How To Tell If Someone Who Is In A Relationship Likes You

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If you are looking for the answer of how to tell if someone who is in a relationship likes you, you’ve got the right page. We have approximately 1 FAQ regarding how to tell if someone who is in a relationship likes you. Read it below.

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PHYSICAL EDUCATION1 What health issue is luring in SMO KATAMAKAWAN?A


1 What health issue is luring in SMO KATAMAKAWAN?
A Too much eating less physical activity
8. The people maintained a strong family bond
C. The children of the sitio are physically active
D. The residents of the sitio are rich. They paid for someone to work on their house chores

2. What lifestyle diseases risk the young generation of Sitio Katamakawan?
A. Obesity
B. Diabetes
C. Heart diseases D. All of these

3. Dancers must maintain a particular lifestyle to be able to promote wellness. Weight is an important
issue to them. What food groups they should eat MORE to maintain slender yet strong body?
A. Fruits and vegetables
D. cereals
B. soda/cola drinks C fats & sweets

4. Proper execution of dance steps increases the risk of injuries. Which of the following components is
best to warm up B-boying?
A. Flexibility exercises
C. Agility & speed exercise
3. Power & strength exercises
D. None of these

5. Locking is a dance step identified by distinctively stopping a fast movement. Cramps can be commonly
experienced by beginners. What is the most common first aid for cramps?
D. None of these

6. Video clips for Zumba are readily available on the net Workers who spend more time in the office will just
do it at home instead of attending sessions at the gym. Even at home, preparation should be practiced avoiding
injuries. What preparation will help you stay away from injuries while having Zumba at home?
A. Warming up first before dancing
6. Wearing appropriate attire like rubber shoes, jogging pants/leggings, t-shirts
C. Making sure that the space is wide enough to avoid bumping each other
D. All of the above

7. Nowadays, many hip hop groups sprout out from local barangays. Most of them are inspired from
international and national dance crews who got their way to “Talent competitions” on TV. As a Grade 10 student in
P.E. class, how would you strengthen the inspiration of those who wanted to pursue such dreams?
A. Share to them more fitness benefit of hip hop dancing
B. Talk about the food they used to eat and the should be eaten” by dancers
C Encourage them to share their successes, hardships and overcoming hardships in the group
D. All of the above

8. Media and technology played a vital role in the widespread of information from around the globe. Sadly,
some of this information are not reliable and are misleading. Which of the following assumption you should REFLECT
while watching a DIET PILL advertisement for fitness?
A Fitness is a choice
C. Fitness is a product
8. Fitness is a result of hard work
D. All of these

9 Food products advertised on TV includes RDA standards comparison to lure more costumers. What will be
your basis of patronizing the product?
A. The nutritional content of the product
C. Your own experience of the result
B. The testimony of the model
D. None of these

10. In a dance group, skills may develop unequally because of some factors that affect individual
performers like lifestyle As a member, which of the following suggestions you will take to keep the group stay in
harmonious relationship?
A. Learn to criticize your own mistake
C. Spend time to assess group performance
8. Critidze the mistake of others constructively D. All of these

11. Your overweight friend wants to lose weight. He/she is considering the diet pills and fitness programs
he/she saw on the newspaper and television. What is the best advice you can give to your friend?
A. Tell him/her to enroll in a fitness gym
B. Tell him/her to try the best diet pills taken by popular artist
C. Tell him/her to choose the most convincing advertisement
D. Tell him/her to verify all the information and seek advice from a genuine fitness adviser
















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