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If you are looking for the answer of how reviews help your business, you’ve got the right page. We have approximately 10 FAQ regarding how reviews help your business. Read it below.

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true or false1.making a review on your previous profit and

Ask: true or false

1.making a review on your previous profit and loss reports is not an effective way to manage your company’s profit and loss.
2. having analytical tools makes it more organized to review or analyze your profit and loss statement.
3. analyzing expense growth can help you evaluate your company’s use of resources.
4. a detailed analysis of the company’s sales will allow you to understand the expenses of your company
5. profits are also a key factor on budgeting, it is a clear indicator of how well your business is doing​







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In the previous lesson, you have learned how words are

Ask: In the previous lesson, you have learned how words are being defined technically and operationally. Likewise, correct grammar has been discussed which is now your advantage when defining terms accurately. Before you go about writing your research report, accomplish the survey form below which tries to gauge how ready you are in writing. Place a check mark (âś“) on the response that best describes how you generally feel toward writing. Deterinine the level of your writing readiness as you agree or disagree, 1. Strongly Disagree 4. Agree 2. Disagree 5. Strongly Agree 3. Neither Agree nor Disagree Statements 4 1. I have a good command of the English language. 2. Being a good writer will help me excel in school and in my career. 3. Grammar and mechanics are understood by good authors. 4. When I’m busy, I don’t bother rewriting my written performance. 5. I do not normally think about why I’m writing anything or who it’s about. 6. It is important that I reread, rewrite, and edit my written work. 7. Writing in English makes me anxious. 8. I think that showing my written work to others and receiving reviews is beneficial. 9. It is difficult for me to articulate myself clearly. for 10. It is difficult for me to compose long periods of time. 11. When I write, I always have the intended intent in mind. 12. When I compose, I need to keep my audience in mind. My Writing Inclination – How Ready I Am 1 2 3 5​


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MultipleDirections: Encircle the letter of the correct answer. Use your

Ask: Multiple
Directions: Encircle the letter of the correct answer. Use your ANS
What is a personal online journal that contains short entries
written and updated by anindividual called a blogger?
a personal
b. business
d. email
What type of blog that some people like to keep their post
exclusive to their families.companies, etc.?
a private
b. business
c. personal
d. school
3. Which of the following is the first step in creating a blog?
a Add a title to your post.
b. Go to blogging platform website
c. Publish your work
d. Write a post
4 Why is blogging influential tool in business?
a it helps updates friends
b. it is fun
c. it is enjoyable
d. it promotes products and business servic
5 Which type of blog can teachers and students utilize to
collaborate for an assignmentprojects?
a school
b. business
c. personal
d. private
6. What is the last step in posting and sharing materials on blog?
a Write an article
b. Go to blog site
c. Publish your work
d. Add a title and the contents for your po
7 What is the importance of starting a blog?
a Write respectfully
b. Provide opportunities to share thought
c. encounter few friends
d. Less chance to share ideas
8. How to end the created blog post?
a. Publish your work
c. Verify your email address
b. Create an account
d. Write a post
What type of blog that tips and reviews about travel, cooking, book,
etc. are also rampantin blogs.
a How-to, tips and reviews b. Private
c. Business
d. School​











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“SIMPLE BUSINESS PLAN”Directions: Think of a simple business you want


Directions: Think of a simple business you want to engage in.

Fill in the following questions below based on your business idea:



Prepared by:



(Describe the Purpose of Your Business in one or two sentence)





1. The skills needed to make this idea work are:

2. Which of these skills and experiences do you have?

My skills and experience:

3. Who will offer any additional skills which you do not have?


1. My major competitors are: (Who, in your general area, does what you will be


a. I plan to beat the competition by:

Better price? Circle YES or No (Explain)

b. Better quality? Circle YES or No (explain)

c. Providing door-to-door service? Circle YES or NO (explain)

d. Using my age and personality as a competitive edge? Circle YES or No (explain)
e. Serving area that my competitors don’t go into? Circle YES or No (explain)

f. Using exciting promotions? Circle YES or No (explain)

g. My secret weapon? (explain)


1. Who is your “TARGET” audience? (Who and where are your potential customers?

What age are they? ______________________________________________________________

What sex are they? ______________________________________________________________

How much money do they have?

Are they wealthy or poor? ________________________________________________________

Where do they live? ______________________________________________________________

What are their interests? _________________________________________________________

What will attract them to your product: Price? Quality? Service? Selection? You?

