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1. This was regarded as the highest form of Chinese

Ask: 1. This was regarded as the highest form of Chinese painting wherein they also consider the three

concepts of their arts: Nature, Heaven and Humankind (Yin-Yang).

a.Landscape Painting b.Portait Painting

c.Silk Painting

d.Wall Painting

2. East Asian temples and houses have sweeping roofs because they believe that it will protect them from the elements of water, wind and fire. The figures at the tips are called

a.Army guard

b.Life guard

c.Security guard d.Roof guard

3. It is a technique for printing text, images or patterns used widely throughout East Asia. a.Cloth printing b.Paper Printing c. Plastic Printing d.Woodblock Printing

4. It is indeed one of the highest form of art in East Asia.

a.Knot tying


c. Paper cutting

d.Paper kite

5. Mike wants to watch to famous Peking Opera in Asia. To which country in Asia will he go?


b.Japan c.North Korea

6. In China, it is originally called false mask.

a.Guan Ju

b.Huang Pang

c. Lianpu

d.South Korea

d.Zhu Wen

7. It means white suggests treachery, suspiciousness and craftiness. It is common to see the white

face of the powerful villain on stage.

a.Cao cao

b.Jiang Gan

c.Lian Po

d.Zhu Wen

8. The first type of paper cutting design, since paper was invented by the Chinese is





9. It is an assembled or joined aircraft that was traditionally made of silk or paper with a bowline and a resilient bamboo.





10. It is the traditional Japanese art of paper folding.


b.Paper cutting c. Origami


11. The grade 8 students create an artwork that is considered as the most highly refined among the

arts of Japan. What kind of art work did they create?

a.Landscape Painting




12. Which of the following does NOT belong to the Six Principles of Chinese painting? a.Keep the work clean at all times

c.Observe rhythm and movement

b.Leave space for the eyes to rest d.Use brush in calligraphy



is the Korean Traditional Folk Painting.




14. Color yellow in Peking opera face painting signifies fierceness, ambition and cool headedness. In Chinese term, what does this color mean?

a.Huang Pang b.Lian Po c.Zhang Fei d.Zhu Wen

15. You are stranded in an island with your little sister and the only thing you have saved inside your bag is a plastic envelope with two sheets of bond paper and a roll of sewing thread. While waiting for somebody to rescue you, how can you use these two materials to cheer up your sister?

a.Make paper cuts

b.Make paper folds

c. Make Chinese Knots

d. Make paper kites

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d b c d a b c a b d a a b b c ok good

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