How Long Do You Need To Quarantine

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If you are looking for the answer of how long do you need to quarantine, you’ve got the right page. We have approximately 7 FAQ regarding how long do you need to quarantine. Read it below.

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Activity 1: Read me and think! Corona virus / Covid-19

Ask: Activity 1: Read me and think!
Corona virus / Covid-19 is one of the biggest health problem that the whole world if suffering now. It does not only threaten people but killed thousands of lives in the whole world. It started in Wuhan China last 2019 as a highly contagious disease spread out in the whole world. There have been many solutions proposed to some health experts in every government together with the World Health Organization who are very eager to bit this virus. First is social distancing among people when with the others. Second is frequent washing of hands using clean water and soap or hand sanitizers or alcohol. Third is wearing of face mask and face shield every time you go out in public places. In fact communities were also placed in community lockdown to control mobility of people in a way to control the spread of virus. Communities were first placed on Enhanced Community Quarantine, next Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine, then General Community Quarantine and lastly Modified General Community Quarantine depending upon the severity of the coronavirus outbreak of the place. In addition, mass gathering is also prohibited, but churches are allowed to open for as long as health protocols are strictly followed to suppress the outbreak of virus for the safety of the people. Lastly, prayer and strict self-discipline was highly promoted. These are one of the solutions that we can do to bit this virus. Still, it is in our hands how can we save ourselves in this deadly virus of our time.

1.What is the selection about?
2.What are four (4) different levels of community quarantine according to the need of locking down a place?
3.How did the government contain the spread of virus in the communities based on their proposed solutions?
4.Base on the selection,aside from the mentioned solutions,how else did the government address the suppression of the virus outbreak?​


  • About covid-19
  • Through health protocols and quarantine
  • By telling people the protocols



1.what is N in 2:5 = N:10? a.2 b.4 c.6

Ask: 1.what is N in 2:5 = N:10?

2.solve the value of N in N:8 = 15:3?

3.the ratio “5 is to 9″ is the same as” _____is to 45″


4.which of the following proportion has 9 as a missing term?
B.N:5 = 10:2
C.3:4 = 6:N
D.N:6 = 12:3

5. a motorist travels 275 km in 5 hours. how far can he travel in 9 hours at the sam speed?
a.275 km
b.495 km
c.565 km
d. 635 km

6. if 3 pieces of pad paper cost php 45.00, how much do the 21 pices os pad paper cost?
a.php 315
b.php 425
c. php 545
d. php 675

7. the ratio of the angles of a triangle is 3:4:5. what is the difference of the biggest angle and the smallest angle?
a. 400
b. 350
c. 300
d. 20

8. two numbers are in the ratio 5:3. if the sum is 88, what is the difference of the two numbers?

9. 12 painters can paint a building in 10 days. how many painters are needed to paint it in 6 days?

10. if 4 farmers can plow a 3- hectare land in 6 days, how long can 8 farmers do it?
a.2 days
b.3 days
c.6 days
d.8 days

11. marlo and charles sell newspaper on weekends to earn extra money. for every 9 newspapers that marlo sells, charles sells 15. if marlo sold 45 newspaper, how many did charles sells?
a. 50

12.find the missing number to complete the equivalent ratios. 8/15 = N/45

13. what number compared to 21 is the same as 35 compared to 7?
c. 105

14.5 buses can transport 130 people. how manybuses are needed to transport 780 pupils?

15. the ratio of male pupils to female pupils in san jose elementary school is 7:9 if there are 126 female pupils, how many pupils are male?

16.what is the formula for finding the percentage?
a.P = R X B
b. P = R – B
C. P = R/B
D.R = R + B

17. which is the following is the formula is the formula in finding the rate?
a.R = P X B
B.R = P + B
C.R = P – B
D.R = P/B

18. in “25% of 32 is 8”, what do you call 25%?

19.”what is the term for 48 in “24 is 50% of 48”?

20.what number is 40% of 80?

21. 15 is what percent of 60?

22. 12.5% of what number is 300?

