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Choose the correct letter. Write your answer on the space

Ask: Choose the correct letter. Write your answer on the space provided before each number.
1. What is the most common material used in carpentry?
a. nails
b. wood
2. Which word best describes or refers to a lumber for a certain carpentry job?
c. paint
d. sand
a. stock
b. standard
C. Scale
d. segregate
3. Why do we need to identify tools and materials in carpentry?
a. Avoid delaying of work
c. easy to prepare for the right job
b. easily pick-up from the tool box
d. all of the above
4. Why do you think the pull push rule is used to measure long distances?
a. because it can measure up to 10 meters
c. because it is easy to use
b. because it is light and handy tool
d. because it is a flexible rule
5. Why do we need to check the conditions of tools and equipment?
a. maintain the sharpness and functional tools and equipment
b. test the functionality of the tools and equipment
c. identify the tools and equipment need repair/replace
d. all of the above
6. Can you identify which is an object used as parts or components of the projects?
a. equipment b. materials
c. tool
d. hardware
7. What is the main idea when we say it is a measurable extent such as length, thickness and width?
a. dimension
b. fraction
c. graduation
d. mensuration
8. Why do you think meric is an international system of measurement?
a. easy to read
c. it is broken down into smaller measurement
b. a decimal system
d. all of the above
9. What would be the result if the number is expressed in a counting system that uses units of 10?
a. it becomes a fraction
c. it becomes a decimal
b. it becomes a standard number
d. it becomes a whole number
10. Using on what you have learned on conversion of units, how will you convert centimeters into millimeters?
a. multiply the number by 1?
c. multiply the number by 10?
b. multiply the number by 100?
d. multiply the number by 1000?
11. How would you calculate a boardfoot in lumber using on what you have learned?
multiply the thickness, length and width and divide it by 12
b. divide the thickness, length and width and multiply it by 12
add the thickness, length and width and subtract it by 12
d. subtract the thickness, length and width and add it by 12
12. In the ways of taking measurement, can you distinguish which one is the first?
a. Layout the width
c. measure edge to edge with a measuring tool
b. measure end to end of stock using a measuring too! d. measure inside diameter with a caliper
13. Why do you think measurements must be obtained according to job requirements?
a. so that no materials will be wasted
c. time will be more consumed
b. quality product is attainable
both a and c
14. What are some of the factors that cause some of the measuring tools to be damage?
a. They were wiped before returning to the storage room
b. Movable parts are oiled to avoid stock-up
Pull push rules are pulled too much
d. Checking the graduations of the tools after use
15. Why do you think measurement is important in our day-to-day life?
a. Because it teaches us how to measure.
b. Because it provides a standard for everyday things and processes.
Because it gives correct data and results.​









Essay Analysis: Read the Article written by Exie Abola. Then,

Ask: Essay Analysis: Read the Article written by Exie Abola. Then, extract and analyze each section using the literary tools. After crafting your analysis posted in white cartolina, write them in your notebook. Follow the format below. Many Mansions by Exie Abola It probably was a small house, but size throws off a child. What seems modest to an adult is extravagance to a little one. It was the world to me. It certainly seemed ample then. There were three bedrooms, which we called blue, green, and aircon. Children’s names, these; one bedroom was painted blue, one green, and one had a new air-conditioner. I don’t remember what we called it before the air-conditioner arrived, but it was yellow, with a parquet floor and a deep dressing area. It was the room of my parents, which is why the new Sony color TV and Betamax were there. The old TV was in the living room downstairs, a Zenith in a large cabinet with doors that slid open. In front of it was a coffee table and the blue sofa where Tito Bing, when he was visiting, would sit shirtless, leaving a deep, sweaty impression on the vinyl. My mother sent most of us to piano lessons, and soon enough, a piano took its place in our living room. We went to a music studio in northeast Greenhills, a short walk from the Greenhills shopping center. To us that whole complex was simply Unimart, where my mother bought groceries; then came Virra Mall, a modern marvel, not yet a seedy haven of smuggled goods. This was my small, well-traveled universe: Ledesma Street to Unimart; further down Ortigas to Meralco, where my father worked and where we played tennis on Sunday afternoons; and then on to Ateneo, where I had studied since grade school. San Juan seemed pretty much the whole city then, because even my relatives were there. On M. Paterno Street, adjacent to Ledesma, lived Tito Pepot with my father’s parents. Tito Tito and the Litonjuas lived in another part of Greenhills, with Tita Letty and the Mendozas nearby on Mariano Marcos Street. Sundays we heard mass in Mary the Queen, where I would marry my wife years later. The big round dining table was new, and I suppose like a lot of families, we experienced that moment of bliss when, having changed from a long table to this round one with a novelty called the lazy Susan, we were liberated from the forced courtesies of asking people to pass this or that dish. I wonder though if something was lost, if the convenience of just turning an inner platform set on marbles until what you wanted was right in front of you did away with the learned cordiality, the togetherness with one’s table mates that taught you the give and take of community. There were orange glasses and a matching orange pitcher, and at meals we’d have it and a blue one on the table. Tito Bing would pour orange juice into his coffee, forgetting that the water was in the orange pitcher, the orange juice in the blue one. Ledesma Street was a short one, and quiet. Our house was unassuming, with walls of a modest height and a green gate. The gate opened to a long three-car garage. We’d play football there, and Bombit, the eldest, once fell on his wrist and broke it. On birthdays there would be parties, with folding tables from one end to the other, balloons, spaghetti, hotdogs, ice cream, and our painfully cute posing for pictures. Our next-door neighbor made coffins, or so they said. I don’t remember seeing any. Actually, I don’t remember seeing anyone in that tiny gray house on our left. My mother says that some of the people there had gone insane. Somehow, coffin-making and insanity come hand in hand, as we’ve learned from old horror movies. In high school I discovered the perilous thrill of chasing after girls. Going to soirées, meeting them, getting their phone numbers, calling them up – how crazy it all was, to daydream an entire afternoon away, my books on the living room coffee table, my head in the clouds. The studying could go to hell as my mind floated in its hormoneinduced bliss. It was a heady time, reveling in the rush of taking risks, then wallowing in the crushing despair of rejection. The Assumptionistas wouldn’t let you stay on the phone with them more than fifteen minutes. The Scholasticans would talk for hours, and I loved that. Niña and I would talk often, it would be daylight out, then it would be dark and I wouldn’t even get up to turn on the lights, and we’d talk some more. But I should have seen how that affair would turn out: she lived on Vito Cruz, way beyond my familiar orbit. At a certain point, we saw each other at a volleyball game in La Salle Greenhill, then asked “Was that you?” later in the evening when I called. When you don’t know what each other looks like anymore, the courtship has officially failed.​


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