How Much Money Do You Need To Buy A House

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If you are looking for the answer of how much money do you need to buy a house, you’ve got the right page. We have approximately 5 FAQ regarding how much money do you need to buy a house. Read it below.

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Read, understand and analyse the problem then do what is

Ask: Read, understand and analyse the problem then do what is asked.

Gene decided to save P50.60 a week from his allowance to buy a gift for his mother’s birthday. If he saved for 4 weeks, how much is the most expensive gift that he can buy using all the money that he saved?

13. What is asked in the problem?

14. What are the given facts?

15. Write the mathematical sentence.

Joyce bought 20 cans of sardines for her neighbour whose house got burned. If each can cost P25.90, how much did she pay?

16. What operation is used to solve the problem?

17. Write the mathematical sentence.

18. What is the answer to the problem?

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13. The most expensive gift that he can buy using all the money that he saved.

14. P50.60, 4weeks(?)

15. P50.60×4=N (P202.4)

16. Multiplication

17. P25.90×20=N

18. P518

car has 100 pesos to spend the house you want

Ask: car has 100 pesos to spend the house you want to buy is worth 165 pesos how much money do you need?​


65 pesos

Step-by-step explanation:

165-100=65 pesos


65 pesos


Step-by-step explanation:

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1. TRUE or FALSE. Circle your answer for each statement.

Ask: 1. TRUE or FALSE. Circle your answer for each statement. 1. I should always spend more money than I have because I can just ask others for the extra money. a. True b. False 2. Places where I can save money or get loans are banks, microfinance institutions, cooperative and savings groups. a. True b. False 3. Even if I have a little money, I can start keeping a record of what I have and what I spend it on. a. True b. False 4. I need to try to save so that I have money for emergencies or unexpected things that will happen. a. True b. False II. MULTIPLE CHOICE. Circle your answer for each statement. .1. When you need money, which is not a good way to get it: ne a. Asking friends or family b. Working c. Saving d. Stealing e. Borrowing 2. The safest place to save your money is: a. In the bank or savings group b. With a friend 3. You can save money by: a. Turning off lights or lamps in the house b. Walking instead of taking a motorcycle c. In a corner of the home d. saving is for people who worry too much c. Reusing containers to carry other things d. Fixing old clothes or shoes e. Using things that people have thrown away to make new things f. All of the above 4. Record-keeping and budgeting: a. Help you to look back (to know how much you are earning, how much you have spent, and how much you owe) b. Help you to look forward (planning what you spend so that it is less than what you earn). c. All of the above d. None of the above 5. When making a financial plan, I should consider the following questions: a. How much should I save? b. What should I spend less money on? c. How will I earn money? d. What should I do to look after myself when I get older and am no longer working? e. All of the above f. None of the above 6. To decrease what you owe to others: a. Do not borrow more money b. Speak to people you owe money to, to work out when you can pay them back c. Pay off any debt where people are charging you extra money on what you owe them d. Do not buy anything else or anything expensive while you still owe a lot of money e. All of the above​