23.when jessa planted vegetables during enhance community quarantine, she was able to harvest a month ago. out of 10 kg of pechay she was able to sell 82% of it. how many kilograms of pechay was she able to sell?
a.82 kgs
b.8.2 kgs
c. 82 kgs
d.820 kgs

24. a test has 20 questions. if peter gets 80% correct, how many questions did peter missed?

25. pete had 140 candies. he kept 28 candies for himself and gave the rest away.what percentage of his candies did he gave away?
d.20% quinay’s money is not enough to buy a cellphone at php 7,000. mrs. quinay gives him 30% of the cost? how much money does he recieve from his wife?
a.php 2,100
b.php 2,000
c.php 1,800
d.php 1,500

27. a grade 6 class went on a field trip. only 60% or 30 pupils joined the activity. what was the class enrolment?

28.elma bought a blouse with 20% discount. how much did she pay if the tag price of the blouse was php 850?
a.php 170
b.php 350
c. php 650
d. php 720

29. elvie bought a dress for php 550 at 20% discount. what was the original price?
a.php 750
b.php 780.50
c.php 650
d. php 687.50

30. a salesman sells a car for php 960,000. if he receives a commission of 15%, how much will be his commission?
a.php 144,000
b.php 140,000
c.php 145,000
d.php 150,000

31. 40 – 3 + 1=
34.[11×7] – 20=
35.[4×8-2] -6=
36.[8×5 – 20] divided by 4=
37.5x[36 divided by 9] – 5 =
38.[12×7] -4=
39.12x[60 divided by 10] =
































31. 38

32. 25

33. 0

34. 57

35. 24

36. 35

37. 15

38. 80

39. 72

Step-by-step explanation:


29. Most of the themes in African Literature focus on

Ask: 29. Most of the themes in African Literature focus on freedom, independence, equalit and economic freedom to name a few. What do these lines from the African story of creation reveal about their values?
A West African creation tale explains how two spirit people were accidentally sent down to earth by the sky god. Lonely, the people decided to create children from clay, but feel they must hide them when the sky god comes down. Because they are hidden in fire, the children soon turn to various shades based on how long they had been exposed to the heat. Over time, these clay children grow up and move to various regions of the earth ultimately populating it (Fader).
A. Africans value people’s differences
B. Africans entertain themselves through tales
C. Africans follow their religion
D. Africans are hardworking people
30. As part of the Asian continent, Filipinos share the same values and traditions with Chinese and Japanese. What values are common among the three groups of people? A. family oriented, religious and hardworking
B. goal oriented, hardworking and nature enthusiasts
C. family oriented, superstitious, hardworking
D. hardworking, religious, goal oriented
31. My friends decided to go home to the province before the imposition of the community quarantine, __________ I have stayed here in Manila for work.
A. besides B. whereas C. also D. moreover
32. I will not go home tonight, __________ I haven’t finished the report or tomorrow’s board meeting yet.
A. also B. furthermore C. besides D. thus
33. One way of getting information and knowledge is through listening. It is a skill that some people need to work on harder than others. The following are some of the tips in employing proper listening skills, except one
A. Listen to get the general ideas of the text.
B. Take down notes to help you recall important ideas.
C. listen and focus on the text being read.
D. take note of the facial expression of the reader.


alam ko yan somative test

29 b

30 a

31 d

32 c


What Is It?The quarantine level in each area is changing

Ask: What Is It?
The quarantine level in each area is changing every fifteen days as decided by
the government and the ATF-EID. Depending on the risk level, changing the
quarantine status (ie. ECQ, MECQ, GCO, MGCQ) may vary from one place to
another. This means that the way of life in a certain place must also conform to the
existing rules and regulations. Honestly, community quarantine affects us all We
are still facing the uncertainties of tomorrow. The COVID-19 pandemic forces the
government to implement the “new normal” in order to move forward Programs and
policies are made to help the society adapt to this. Still, we need to practice social
distancing, continue to wear masks and wash hands more often as we continue to
face this battle. How about you? Have you adjusted already to the new normal?
What did you do at home during quarantine period? Did you gain weight? Did
you use your free time wisely? Did you sleep well? Did you still exercise? What
recreational activities did you do? How did you feel about your so-long-stay at
home? Did you feel bored? Were you happy for not going out with friends like what
you were used to do? How about the people around you and your family? Did you
spend more time with them in doing recreational and positive activities to relax and to
have fun? Feel free to briefly share your most unforgettable experience during the
quarantine period in the space provided below​

yes im still exercising to get my body well


Choose the letter of the best answer. Write your answer

Ask: Choose the letter of the best answer. Write your answer on the space provided.