2. What sales tools will you use?

I have reviewed the various tools and have decided that for my business, the best

sales tools are:

( ) Phone calls (Telemarketing) ( ) Flyers

( ) Personal Contact (face to face sales calls) ( )Radio Ads

( )Newspaper ads ( )Brochures

( )Posters ( )Publicity

( )Directmail

Reason(s) for selecting these tools

I will use the following sales promotions to help sell my product or service:

( )Free Gifts ( )Buy-one-get-one-free specials

( )Discount coupons ( )free samples

( )Special sales ( )other

Reason(s) for selecting these tools


1. Clothings
2. The purpose for this is for people to purchase what they need and want could be trend or just the sake to have something to ware.
3. I chose this business idea because People needs it we use it everyday.
4. New, Trendy and important.
5. Everyone, Millennials, Gen Z, Gen Alpha.
6. Online or City

1. Best service, time management, Great communication skills, Great Listener, Marketing, Financial management.

2. Time management I can manage my time well. Great communication skills and Listener, I can communicate and listen to my customers suggestions and reviews.

3. Marketing, My employees.

1. famous designer and clothing brand.

a. Yes, Great quality of the clothes and affordable prices.

B. Yes, It’s important because that’s the customer’s priority on buying items

C. Yes, absolutely this pandemic a lot of people can’t go out so we provide that.

D. Yes, I can I have the skills.


F. Yes, it’s important part of marketing


1. Any age mostly teenagers, kids and adults.
2. All.
3. 150 +
3. Both, they need it.
4. Philipines.
5. Fashion.
Service, quality, and its product.


Buy one get one free specials and discount coupons, it attracts the customers and another way of marketing.

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28. In which part of research report can you find

Ask: 2
8. In which part of research report can you find the example below?P
Due to the effect of malnutrition, the milk food production was committed to withstanding the infant
mortality problem. The product has soon created an inheritance of shared value while embedding within
leading health, nutrition, and wellness company, it is delegated to elevating its business with an efficacious
their corporate business principles and values (Boyd, 2012) and became quite popular in Europe. As the
and humble start.
A. Introduction
B. Body
C. Conclusion
D. Bibliography
9. Why do you need to conduct research report on relevant social issues?
A. It gives you ideas of how to deal with problems and issues you may face in the future.
B. It shows the answers to all your queries by giving you correct information and results
C. It highlights some important details that will help you overcome problems in
D. It provides possible solutions to the problems in the society through a thorough study.
your life.
10. Why do you need to have a good recommendation in your research report?
A. It highlights the results in the research and applies it to solve problems posed.
B. It suggests further exploration concerning the research topic and its limitations.
C. It provides future researchers the information they need for literature review.
D. It implies reliability and accuracy of the findings of the research conducted.​


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What's Inopinions couldYou have learned in the previous module that

Ask: What’s In
opinions could
You have learned in the previous module that sentences stating facts or
be easily identified through marking signals. Let us find out if you can recall it on your own.
Activity: Review it
Directions: Write F on the blank if the sentence states a factand O if it states an opinion then
underline the opinion-marking signal.
1. I believe there’s nothing more fascinating experience than witnessing different
Philippine festivals. It is like peeking through a kaleidoscope,
2. The Philippines is an archipelagic tropical country in Southeast Asia.
3. There are only two seasons in the Philippines: rainy and dry seasons.
4. I totally agree that Filipinos are the happiest and most hospitable people in the world.
5. I bet Neri would have a successful business if she would put up a resort in Boracay.
How did you find the activity? What helped you to make it easier to identify the
statements expressing an opinion? Let us explore further your next activities.

  1. True
  2. True
  3. False
  4. true
  5. True

True or False 1. Customer record this is the personal

Ask: True or False
1. Customer record this is the personal details products purchased and other product inquiries that are useful for finding new customers
2. customer complaints is the detail of complains about the products service staff or anything else and step taken to resolve them
3. the first thing that should be done every day is to check how much cash is available
4. good record keeping can help protect the business measurement the performance and maximum profit.
5. financial statement will help determine the business financial position at a specific point in time and over a period of time
6. insurance policy is a regular review and update of your business insurance especially when your business grows or change
7. the income statement also shows the business expands for the time period including its primary expenses expenses from secondary activity and finally any activity deprecation.
8. a good manager believes in the product that is being sold and transfer this enthusiasm to the customer
9. statements are the source document both physically and electronic that specific transmit dates and amount legal agreements and provide customers and business details
10. the current percentage helps investors and creditors understand the liquidity of a company and how easily that company will be able to pay off it’s currently liabilities.​


























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Activity No. 3 Disseminate the survey form you made in

Ask: Activity No. 3
Disseminate the survey form you made in Activity No. 1 to your classmates by
sending the link through their social media account or email. Then, review and analyze
the results by answering the questions below. Be ready to report your findings in your
a. What are your findings?
b. What can you say about the data that you have collected?
c. How will the results help you in improving your future product or business?
d. What is your conclusion on the collected data.

