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List atleast 3 example of pros and cons of a

Ask: List atleast 3 example of pros and cons of a “paperless” environment.​



1.The investment of re-training everyone

2.Increase reliance on IT security

3.Resistance to change


1.Paper-free reduce your carbon footprint

2.Save money in the long run

3.Better documentation management processes

list of pros and cons regionalization​

Ask: list of pros and cons regionalization​


One of the biggest factors to deciding on regionalization is weighing the pros and cons. Buying water from a nearby town may seem like a simple solution, but how much will it cost to tie into their system? Do they have the system to sustain both their customers and yours?

There’s another factor to consider – how stable is the system from which you’re purchasing services? There’s little point in tying into a system that has had a history of EPA violations or bankruptcies. It’s important to ensure the system from which you purchase your services won’t have future issues that might suddenly leave your customers high and dry.

List down 5 pros and 5 cons of having laws.

Ask: List down 5 pros and 5 cons of having laws.


Cons:                                     Pros:
  Rigidity:                             Uniformity and Certainty

 Conservatism:                  Equality and Impartiality

   Formalism:                        Protection from errors:

   Needless complexity   l    Reliability:



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it list the pros and the cons of an idea​

Ask: it list the pros and the cons of an idea​


Pondering an important decision? Chances are that you will consider drawing up a list of pros and cons of the options. The pros-and-cons list enjoys a long and storied history, going back at least as far as 1772, when Benjamin Franklin advised his friend and fellow scientist Joseph Priestley to “divide half a sheet of paper by a line into two columns, writing over the one Pro, and over the other Con.” But how useful is a pros-and-cons list, really? It’s only fitting to consider the pros and cons of this popular decision-making tool:

The Pros

Rigor. Making the effort to think through all possible pros and cons of a given course of action, and then capturing them in writing, minimizes the likelihood that critical factors have been missed. Assigning weights to each of the pros and cons is an additional exercise that promotes deeper thinking and presumably leads to better-quality decision making.

Emotional distance. Important decisions are likely to evoke powerful emotions. Going through the steps of creating a pros-and-cons list can create what researchers Ozlem Ayduk and Ethan Kross refer to as a “self-distanced perspective,” in which the decision is viewed as an “external” problem to be addressed, easing the impact of the emotions surrounding the decision. Deferring the decision pending the pro-con analysis also provides a gap in time in which powerful emotions can dissipate, reducing the risk of an “amygdala hijack,” the cognitive phenomenon popularized by Daniel Goleman’s emotional intelligence writings, in which perceived emotional threats can lead to extreme actions, often with undesirable outcomes.

Familiarity and simplicity. Perhaps most compelling of all, the pros-and-cons list is generally well understood, requires no special computational or analytical expertise, and is elegantly simple to administer.

The Cons

Vulnerable to cognitive biases. Cognitive biases are common patterns of thinking that have been demonstrated to lead to errors in judgment and poor decision making. Unfortunately, the same simplicity that makes a pros-and-cons list so appealing creates many opportunities for a host of cognitive biases to emerge, including:

Framing effect. Pros-and-cons lists generally are about evaluating two alternatives: a “thumbs up or thumbs down” scenario and an example of “narrow framing,” a bias created by overly constraining the set of possible outcomes.

Overconfidence effect. A well-established cognitive bias is the tendency of individuals to overestimate the reliability of their judgments. When creating a pros-and-cons lists, it is likely that many people assume a level of accuracy in their assessment of pros and cons that simply isn’t there.


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list down 5 pros and 5 cons of online forms​

Ask: list down 5 pros and 5 cons of online forms​






Advantage: Applying Online Is Often Easier

Standard paper applications can be a pain to fill out, sometimes literally, if the applicant has carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis. It is also true that many job applicants, particularly those under 30, are more comfortable using a keyboard to communicate than a pen or pencil. Employers also benefit: Hiring managers or HR employees will no longer have to squint while deciphering poor handwriting.