1) On Christmas eve, Angela received gifts from her godparents. There are 3 gifts that are round, gifts that are rectangular, and 2 gifts that are triangular. What is the ratio of Angela’s gift that is round, rectangular, and triangular?

A. 3:6:2

B. 2:6:3

C. 2:3:6


2) Last November 15, 2021, Cavite was placed on quarantine alert level 2. It means there are lots of services and productions that reopened, and ready to serve. Alex and his friends wanted to go to Enchanted Kingdom to enjoy their weekend. A promo allows 3 vaccinated persons for only P2 500.00. How much will 12 vaccinated persons pay?

A. P5000.00

B. P7500.00

C. P10 000.00

D.P12 500.00

3) Gift giving is part of the culture of Filipinos, Lanie wants to share bags of rice grains from her farm to every family in her community. There are 150 families and consumes 1200 kilograms of rice per week. If Lanie wants to give 15 000 kilograms of rice grains, how long they will consume this volume of rice?

A. 12 weeks

B. 12.5weeks

C. 13 weeks

D. 13.5 weeks

4) Every Christmas, Peachy and her friends share their blessings to their community. They want to give P20 580.00 to 3 families in the ratio of 3:4:5, how much would each family received?

A. PS 415: P6 680 : P8 757

B. P5 145: P6 860 : P8 575

C. P5 451 : P6 608 : P8755

D. P5 541 : P6068: P8557

5) Forty percent of ninety is what number?

A. 0.036

B. 36

C. 3.6

D. 36

6) Typhoon Odette hit the tourist island of Siargao last December 2021 and some people took their chance to mark up the price of the goods and services. The owner of the gasoline station adds a markup of P50.00 on all the products. What is the mark- up rate of a 1 liter of gasoline that cost P55.00?

A. 90 %


C. 92%

D. 93%

7) There is a sale promo Magole grocery warran destas burnere mena acara be donated for a charity on Christmas. The discount was a mementine purses, and he saveti 500.00, what is the total price of the noche buena padagas?

A. P17 780.00

B. P18 570,00

C. P18 750.00

D. P17 794.60

8) Sally sells firecrackers at Bocaue, Bulacan and the expendras of great because of Cavite 19 pandemic. She saves 5% of her everyday earnings for educational Center children. It she earned P10500.00 today, how much will she saver

A. P525.00

B. P550.00

C. P570.00

D. P575.00

9) After holidays, the cases of Covid-19 in the Philippines begun to surge again and demartnem of Education decided that face to face dasses will be cancelled again in the entire country Se Marie decided to save money on her daily allowance, 5.00 on Monday, 10.00 on Tuesday P15.00 on Wednesday and so how much will she save until Frida?

A. P65.00

B. P70.00

C. P75.00

D. P80.00

10) Because of Omicron variant, Cavite is placed again in alert level 3 status and dasses are suspended. Sheila finished her modules early and has more time to relax, that’s why she looks for a book to read in online shop. The book she wants to read has 54 pages. How many peges does the book have?

A. 20

B. 100

C. 525

D. 625

11) Lala, Lilo, and Lulu are triplets, they have different answers on the problem 2×52- 15 + 3) – 10 given in their Mathematics module. What do you think is the corect answer?

A. 20


C. 100

D. 110

12) In adding integers, having same signs, simply add the numbers and copy the common sign to the sum, what will be the answer if(-34) is added to (-76)?

A. 42


C. 110


13) Insubtracting integers, simply change the sign of the subtrahendand proceed to addition What will be the answer if (-36) subtracted from (-98)?

A. 62

B. -62

C. 134


14) As Covid-19 pandemic continues, many variants have developed all around the world. Terrence caught omicron variant last January and have symptoms. He monitored his temperature, it was 38°C in the morning. At 3PM, it wasdrop by 1.6°C and drop again by 0.3c in the evening. What will be his temperature at the end of the day?

