How To Check Location Of Any Person

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If you are looking for the answer of how to check location of any person, you’ve got the right page. We have approximately 3 FAQ regarding how to check location of any person. Read it below.

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Activity 1Assess yourself1. What is your primary source of information

Ask: Activity 1
Assess yourself
1. What is your primary source of information especially for schoolwork?
2. What are your considerations when looking for a particular information
3. Do you prefer unbiased information or an opinion? Current informatio
you automatically use a Web search engine to locate for the informa
critical analysis ?
4. Do
and why?
5. Do you check just any kind of Web site? What are your personal criteri
source of information?
6. If you use traditional sources of information such as print, broadcast, a
these do you often refer to and why?
7. What good and bad practices do you commit during information searc)
Reflect Upon
• What was the last piece of information that you found difficult to obtain
How were you able to obtain the information that you needed?
What is the difference between misinformation and disinformati


1 I use the internet to get some information

2 Making sure if the word are right

3 yes,because it helps me like brainly

4 Because that’s my ways

5 My source is chrome page and brainly page

6 yes,because sometimes when doing your project or something it needs to use it to got a good grade

7 Like copying with others sometimes

.The english part because it’s really hard to get the answer but i did get it

1. It measures body mass based on height and weight

Ask: 1. It measures body mass based on height and weight that aids in determining weight categories. a. BMI b. Bpm c. RPE d. WHR 2. Peter weighs 45kilograms and1.58meters tall. What is his body mass index? a. 20kg/m2 b. 18 kg/m2 c. 18.5 kg/m2 d.16.5 kg/m2 3. Anthropometric measurements are used to measure the body measurements. Choose among the set of equipment used to measure the body mass index. a. catheter, Stadiometer c. weighing scale, catheter b. tape measure, weighing scale d. Stadiometer, tape measure 4. It refers to the number of times a physical activity is done within a week. a. Frequency b. time c. intensity d. Magnitude 5. Which among the statement below tells about the principle of progression a. washing dishes to eating c. Dancing to sleeping b. Stretching to jumping rope d. Bending to stretching 6. A basic exercise that evaluates the strength of the arms and abdominal muscles as well as the flexibility of the shoulder joint. a. Push-up b. squat c. Lunge d. trunk rotation 7. It refers to any bodily movement produced by skeletal muscles that increase energy expenditure above basal level. a. marketing b. physical activity c. stretching d outing 8. Which of the following mention below is a moderate intensity physical activity a. Eating b. Running c. Heavy Shoveling d. Dancing 9. It is an essential part of workout and can last for 3-10 minutes. It includes stretches or gentle variations of the movements during work out. a. Warm-up b. Work out c. Cool down d. none of the above 10. How would you solve your MHR if you are 17 years old ? a. MHR=220+ 17 b. MHR=220-17 c. MHR=17 +202 d. MHR=202-17 11. It is used to measure the intensity of your exercise that include shortness of breath as well as how tired you feel in your whole body? a. Heart Rate b. Pacing c. RPE scale d. Self-Testing Assessment 12 It refers to the number of times your heart beats per minute (BPM). a. Heart rate(HR) b. RPE scale c. BMI d. Pacing 13. Monitoring heart rate is very important. Which among the following is the best time to check your resting time pulse rate? a. after performing a warm up activity c. before taking a heavy meal b. sometime in the evening after sitting quietly d. anytime of the day 14. If you want to locate and determine your pulse rate, how you do it? a. By pinching the pulse using your index finger and thumb b. By pressing the pulse using your index and middle finger c. By rubbing the pulse using the other hand d. By tapping the pulse using your ring finger 15. How would the person’s body react when he/she is experiencing hypothermia? a. Very slow breathing and shivering b. Intense sweating, catching breaths c. Jollier and energetic as usual Overexertion d. Same as normal​


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1. Front desk: Good morning room service, (name) speaking, ____________ ma’am?
Customer: Good morning, I would like to have my breakfast delivered in my room please?
a. How are you?
b. How may I help you?

