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If you are looking for the answer of how to prevent white hair, you’ve got the right page. We have approximately 5 FAQ regarding how to prevent white hair. Read it below.

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Gawain:háy CTY3. pahinaHALO LETparinaNAYSADy usinhereGrade/Section:A Directions: Write the letter of

Ask: Gawain:
háy CTY
3. pahina
Dy usin
A Directions: Write the letter of the correct answer before the number.
Dl. What would be the color of the offspring if a pure red flower is crossed with a
pure white flower in an incomplete dominance pattern of inheritance?
a. Red
b. white
c. pink
d. red and
2. Which of the following does not belong to the group?
c. a yellow garden pea
a a pink snapdragon
b. a wavy hair girl
d. a gray-feathered chicken
3. What would be the phenotypic percentage of offspring if a red flower is crossed
with a white flower in an incomplete dominance pattern of inheritance?
a. 100% Red
c. 100% Pink
b. 100% White
d. 100% Red and White
4. Rhododendron flower color follows the codominance patter of inheritance. What
will be the color of the offspring flower if a red rhododendron was crossed with a white?
a. Red
b. white
c. pink
d. red and
5. Why is it important to know your blood type when undergoing blood transfusion?
a. It can save time from finding a hospital to perform the blood transfusion
b. It can save life as proper blood transfusion prevents health complications
c. It can help to develop better traits as a result of cross-breeding between the donor and
receiver of the blood
d. It can promote stronger bones and promotes growth and development
6. What is the chromosome pair for a female child?
a XX
b. XY
d. YZ
7. Which chromosome identifies the sex or gender of the individual?
b. X
c. Y
d. Z
8. How many pair/s of sex chromosomes do we have?
a. 1
b. 22
d. 46
9. The nucleotide sequence on the left side of the DNA is CCGTAGC.
What is the sequence at the right side of the molecule?
c. XZ
C. 23​



d.The gray-feathered chicken

11 Choice the letter of the best answer1 How does

Ask: 11 Choice the letter of the best answer
1 How does the integumentary system work with musculoskeletal System
It distributes blood and nutrients
It breaks down food to be used by the body
The integumentary system controls the muscles
The integumentary picks up ovsen from the lungs and brings them to your muscles and bone
12. How can the skin protect the muscles?
Alt engulis the microorganisms.
It regulates the movement of the muscles
C It forms a network of fibers to protect the muscles
Skin is attached to the muscles and serves as protective coverink against
microorganisms and foreign substances
13. Which example shows that the integumentary system work with the musculoskeletal?
The hair follides grow from the skeletal system
The skin releases antibodies so that the musculoskeletal system works well
The skin regulates the absorption of calcium that keeps the bones hard and strong
D. The integumentary work with the muscles by helping absorb the dietary fats and oil
14. If you are frightened how does your integumentary and musculoskeletal react?
A The skin will become red and the bones will freeze
B. Your hair will stand like spikes and your bones will break
C. Your nails will discolor, and your muscles and bones will shake
D. The muscles contract in the dermis then the skeletal muscles begins to shake
15. Which does not tell about the interaction of musculoskeletal and integumentary?
A Preventing fluid loss
B. Pumping blood throughout the body
C. Maintaining the right amount of pressure
D. Protecting the body from external stressor
16. When you exhale, how does the diaphragm behave as you breath in
A relaxes B contracts
C. sinks
D. expands
17. Which of the following happens to air during the process of breathing?
A. air gets warm
B. air gives off oxygen
C. air moves up and down
D. air moves from area of higher pressure to an area of lesser pressure
18. When a small blood vessel in your hand is cut open, which plays an active defense against possil
A plasma B. platelets C. red blood cells D. white blood cells
19. Striking the tendon on your knee stimulates a sensory neuron in your lower leg that causes your
A Nerves in the legs are functioning properly.
B. Motor neurons extending to the leg muscles transmit the nerve impulse
C. The nerve Impulse travels directly to the brain without passing the spinal cord.
D. The sensory neuron transmits the nerve impulse to the neuron in the spinal cord
20. How does sensory neuron work? Sensory neuron
A. delivers messages from the brain to the senses
B. connects various neurons within the brain and the spinal cord
C. carries signal from the central nervous system to the outer parts of he body
D. carries signals from the outer parts of the body to the central nervous system
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Directions: Choose the letter of the best answer. _____1. Which

Ask: Directions: Choose the letter of the best answer.
_____1. Which structure prevents the swallowed food from going into the trachea?
a. Epiglottis c. Pharynx
b. Larynx d. Tonsils
_____2. What do you call the rhythmic, wave-like movement of some muscles in your body?
a. Contraction c. Peristalsis
b. Constriction. d.Relaxation
_____3. What happens to the muscle when it contracts?
a. It shortens c. It becomes round
b. It lengthens d. It becomes flattens
_____4. Which of the following is an example of an involuntary muscle?
a. Muscles of the arms c. Muscles of the hands
b. Muscles of the thigh d. Muscles of the heart
_____5. How does the nephrons of the kidneys function?
a. It filters the blood.
b. It stores unfiltered blood.
c. It collects and stores waste.
d. It serves as a passageway for the blood.
_____6. Which of the following blood vessels carry deoxygenated blood?
a. Artery c. Capillaries
b. Arterioles d. Veins
_____7. Which of the following is NOT a function of the skin?
a. Regulation of body temperature c. Digestion
b. Excretion d. Sensation
_____8. What are the small chambers in the lungs where gas exchange happen?
a. Alveoli c. Bronchi
b. Atria d. Trachea
_____9. Which of the following glands produce sebum?
a. Oil glands c. Salivary glands
b. Pores d. Sweat glands
_____10. What happens to the body when the kidney stops working?
a. The body sweats a lot.
b. The body will develop new kidneys.
c. The body becomes healthy and strong.
d. The body accumulates poisonous substances in the blood.
_____11. What structure protects and nourishes both brain and the spinal cord?
a. Nerves c. Spinal column
b. Meninges d. Thalamus
_____12. Which of the following makes your hair black and your skin dark?
a. Melanin c. Sebum
b. Oil d. Sweat
_____13. What is the basic unit in the nervous system that collects and carries nerve impulses?
a. Nerve cell c. White blood cell
b. Red blood cell d. Nephron
_____14. Which of the following structure act as a shock absorber for the bones?
a. Cartilage c. Muscles
b. Ligament d. Tendon?
_____15. The heart is a muscular organ which continuously pumps blood. Why is that you cannot control it’s pumping just like how you control the muscles of your arm?
a. It is voluntary muscle. c. It is very elastic muscle.
b. It is a very strong muscle. d. It is an involuntary muscle.


















