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Before you begin with the module proper, take this test

Ask: Before you begin with the module proper, take this test to find out how much you already know about our topic. You will encounter and appreciate words from a different culture and use your prior knowledge about context clues in taking this test. Choose the letter only. A. Many words in English come from different languages of different cultures. Find the word that fits with the definition. A. Kimono B. barbecue C. Impala D. pajama E. syrup F. okra G. shelk H. alligator I. magazine J. bandit 1. are clothes worn for sleeping. (Word from Persian) 2. A_ is a long outer garment worn in Japan. (Word from Japan) 3. An is a large reptile with leathery skin. (Word from Spanish) 4. A_ is an outdoor grill cooking meat. (Word from Spanish) 5. A is a publication for reading. (Word from Arabic) . A is the chief or head of the family. (Word from Arabic) is a plant used in stew or soap. (Word from Africa) is a word from the Zulu people of Africa (Word from Africa) A_ is a robber. (Word from Arabic) 3.A is a sweet, thick liquid such as molasses. (Word from Arabic)​


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of Grade 10 teachers. The findings revealed that first, rank

Ask: of Grade 10 teachers. The findings revealed that first, rank one and rank two h topics in which ICT was utilized were The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint- xupery (An Excerpt) and Inferno by Dante Alighieri. These were under the tedious World Literature topics ICT was used by the teachers and not the traditional storytelling to keep their students interest and attention through the ICT-based collaborative activities. Second, the extent of the use of ICT of the teacher-respondents in the teaching of the selected English 10 topics was “Almost Always”. It was because most of the respondents were 26-30 years old and they had personal cellular phones and laptop/netbook. However, it was not mentioned that teachers utilized the e-classrooms in terms of delivering their lesson. Third, data revealed that the level of effectiveness of ICT-based teaching as strategy in teaching English Grade 10 topics was “Moderately Effective. It was because the respondents only utilized their limited personally owned ICT equipment and not the e-classrooms provided by the Department of Education. Fourth, the major challenges encountered by the respondents were insufficient e- classrooms, poor internet connection in schools and limited ICT infrastructure. This was the basis why they only rated the effectivity of ICT-Based teaching only “Moderately Effective”. Lastly, an ICT-based teaching module was developed to enhance the teaching strategy of English teachers. Based on the findings and conclusions of the study, it was recommended that even though teachers have knowledge in utilizing their personally owned ICT equipment, they need to be trained more on how to use the e-classrooms or the latest DepEd Computerization Program wherein the 21st century students can actually experience the integration of ICT. Also, to maximize the use and integration of ICT equipment, administrators should come up with a development program geared towards the improvement of teachers’ skills in using the latest technology specifically the use of e-classrooms and the latest DepEd Computerization Program (Batch 33) in the learning process. Third, to boost the effectivity of ICT-based teaching, 21st century educators must be engaged in intensive trainings in conceptualizing English topics using e- classroom to be innovative in the delivery of the collaborative activities. Furthermore, trainings on proper maintenance and security purposes should be integrated to provide educators with knowledge on minor troubleshooting activities. Fourth, to upgrade and to add more computers and internet connections, the school administrators may initiate partnership with the LGUs, the PTA and other organizations in searching for appropriate interventions so that there would be maximum use of ICT in teaching the English subject. Lastly, to enhance the pedagogical skills of English teachers, an ICT-Based Teaching Module must be constructed. 21st century teachers must work collaboratively with their colleagues to learn from each other’s innovations and experiences to come up with innovative lessons. . Utilization of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in teaching English 10 is a must to produce technology-equipped and globally-competitive 21s century lifelong learners.​






1. You want to borrow your new classmate’s pen.
A. Give me your pen please.
B. May I borrow your pen?
C. Hey Dude! May I borrow your pen?

2. Which sentence is correctly structured?
A. There are many beautiful things to look forward to.
B. She came to school late because she walk from home to school.
C.I forget my book yesterday that’s why I don’t have any homework.

3. It’s dinner time and you saw your sister’s hands are dirty. What will you say?
A. You will not eat until your hands are clean.
B. Eat your dinner without using any utensils.
C. Go to the sink, wash your hands with soap and rinse it thoroughly.

4. The following are proper gestures that the speaker should do except one.
A. Maintain eye contact.
B. Speak loudly and never mind what others are doing.
C. Avoid unnecessary gestures or distracting mannerisms.

5. As a speaker, what will you do if someone is interrupting you while you’re still talking?
A. Pause for a while and tell him to shut up.
B. Never mind that person and continue talking.
C. Pause for a while, approach him politely and give him time to talk.

6. Can You tell me where the market is ?
A. Yes, turn around and walk straight.
B. Just walk along the road and you will see it.
C. Sure, just go down the street and turn left. It’s next to the laundry shop.

7. I want to cook steamed banana. How will I do it?
A. Ask your mom to cook it for you.
B. Leve the banana in the pot and heat it.
C. Put the banana in the pot and pour some water then let it boil for 10 to 15 minutes until it is cooked.

8. Why are you late in our class today?
A. It is none of your business so let me in.
B. Please forgive me. My alarm didn’t ring that’s why I woke up and came late. May I come in?
C. My mother went to the market and buy some food to eat for our lunch.

9. Which statement gives you information?
A. Don’t forget to bring your umbrella today.
B. I work as a teacher and I’m teaching English to grade schoolers.
C. Please buy me some food for dinner because our refrigerator is empty.

10. Which of the following narrates an event?
A. When I was young, I loved to play in the rain with my friends. We ran after another and stopped under the big tree to rest. After that, we went home and ate delicious hot soup.
B. To live a simple and happy life, remember to be contented on what you have. Don’t be jealous and be happy for everyone. Live with a peaceful mind and heart and love yourself as well.
C. These are the things that you need to remember in cooking your favourite food. First, complete all your ingredients. Then, start following your procedures and lastly don’t forget to cook with love.

























TESTIDirections: Write the appropriate grammatical signals to connect the followingsentences.

Directions: Write the appropriate grammatical signals to connect the following
sentences. Write your answers in the spaces provided.
It takes a lot of time and
1. Learning how to speak English is fun,
Mary often comes to school late
she should wake up early.
Jonah studied the lessons very well
she got perfect score in the test.
people should
Pollution has always been the problem in the country
know how to be responsible in proper garbage disposal.
5. Mr. Paige is a great teacher he always managed to teach the class
very well despite of his personal struggle in life.​


1. But

2. So

3. So

4. So

5. And

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