Disadvantage: Discriminates Against Applicants With No Computer Access

As more people gain access to computers and the internet, online job applications have become increasingly common. Employers should be aware, however, that not everybody has consistent access to a computer or the internet. This may be particularly true of individuals applying for entry-level or minimum-wage jobs. Because of inequities in technology access, some employers may decide to offer paper applications as an option

Advantage: Better Accuracy

A nervous job applicant may inadvertently make mistakes and leave items unanswered on a traditional form. In some cases, an error like this can be enough to eliminate the applicant from consideration. Online applications can be coded such that they cannot be submitted until completion.

Disadvantage: Bugs and Data Crashes

The flip side to this advantage is that a poorly designed application form, or the site itself, can contain bugs that cause it to periodically dump entered data, crash entirely or failed to submit even when the applicant has completed all fields. Employers can address these issues by:

Rigorously testing online application forms

Incorporating a save feature that allows applicants to save the information that they have entered so that they can return to the application even after a crash

Providing contact information so that an applicant who is having difficulties can receive technical support and get the form submitted

Advantage (Or Disadvantage): Lack of Personal Contact

Online applications don’t require a job seeker to speak to an employer, or potential colleagues, in person. This can be an advantage to those who may be shy or socially awkward: Instead of risking a poor first impression, the applicant submits documentation of his qualifications and experience for consideration. The lack of personal contact can also be a disadvantage, however, for applicants who may not “look good on paper” but may have other suitable qualities that might only emerge during the kind of informal interview that often takes place when someone picks up a job application in person.

Disadvantage (Or Advantage): Automatic Weeding of Candidates

Another consideration is that some companies may employ filtering software that automatically discards some applications because the applicant does not meet specific criteria. While this can be effective in weeding out the seriously disqualified, it can also happen that someone with strong skills may be overlooked due to a non-essential qualification, such as an academic degree or a specific number of years of job experience.

Disadvantage: Security Issues

Job applications often request sensitive information that could be used to steal an applicant’s identity or commit financial fraud. Data acquired through an online form that is then transmitted or stored in an insecure manner can be vulnerable to exploitation. While it is also true that information on paper applications can be appropriated for illegal purposes, poor online security exposes applicant data to a much larger audience.

make a list of pros and cons of genetic engineering

Ask: make a list of pros and cons of genetic engineering summarizing the interview done fill up the table below
pros cons​


Pros and Cons of Genetic Engineering

Here are the advantages of genetic engineering:

  • Plants and animals can grow at a faster rate when they are genetically engineered, making it profitable for businesses.
  • Genetically modified organisms can overcome diseases.
  • Rare traits can become common in genetically engineered organisms.
  • It helps in the creation of new products.
  • Greater agricultural yields become possible.
  • Reduction of water supply risks because of the development of genetically engineered traits.

Here are the disadvantages of genetic engineering:

  • Lesser nutritional value for genetically modified foods.
  • Pathogens will adapt based on the changes applied by the genetic mutation.
  • Unexpected negative side effects can happen.
  • Less favorable diversity can result from genetically engineered organisms.
  • Abuse of the technology.

For more information about genetic engineering, please click the link below:


List down pros and cons of using Carbon based Fuels​

Ask: List down pros and cons of using
Carbon based Fuels​


Pros=U can get many of these

Cons=Contributes to pollution. And its sources will soon deplete if over used

Directions: List down the PROS and CONS of the REPUBLIC

Ask: Directions: List down the PROS and CONS of the REPUBLIC ACT 1425 in RIZAL COURSE.




The Cons of Rizal Law was many modern Filipinos didn’t care about nationalism and also pride for country.The law was really interesting as it turns out.The bills also involved mandating educational institutions in country of course to offer a course on the HEROES LIFE,WORKS AND WRITINGS especially the ‘NOLI ME TANGERE” and “EL FILIBUSTERISMO”.Law school.



list pros and cons about vaccine​

Ask: list pros and cons about vaccine​



Vaccines help to save lives. They reduces the risk of having a certain virus destroy your body, it also improves your immune system.


Some vaccines have medium to severe side effects specially to people who have a disease like heart problems or obesity before the vaccine was shot.


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list the three (3) arguments of pros and cons on

Ask: list the three (3) arguments of pros and cons on drug abuse?​

list the three (3) arguments of pros and cons on drug abuse?


•stimulants (e.g. cocaine)

•depressants (e.g. alcohol)

•opium-related painkillers (e.g. heroin)

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