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If you are looking for the answer of how to know if someone blocked you, you’ve got the right page. We have approximately 5 FAQ regarding how to know if someone blocked you. Read it below.

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In Chapters 20 and 21 of The True confessions of

Ask: In Chapters 20 and 21 of The True confessions of Charlotte Doyle, the theme of order takes center stage. Think about a time in your life when you experienced someone (like Captain Jaggery) that had a particular idea about the order of something, or the way something should be. It might be an experience you had at school, at home, or somewhere else. Write a response of about 150 words.

no need to answer I already have it for you hope this works out.

I had an experience like that before, since I was in the Boy Scouts Girls Troop you should know how to set up your tent. I am one of the higher ranked Scouts they have so it obviously makes sense that I know how to set up my tent, and my mom wouldn’t listen to me she skipped mostly all the steps and they failed setting up the tent. When they we’re done being impatient I helped them and it only took us about 25 minutes to set up the tent. Which took my mom and the other scouts more than 25 minutes to set up a six man tent. Sometimes being impatient won’t get you anywhere in life or further into your future, when you follow a guide for something or example how to build a car but with small plastic blocks (LEGO) your gonna have to follow the instructions step-by-step.



most of the selections you have read in the module

Ask: most of the selections you have read in the module contains social realities that are still relevant today as a way of showing your understanding of these issues write a poem about the current situation in your place that you considered as a social problem that need to be addressed or change make sure to use the element of poetry literary technique and device.​

ANSWER: We deal with issues that include “hateration”

It will continue to affect us for more generations

People don’t realize they have learned how to hate

It’s so deep being blocked by anger and fate

Friends pretend that they are loving the great life

But the truth of the situation is simply struggle and strife

Just like me, we have too much pride

But some don’t have a struggling mom by their side

You need to realize struggle is the way of life

You see someone doing better

You rob him with no hesitation in sight

You see hustlers with a quick solution

So you start selling drugs to handle problems that’s polluting

Selling drugs gets you everything you need

But you’ll always be incarcerated

Believe that indeed

People don’t care who gets hurt

As long as they getting paid by selling their work

Most don’t have time to worry about police or dying

Feeling like they already dying while they leave their parents left crying

I have pride in my culture

I know my heritage

I’m not worthless and I am conditioned to feel the advantage

The projects are designed for those to fail

We don’t see the experiment

But as young black males, we live and die by consequence

Men lose their confidence and are afraid to admit fear

Deep inside they admit it with a little inside tear

You see, hate is a very strong word to a young man like me

But if you don’t resolve the problem

The consequence will last eternity


yeah thats true

sana makatulong

You are an editor in a newspaper. Locate the errors

Ask: You are an editor in a newspaper. Locate the errors in the different paragraphs sent to you by
highlighting/encircling the incorrect subject-verb agreement. There are 20 errors all in all. After identifying the errors, write a short note for the writers of the paragraphs, giving advice
on how they can improve on their Subject-Verb Agreement. Make sure your note is polite and
gives helpful tips.

Paragraph 1 (5 errors)
The sheep-liver fluke is a parasitic flatworm with a very
complex life cycle. The fluke start life by hatching inside a
snail. The fluke is then ejected from the snail in a ball of
slime. These balls of slime is eaten by ants. The fluke digs its
way through the ant’s body until it reach the ant’s brain.
There, the fluke takes control of the ant by manipulating its
nerves, thus turning the ant into its personal robot. Under
the command of the fluke, the ant climb to the top of a blade
of grass. If the fluke is in luck, the ant is eaten by a passing
sheep. From the sheep’s stomach, the fluke work its way
home–to the liver.

Paragraph 2 (5 errors)
Anomie Plaza, like all shopping plazas, were designed for automobiles
rather than human beings. All-natural life has been extinguished; even
the weeds along the curb appear artificial. But somehow, amidst all the
plastic, steel, and concrete, a solitary shrub manages to survive. The
shrub, not in vigorous bloom but certainly alive, stand a few yards away
from the entrance to Huxley’s department store. It grows straight up
through the concrete. Now and then a shopper pause to examine this
odd life form, not for sale in any of the 67 stores. Occasionally, someone
will glance around furtively and then break off a twig, slip it into a
shopping bag, and hurry back to the parking lot. Why people do this are
a mystery to me. Are such people intent on preserving life or destroying
it? Whatever the case may be, the shrub so far have managed to survive
all assaults.

