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You are going on a three-day business trip for your

Ask: You are going on a three-day business trip for your company to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. You have up to $300 a day to spend on lodging and food. If you do not spend the money you save money for your company; you do not get to keep the unspent money. You will check in on October 18 and check out on October 21. Choose the hotel where you would stay; what Web site would you use to pick the hotel? What did your search process involve? How many Web sites did you use to make your selection? What criteria did you make in choosing the hotel? (note: look up the hotel rates, but please do not make an actual reservation.)

Conduct a price comparison of several hotels or restaurants in the same class. What price differences did you find? Do you feel the companies that had the higher prices could justify those higher prices by offering additional features or a higher-quality product?

You just have been hired as the dining room manager at a local hotel. The manager asks you to evaluate the menu prices to see if they need to be adjusted. How would you go about this task?
Consumers’ perceptions of price bundles vary depending on the traits of the market segments. Which customer segment do you think is the most sensitive to pricing strategies?​

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