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Ask: Dorm Radene prowa
the ents. Select you wees the pool
Otoplasm aclecid
Eukaryosi Cab
Plana Membrane
Prokaryotic Cell
produce energy
provide support and structure
Transport of sube
in your scence class, your teacher asked you to identify the cells in the pirates
posted on the board. You observed that plaure 1 has no defined nucleus and you labeled it as
For Picture 2 the nucleus is very visible then this type of aces
Your teacher continued to deliver her lesson. She presented
Data e has three basic parts. The (3)
encloses the cell and
separates the inside organelles from the outside she explained. Your classmate said that
are jelly-like substances where all other cell parts are located. You
Faused your band and toló the dass that (5)
the most easily seen part
because it controls the activities of other parts of the cell Xione added that maticellular
organismes whose cells have nucleus are called (EL
On the other hans
Vsan continued to discuss that a unicellular organism whose red has no defined nucleus but has
apudeoid region is called (7)
Finally your teacher emphasued that cells are the building blocks of life and are considered as
basic structural and functional unit of life. Because basically they perform all life processes that
enable organisms to grow and develop. Among the general functions of cells are: (8)
and (10)​




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