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Answer: will the results help you in impry your future product or business

Review Activity: "Try This! (True or False)Write True if the

Ask: Review Activity: “Try This! (True or False)
Write True if the following statement is correct and False if it is not correct.
1. The Statement of Financial Position is commonly called a Balance Sheet.
2. Cash Flows Statement reflects the sources and uses of the business funds.
3. Fundamentals of Accounting gives the Accounting Equation as “Asset +
Liabilities = Owner’s Equity.”
4. Debits and Credits in a double entry accounting should always be equal.
5. Gross Profit is the difference between Sales and Cost of Sales.
For the answers, except for item #3, all are true. So how do you find your
stock knowledge? If you’ve hit all the answers right, it’s amazing!
Isn’t it great to realize that you still remember some concepts from your
accounting subjects? If you forgot some, it’s still okay, just make a little review.
Now, you are ready for our lesson, “The major role of financial management
and the different individuals involved.”
At the end of this lesson, you are expected to:
define what finance is and the underlying concepts therein;
b. identify the individuals responsible for financial management;
C. describe the primary activities of the financial manager and how he
helps in achieving the goal of the organization;
d. determine what financial institutions, financial markets and financial
instruments are.
On your own insights, what do you think about the concept “finance”,
which is the primary concern of any business around? If you’re able to define
it on your own, you’re pretty good!
Here is an overview and we’ll have a journey on what the lesson is all about.
Introduction to the Philippine Financial System​


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__1. Businesses propose solutions. How are these solutions decided on?

Ask: __1. Businesses propose solutions. How are these solutions decided on? A. scale solutions. B. scan solutions C. scrap solutions D. screen solutions __2. Many solutions are possible for business. What should be done? A. Select all solutions. B. Select the best solution. C. Select the common solution. D. Select the dearest solution. __3. A business solution is chosen. How is the solution chosen? A. Screen buyers. B. Screen competitors. C. Screen the makers. D. Screen the proposal. __4. A solution is offered for business. How is the offer done? A. Business display B. Business proposal C. Business reviews D. Business showcase __5. A business is viable. What is viable in business? A. It is the long-term help. B. It is the long-term monitor. C. It is the long-term survival. D. It is the long-term tracking. __6. A business must be viable. Why must it be viable? A. It is for the long-term of having process. B. It is for the long-term of having the profit. C. It is for the long-term of having the program. D. It is for the long-term of having the promotion. __7. A business is profitable. What is profitability in business? A. Balance or net B. Base or center C. Benefit or gain D. Benchmark or scale __8. A business must be profitable. Why must it be profitable? A. To benchmark from it. B. To center or fix on it, C. To earn or benefit from it. D. To focus or base on it. __9. Profit is computed. How is it computed? A. Revenue is deducted with accounts__10. The computation of profit can be a positive number. Why is it positive? A. breakeven result B. fund as the result C. loss as the result D. profit as the result __11. The computation of profit can be a negative number. Why is it negative? A. breakeven result B. fund as the result C. loss as the result D. profit as the result __12. The computation of profit can be a zero. Why is it a zero? A. above breakeven point B. at the breakeven point C. below the breakeven point D. bottom of breakeven point __13. Customer requirements must be provided. How is it provided? A. It is in a bunch or pack. B. It is in the cost or billings. C. It is in a delivery or transfer. D. It is in the goods or services. __14. The business is with customer requirements. Which is false in this case? A. Customers determine characteristics and specifications. B. Keep their trust to rely on the quality you provide to customers. C. What the buyers say is a customer requirement in any business. D. You as the entrepreneur should be the expert to be followed by all. __15. Screen to Select the best and make a prototype of your product or service. Which is false in this case? A. Mutual benefit for your business and the community. B. Prototype the product or service based on the screening. C. Representation of the actual product or service is a prototype. D. Take all the possibility to be done in the business for your satisfaction.​
















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Not only you can get the answer of how reviews help your business, you could also find the answers of Activity No. 3, What's Inopinions couldYou, Review Activity: "Try, MultipleDirections: Encircle the, and 28. In which.