hindi ko na maintindihan yung iba dikit dikit

1. Which of the following has the greatest value? *

Ask: 1. Which of the following has the greatest value? *
1 point
A. 70.305
B. 70.053
C. 70.350
D. 70.503
2. Which decimal below has the least value? *
1 point
A. 0.27
B. 0.17
C. 0.40
D. 0.39
3. From these set of numbers: 12.09, 12.90, 12.96, 12.906, which is the greatest? *
1 point
A. 12.09
B. 12.90
C. 12.96
D. 12.906
4. What symbol is appropriate to use to compare this: 67.098 ___ 67.908? *
1 point
A. <
B. >
C. =
D. ≠
5. Compare 0.70 and 0.07. *
1 point
A. 0.70 is greater than 0.07
B. 0.70 is less than 0.07
C. 0.07 is greater than 0.70
D. 0.07 is equal to 0.70
6. Arrange in ascending order: 5.09, 5.009, 5.900, 5.909. *
1 point
A. 5.09, 5.009, 5.900, 5.909
B. 5.09, 5.009, 5.900. 5.919
C. 5.009, 5.09, 5.900, 5.909
D. 5.009, 5.09, 5.909, 5.900
7. The descending order for: 8.098, 8.908, 8.089, and 8.980 is: *
1 point
A. 8.098, 8.908, 8.089, 8.980
B. 8.089, 8.098, 8.908, 8.980
C. 8.980, 8.908, 8.098, 8.089
D. 8.908, 8.980, 8.098, 8.089
8. In 20.612, 21.612, _____, 23.612, what is the missing decimal to make the arrangement correct? *
1 point
A. 21.621
B. 21.162
C. 24.216
D. 22.612
9. The heights of Amiel, Jenard, Kevin, and Zandro are 167.56 cm, 176.056 cm, 187.506 cm, and 178.065 cm, respectively. Who is the tallest in the group? *
1 point
A. Amiel
B. Jenard
C. Kevin
D. Zandro
10. The distance of Almer’s house to his school is 3,498.608 feet, Karlo’s house has a distance 3,498.680 feet to his school, Delmar’s house is 3,489.086, while Jasper’s house is 3,490.680 feet. Whose house is the farthest? *
1 point
A. Almer
B. Karlo
C. Jasper
D. Delmar
11. Find the sum of 4.089 + 0.52 + 12.006. *
1 point
A. 16.515
B. 16.615
C. 16.605
D. 16.625
12. What is the answer if you add 0.098, 1.075, 5.123, and 11.425? *
1 point
A. 16.721
B. 17.621
C. 17.721
D. 17.821
13. What is the value of N in 502.084 + 131.105 = N? *
1 point
A. 643.189
B. 633.189
C. 634.189
D. 633.199
14. What is the sum if you add 5.3 + 0.673 + 14.9? *
1 point
A. 20.873
B. 20.883
C. 21.873
D. 21.883
15. Luis is an athlete ran 0.68 km uphill, 0.84 km downhill, and 0.97 km in the flat and cemented road during his practice. What is the total distance he ran during his practice? *
1 point
A. 3.49
B. 3.39
C. 2.49
D. 2.39
16. Rewrite in proper column: 867.758 – 543.057 and find the answer. *
1 point
A. 324.701
B. 324.801
C. 342.801
D. 342.701
17. Subtract ₱57.75 from ₱100.00 *
1 point
A. ₱43.25
B. ₱43.35
C. ₱42.25
D. ₱42.35
18. What is N in ₱1400.50 – ₱820.25 = N? *
1 point
A. ₱580.25
B. ₱590.25
C. ₱580.35
D. ₱590.35
19. In a Quarantine period because of Covid 19, the government required all households to stay at home to avoid the spread and infection of the virus. One day, Leyrand spend his time staying at home by doing bodily exercises. He spent 0.52 hour doing jogging and 1.45 hours gardening. How many more hours did Leyrand do the gardening than jogging? *
1 point
A. 0.83 hr.
B. 0.84 hr
C. 0.93 hr.
D. 0.94 hr.
20. During the Lax Quarantine, Marlon went to the mall and bought personal stuffs on sale. He wants to buy a pair of branded shorts for ₱308.75 but his money on hand is only ₱190.50. He decided to withdraw using his debit card to ATM. How much more is needed for him to buy the shorts? *
1 point
A. ₱117.25
B. ₱117.35
C. ₱118.35
D. ₱118.25












Step-by-step explanation:

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Why do you need to know the needs and wants

Ask: Why do you need to know the needs and wants of the family.
A. To know what gadget to be bought to every month.
B. Because it helps in the apportioning income and expenses.
C. Because it helps us prioritize what clothes to wear during parties.
D. Because it might get individual into financial trouble.

Lopez family’s budget is ₱25,000.00 a month. if they allot 35% of their budget for their food,How much money will they spent?
A. 6,000.00
B. 7,000.00
C. 8,750.00
D. 9,000.00

Who is the proponent of maslow hierarchy of needs?
A. Aaron maslow
B. Abraham maslow
C. John maslow
D. Alexander maslow

Which of the following activities and done daily?
A. Changing curtains
B. Washing clothes
C. Applying floorwax
D. Cooking

Which of the following activities and schedule daily?
A. Buying groceries
B. Cleaning yard
C. Washing dishes
D. Doing house repairs​

1. B
2. C
3. B
4. D
5. A








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Not only you can get the answer of how much money do you need to buy a house, you could also find the answers of Why do you, Read, understand and, 1. Which of, 1. TRUE or, and car has 100.