2. Attendant: May I know _________ and name ma’am?
Customer: Yes, this is Ms. Vargas of room 2315.
a. Your floor and room
b. Room number

3. Attendant: ____________ We have Continental, American and Filipino breakfast
Customer :What about your Continental breakfast ? May know it please?
a. What would you like to eat?
b. What would you like for breakfast Ma’am?

4. Attendant: Wait for a minute ma’am, for our Continental breakfast, we have toasted bread, fresh fruits, and your choice brewed or dark coffee and glass of mango-pineapple or orange.
Customer: Yeah, I’1l take it and with a brewed coffee and a glass of orange juice.
Attendant: Noted ma’am. ___________________
Customer: guess that’s all
a. Is there anything else matam wauld you like to add?
b. You chose your food well

5. Attendant: __________, you have Continental breaktast, with 2 slices of toasted bread, slice of fresh fruits, brewed coffee and a glass of orange julce good for 1-person.
Customer: Sounds great
a. May I beg your pardon
b. May I repeat your order ma’am

6. Attendant: For your _________ ma’am would you llke to be charged or thru cash?
Customer: Okay wait, I’ll pay it with cash, by the way how much Is my bill?
a. Payment
b. Setting of bill

7. Altendant: Please let me ________ your room number which Is 2315 under the reservation name of Ms. Vargas.
Customer: That’s correct
a. double check
b. say it out loud

8. Attendant: ______________ room service Ms. Vangasl Your breakfast will be delivered as soon as possible.
a. Happy you called
b. Thank you for calling

9. Knock the door 3 times and say : ,”Room Service!” ”Good morning Madam/Sir, this is your order. May I _________?
A. Leave it here?
B. Go now?
C. Come in?
D. None of the above
10. “Where should I _______ the tray Mr./Mrs./Miss. XXX” or “Sir/Madam?”
A. Leave
B. Place
C. Store
D. Any of the above
11. Do you want me to set up the table Sir, or ___________________?
A. Leave it as it is
B. Decorate the table
C. Eat with you
D. None of the above
12. “This is your American breakfast, a glass of orange juice, and this is your bill.” Why do we have to say this?
A. To show off to the guest
B. To present the food to the guest
C. To check is something is missing
D. All of the above
13. “What time do you want me to come back to pick up the __________?”
A. Plates and tray
B. Leftover food
C. Soiled dishes
D. Any of the above
14. Which is the appropriate manner in which to move a room service cart over obstacles such as elevator tracks and vacuum cords?
E. The faster the table is going, the better.
F. Pull, lifting the leading pair of wheels over the problem area.
G. Tables are not used for room service.
H. Push gently from a low angle.
15. Serving a room service meal, a waiter should
A. Knock on the door loudly and announce his presence
B. Look through the keyhole and if he sees the guest is up, go straight insid
C. Carry the tray at waist level and enter the room
D. Carry the tray shoulder-high in his left hand, knock and wait until
told to enter
16. _______ is one of the highst concerns of guests who visit hospitality establishments
E. Comfort
F. Security
G. Location
H. Food and beverage
17. Which item would NOT be found in a room service waiter’s pocket?
E. Wine key
F. De-crumber
G. Room key
H. Door stop
18. Which of the following is the biggest challenge of room service?
E. Delivery on time
F. Avoidingn complaints
G. Profitability
H. All of the above
19. Which of these jobs is done by a room service waiter?
A. Tray pick-up
B. Baggage claim
C. Evening turndown
D. Pedicure
20. The addition of which condiments or seasoning is required to bring in the room service?
A. Salt and pepper
B. Butter
C. Ketchup
D. Cutlery.























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Not only you can get the answer of how to check location of any person, you could also find the answers of Activity 1Assess yourself1., FOOD AND BEVERAGE, and 1. It measures.