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A Multiple Choice Read the statement below. Choose the correct

Ask: A Multiple Choice Read the statement below. Choose the correct answer and write it on
the space provided for before each number
1 What are the three market forms of eggs?
A Fresh, frozen, dried
B. Fresh, frozen, wet
C Fresh, thaw, dried
D. Processed, thaw, dried
2. Which of the following is also known as powdered eggs made from whole
eggs, whites and yolks and primarily used for baking?
A Dried eggs B. Fresh eggs C. Frozen eggs D. Wet eggs
3. What market form of an egg is sold in shell and is the most common form of
egg used in cookery?
A Dried egg B. Fresh eggs C. Frozen eggs D. Pasteurized eggs
4. If a recipe calls for a egg, What size of egg should you use?
A. Extra-large
B. Jumbo
C. Large
D Medium
5. How would you use powdered eggs?
A As ingredients by food processors
B. Can be used be people with reduced-cholesterol diet requirement
C. Can used to prevent gelation or increased viscosity during freezing
D. Can be mixed into recipes to cook baked goods like cookies and pies.
6. What is the most commonly consumed type of egg?
A. Quail egg
B. Chicken egg
C. Duck egg
D. Ostrich egg
7 Which type of egg is used in making balut?
A. Quail egg
B. Chicken egg
C. Duck egg
D. Ostrich egg
8 Which of the following statements describes fresh eggs or shelled eggs?
A. This must be kept in freezer
B This must be used for baking
C They come in the form of whole eggs with extra yolks and whites
D. This is most often used for breakfast cooking
9. Which statement describes eggs as an emulsifier?
A Cooked in simmening water, addition of salt and vinegar hastens coagulations
B Egg is beaten albumen is denatured air is incorporated as white is stretched into thin film
C Egg yolk are used in mayonnaise to keep the oil from separating out
D. Egg yolk is added in a cup of liquid and this mixture is added into the pot of hot sauce
10. How can you facilitate ease in removing the shell of hard boiled egg?
A Coat the shell with some cake flour
B. Immerse in vinegar
C. Dip in cold water
D. Put inside the refrigerator for 3 minutes
11. What would happen to the yolk of an egg if it is being cooked too long at a very high temperature?
A It may be tough
B. The color becomes pale yellow
C. It may become greenish during cooking
D. It turns white and soft peaks are formed
12. One of the uses of eggs in culinary arts is binding. Which of the following is not an example of binding?
A Hamburger
B. Omelettes
C. Patties
D. Stocks
13. Which kind of egg dish is prepared by slipping shelled eggs into barely simmering water and gently cooking until the egg holds its shape?
A Deviled egg
B. Poached egg
C. Omelette
D. Soft-boiled egg
14. Which of the following tools is NOT used in cooking omelette?
A Bowls
B. Fork
C. Saute Pan
D. Skimmer
15 Which statement describes Frittata? a very high temperature?
A An Italian egg-based dish similar to an omelette or crustless quiche
B Spanish dish made from beaten eggs quickly cooked with butter
C A Chinese cuisine ingredients made by preserving eggs in a mixture of clay, ash quicklime and rice hulls
D A Chinese soup of wispy beaten eggs in boiled chicken broth​


















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