Paragraph 3 (10 errors)
Within the state of Arizona, Rob move frequently, from city to city. After his
arrival, one of his first tasks are to find an apartment close to work as he do
not have a car. Usually, there is many different places to choose from, and he
consider cost, location, and luxury. If one apartment has a washing machine
and dryer and cost four hundred dollars a month, he prefer to rent it over
another apartment with significantly less rent located two blocks from a
laundromat. He never rents an apartment on the thirteenth floor since he
fear heights. He also try to choose an apartment with landlords
recommended by former tenants. Everybody know that it is important to
find a responsible landlord. Rob and his best friend love to cook together
when his friend visits, so he need a spacious, well-equipped kitchen. Rob
often also look for a place with an air conditioner because there is so many
scorching days and nights in Arizona. Whenever Rob finds a new apartment,
all of his concerns disappear. He feels relieved and calls his mother.
Someone understands!









the editors note was created on 1820s. people on the first century was exited because editors note was created.

Directions: Write whether the lines below are BENEFICIAL or HARMFUL

Ask: Directions: Write whether the lines below are BENEFICIAL or HARMFUL Write B for Benefical and H for Harmful.
1. Keeping an open line of communication towards your parents about your digital life.
2. Turning the privacy and security settings off for all games and apps.
3. Participating in bullying behavior of other players in an online platform
4. Block the player who is bullying and de-friend them on social media and in gaming communities.
5. Take a break from playing online games and read books or clean your room.
6. Clicking on links in gaming forums; sharing personal information like emails, phone numbers, addresses
7. Knowing which gaming communities and apps you use while gaming and their security risks.
8. If someone is not performing well in a game, other players may curse or make negative remarks.
9. Parents should establish rules about how much time his/her child can spend playing video games.
10. While gaming has the potential for positive benefits, it is also a place where cyberbullying can happen.​


1. beneficial











Tips: observe and know what is good or bad.

happy learning..❤️❤️

QUARTERRialun sulanaStrand & Block: Gas Medcal Black 112NEMBER 09. 2021as:

Rialun sulana
Strand & Block: Gas Medcal Black 112
NEMBER 09. 2021
as: Choose the letter of the correct answer. Write the letter of your answer on the space provided before the number.
1. What kind of 21″ literary genre, There’s something you need to know before you love someone with bipolar disorder is?
A. Chick lit
C. Flash fiction
B. Creative nonfiction
D. blog
2. Who is the author of this literary piece?
A. N.V.M Gonzales
B. Abigail Pastera Abela
C. Norman Novio
D. Rex Nepomuceno
3. What do you think is the best reason how could literature impact the future? Choose the best answer.
It fuels imagination.
It teaches history.
Stories have to be told, or they die, and when they die we can’t remember who we are or why we’re here.
If a person struggles with a short attention span, reading can help improve that function.
4. Why do you think patronizing and appreciating the literary pieces of the local authors are included in your curriculum? The
following sentences supports this question EXCEPT
A. In shaping Filipino people, we must not devote ourselves to our studies and the appreciation of the history, culture and literatu
B. It can be an inspiration to the readers and it could impart contributions to the next generation.
C. Authors/writers of literary works from different regions could enriched our Filipino culture and help in introducing and explor
humanity as Filipino.
D. Being a Filipino does not end with preferring English over Filipino, nor choosing hamburgers over Sinigang, but we should n
neglect our own literature, culture and heritage.
5. For him, “I blog to remember and remembering is central to my existence”, who is this author?
A. N.V.M Gonzales
C. Rex Nepomuceno
B. Abigail Pastera Abela
D. Norman Novio​


1.A.chick lit. 2.i think letter A.N.V.M GINZALES. 3.B. 4.C. 5.B



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