is it ok to change who you are, you could also find the answers of How will these, What's New Activity, dear childhood best, 1. Who was, and you welcome Lyrics.