A. 36.1°C



D. 36.4°C

15). This time of pandemic we need to become more conscious about our health because of Covid- 19. variants. We need to eat healthy food #ke vegetables and fruits to protect our body. That’s why Sarah gets a part-time job with P3 500.00 monthly salary to sustain her healthy diet. How much she Wilreceiveifsheworksfor months in her part-timejob?

A. P16 000.00

B. P16 500.00

C. P17 000.00

D. P17 500.00​




name r o blox:




1. Seven sign pens cost P574. How much will 2 dozens of sign pens cost?

2. If 153 rails, place end-to-end in a straight line, stretch to 680m, how far will 135 rails stretch?

3. If 15 men can repair a road in 28 days, how long will 35 men take to do so?

4. If a quantity of rice will last 3 months for 210 men how long it last for 280 men?

5. A photograph of a bacteria enlarged 50 000 times attains a length of 5 cm. if the photograph is enlarged 20 000 times only, That would be its enlarged length?

6. Jessa buys three bananas for P25.00. How much does she have to pay for a dozen of these bananas?

7. A typist can finish 4 pages in 6 minutes. How long will it take him to finish 18 pages?

8. A menu which serves 5 people requires 3 cups of flour. How many cups of flour are needed for the menu to serve 20 people?

9. To finish a certain job in 8 days, 6 workers are needed. If it is required to finish the same job in 2 days advance, how many workers have to work?

10. A supply of food lasts for a week for 20 families. How long would the supply last if 3 more families have to be supplied?

11. The Civil Service Commission created a memorandum which shows how businesses can still operate if the city is under the General Community Quarantine (GCQ), One of the option is the Skeleton (Skeletal) Workforce which pertains to a work arrangement where a minimum number of employees is required to man the office to render service when frall staffing is not possible.

Is the head of your family affected with this kind of work arrangement? What can you say about it? Share the positive and negative side of this work arrangement.


1. One sign pen cost 82 if you multiply 82 and 7 the product of that is 574 pesos. Now the answer is 1968 pesos because 1 dozen is equal to 12 pcs.

A. Directions: Solve the following problems using any of the

Ask: A. Directions: Solve the following problems using any of the strategies. Choose the letter of the correct
1. Michael wants to buy a bike. His savings is P 412 only, which is one-fourth of the price of the bike.
How much more does he need to buy the bike?
2. A number decreased by 30 is equal to 72. Find the number.
3. How many oranges can you buy with Ⓡ 200 if an orange costs $8,00?
4. Upon choosing the cake they want for their friend, Lucy and her 3 friends contributed P120 each to
buy the cake. What is the price of the cake?
5. Ten times a number, increased by 7 is 67. Find the number.
6. Carl is at page 96 of the book he is reading. The book has a total of 422 pages. How many more
pages does he need to read to finish the book?
7. Brian saves P15.00 every day from his allowance. If there are 20 school days in a month, how
much would he have saved at the end of the month?
8. At the end of the day, two workers received a salary of Ⓡ500 to be divided in a ratio of 2:3. How
much would each worker receive?
9. Gemma brought mangoes and bananas for their picnic. The number of mangoes is 2 more than
twice the bananas. If she brought 14 mangoes, how many bananas did she bring?
10. Sean started jogging after the quarantine. On the first day, he jogged for 15 minutes, 18 minutes
on the second day, and 21 minutes on the third. If he continued jogging the next day following the
pattern, how long do you think did he jog?
N. 326
A. P1, 236.00
C. 6 papayas
U Worker 1 = P200.00/Worker 2=P300.00
I. P 300.00
L. 102

1.) A. P1648

2.) L. 102

3.) Y. 25

4.) M. P480

5.) O. 6

6.) N. 326 pages

7.) I. P300

8.) U. The first worker receives P200 and the second worker receives P300.

9.) C. 6 bananas

10.) V. 24

PS: The letter A’s answer is P1236 while base on my solutions, my answer is P1648.      

Not only you can get the answer of how long do you need to quarantine, you could also find the answers of Choose the letter, A. Directions: Solve, Activity 1: Read, PLEASE!ANSWER THIS. ONLY, and 1.what is N.