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1. What do you wear to protect you from Covid-19?

Ask: 1. What do you wear to protect you from Covid-19? a. hat
b. mask
c. shades
d. shoes

2. Who would likely to have a respiratory illness?
a. Jose is a chain smoker.
b. Owen exercises daily, eat nutritious food and sleeps for 8 hours.
c. Bob is a second-hand smoker.
d. Josh does not have any vices.

3. Which statement is correct about preventing respiratory and circulatory diseases?
a. Eating a balanced diet.
b. Smoking every day.
c. Drinking liquor daily.
d. None of the above.

4. How many phenotypes are there in ABO blood types?
c. 5
d. 6

5.ABO blood type is an example of what inheritance?
a. codominance
b. multiple alleles
c. incomplete dominance

6. A red and flower was crossed and resulted to a pink flower. What type of inheritance does it follow?
a. codominance
b. multiple alleles
c. incomplete dominance

7.It refers to cows with red hair and white blotches.
a. bull
b. cattle
c. roan
d. ox​


1 b

2. b

3. A


5, c


7, b



1-25 25 points + brainly + follow + heartTLE ELEMENTARYQuestion

Ask: 1-25 25 points + brainly + follow + heart

Question Select/Click the correct answer on the choices given.

1. These goats are heavy in weight from 100-140 kg, with big body, black or spotted skin, and with rounded or straight knees. *
A. Toggenburg B. French Alpine
C. Anglo-Nubian D. Indian

2. This breed of goat is suited to small space or place. It has a big body built and can produce up to three liters of milk a day. *
A. Anglo-Nubian B. Toggenburg C.Saanen D. Indian

3. Goats are afraid of rain because the are susceptible to? *
A. Parasite B. Penumonia
C. Diabetes D. Stroke

4. When is the perfect time to pasture the goats? *
A. Evening time B. Rainy
C. Summer time D. Cool time

5. Tapeworms, amoeba, and coccidia are examples of? *
A. Insects B. Parasites
C. Animals D. Goats

6. French Alpine goat is also known as? *
A. Alpine cheese goat
B. Alpine mik goat
C. Alpine dairy goat
D. Alpine chocolate goat

7. Goats and cattles are good example of? *
A. Herbivore animals
B. Carnivore animals
C. Insectivore animals
D. Omnivore animals

8. Deworming is done? *
A. Irregulary B. Regulary
C. Every decade D. Everyday

9. Separate pens for animals with diseases to prevent spreading of the diseases is called?
A. Waxing B. Hding
C. Quarantine D. Intervention

10. Surroundings and pens should be cleaned? *
A. Daily B. Weekly C. Monthly D. Yearly

11. What do you called a young goat? * A.Baby B. Child C. Kid D. Sow

12. What is the most expensive meat in wet market? *
A. Pork B. Chicken C. Fish D. Beef

13. Which breed of cattle is suitable for fattening purposes? *
A. Red Sindhi B. Sahiwal
C. Brahman D. Jersey

14. How many liters of milk can a cattle make in a day? *
A. 1-2 liters B. 3-4 liters
C. 5-8 liters D. 10 liters

15. This hog is black with white spots. *
A. Duroc B. Hypor
C. Landrace D. Berkshire

16. The sows of this breed are very fertile, good mother, and have high milking qualities. They are good for hams. *
A. Poland B. Hypor
C. Hampshire D. Yorkshire

17. Which of the following is not a breed of pig? *
A. Landarce B. Poland C. Jersey D. Duroc

18. What do you called the mother of the piglets.
A. Hog B. Sow C. Swine D. Pig

19. These breed is all white and has erect ears. The sows are excellent milkers but cannot adapt to rugged conditions. * A. Yorkshire B. Berkshire
C. Hampshire D. Poland

20. Total sales from the goat raising is P 12,000 and the total expenses is P 5,300. What is the total profits? *
A. P7,200 B. P6,700 C. P6,500 D. P 7,500

21. Which of the following is not considered in fish culture?
A. Kind of soil B. Kind of fish
C. Water supply D. Kind of rock

22. This is the oldest livelihood activities in the country.
A. Tilapia culture B. Carp culture
C. Milkfish culture D. Catfish culture

23. This is a kind of fish with black, smooth and slippery skin. It has hair and thorns on its head.
A. Catfish B. Milkfish C. Carp D. Tilapia

24. Tilapia is best harvested in the? * A. Evening B. Morning
C. Afternoon D. Summer

25. What is the total sales if you have 10 banyera of tilapia at P 1,400 per banyera? *
A. P12,000 B. P14,000 C. P15,000 D. P17,000​


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