How To Tell If Whole Chicken Is Done

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Ask: you.” He set some of the burning wood in place. “It’s only that a man must have a child, Seven harvests are just too long to wait. Yes, we have waited too long. We should have another chance before it is too late for both of us.” This time the woman stirred, stretched her right leg out and bent her left leg in. She wound the blanket more snugly around herself “You know that I have done my best,” she said. “I have prayed to Kabunvan much. I have sacrificed many chickens in my prayers.” “Yes, I know.” “You remember how angry you were once when you came home from your work in the terrace because I butchered one of our pigs without your permission? I did it to appease Kabunyan. because, like you, I wanted to have a child. But what could I do? “Kabunyan does not see fit for us to have a child,” he said. He stirred the fire. The spark rose through the crackles of the flames. The smoke and soot went up the ceiling, Lumnay looked down and unconsciously started to pull at the rattan that kept the split bamboo flooring in place. She tugged at the rattan flooring. Each time she did this the split bamboo went up and came down with a slight rattle. The gong of the dancers clamorously called in her care through the walls. Awiyao went to the corner where Lumnay sat, paused before her, looked at her bronzed and sturdy face, then turned to where the jars of water stood piled one over the other. Awiyao took a coconut cup and dipped it in the top jar and drank. Lumnay had filled the jars from the mountain creek carly that evening 3 “I came home,” he said. “Because I did not find you among the dancers. Of course, I am not forcing you to come, if you don’t want to join my wedding ceremony. I came to tell you that Medulimay, although I am marrying her, can never become as good as you are. She is not as strong in planting beans, not as fast in cleaning water jars, not as good keeping a house clean. You are one or the best wives in the whole village.” 1. List down the characters in the story? 2. Who is Awiyao’s new wife? 3. Who is their God? 4. How many harvests have passed? 5. What animal did Lumnay sacrifice in her prayers?]​


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