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How to be a great leader?​

Ask: How to be a great leader?​

How to be a great leader?​

To be a great leader, you must first be a leader to yourself, learn to listen and obey.

Being a leader is similar to being a parent, says Lars Sudmann, a previous corporate chief, in a TEDxUCLouvain Talk. Ahead of time, we have this large number of ruddy dreams of how we will make it happen, how unimaginable we will be, and the way in which we’ll evade the missteps that we see others make.

In any case, when it’s our chance to accept the job, we see that reality doesn’t match our assumptions or minds.

A leader needs to know each of their inclinations, preferences, and shortcomings. It’s vital data for a supervisor to have, however, it’s difficult 100% of the time for them to get such input from their partners and subordinates. In any event, when they’re told they won’t confront reprisal or discipline for their remarks, many individuals actually think that it is hard to offer authentic analysis however a leader posses calmness within.

How to becoming a great and responsible leader



well for me,you should think good not only for your self but also for your members


para makamit nyo ang iisang mithiin

pa brainliest nlang po kung nagustohan nyo opinion ko


why must one be greatful and how can one be

Ask: why must one be greatful and how can one be greatful​

One must be grateful for what they have, for one does not be grateful
shall suffer with guilt.

How to be grateful: say thank you for those who gave you gifts or blessings
Never ask for more.




we have to be grateful because it’s a good thing to do.

how to be a great leader

Ask: how to be a great leader

If you want to be a great leader, you have to be able to help the people whom you are leading. Help them improve and serve as an inspiration for them to give their best for every work they do. Also, strategy is very helpful to be successful.

To be a great leader it takes time and knowledge to achieve it.It should always come with self-development,confidence,strength,integrity, and kind. Leaders are the one who help us grow that’s why they need to be knowledgeable about life.More experience means more knowledge. And learning what is right for better and wrong for worst. To be a great leader,he should give more time to others than himself.Because he can’t change the world by just giving himself less to the world.

Heroes and their greatness. How these greatness inspire the youth

Ask: Heroes and their greatness. How these greatness inspire the youth today,​


ILOILO City – Dr. Jose Rizal may have died 120 years ago today, but his life and works, as told through time, have lived on among the youth, whom he described as “the hope of the fatherland.”

As the Philippines marks Rizal Day, young Ilonggos express admiration and respect for the national hero.

An “epitome of nationalism,” Rizal is “an inspiration to the youth,” the 20-year-old Charles Rey told Panay News.

“It’s always a challenge to meet his standard of service to the country,” Rey said. “The challenge compels us to go beyond our limits.”

Rey described Rizal as “a trailblazer of true and intelligent service.”

“I have always admired his brilliance. He took calculated risks and started new things,” the college student said. “While he had weaknesses, his imperfections make us understand that he was human, too.”

Rizal is to the Philippines what George Washington is to the United States, Gandhi to India and Bishop Desmond Tutu to South Africa, according to Jade Ayson, who studies political science.

“He has proven to us that the pen is really mightier than a sword,” said the resident of Santa Barbara, Iloilo.

Sheene Libs Mendoza learned from the national hero to always look back to where you came from.

“He has proven himself to the world, and yet he looked back. Why can’t we?” said the Pavia, Iloilo native, who has a political science degree.

Rizal was one of the few “enlightened Filipinos” who used their wealth and brains to give back to the country, said student Geroel James Salvador of Bacolod City.

“His life is an inspiration,” Salvador said. “His death opened the eyes of the Filipinos who were blinded by the lies of the Spaniards, and his works lived on to tell everybody that someone died for the freedom they are enjoying today.”

A 15-year-old Grade 10 student from Lemery, Iloilo urged his fellow youth not to forget the national hero.

To some teenagers, Rizal Day means nothing, Vince Perales told Panay News. “They are too focused on social media. They have no time to remember or know Rizal.”

“Ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan (The youth is the hope of the fatherland),” he quoted Rizal’s famous line.

A 32-year-old housewife from Pavia, Iloilo recalled that “Rizal” was her favorite subject during college.

“I admire him (Rizal) for his ideas, brilliant mind and genius works,” the 32-year-old Katherine Salveron said. “Courage without bloodshed.”

Rizal’s famous novels, “Noli Me Tangere” and “El Filibusterismo,” helped spark the revolt against the Spaniards.

“His works linger long after he was gone because of their lessons on patriotism, love, respect,

How to be a great enterpreneur?​

Ask: How to be a great enterpreneur?​


To be a great entrepreneur you should challenge yourself, get gritty,be passionate,take risks, trust yourself, reduce fear, visualize your goals, hire great partners and plan your finances.


Marami pa yan pero nalimutan kuna yung iba.

How to be a great shinobi​

Ask: How to be a great shinobi​


i don’t know

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please make me brain list

how did almost great all great men and women become

Ask: how did almost great all great men and women become famous or great leaders of their country?


Thomas Carlyle

One of the earliest leadership theories, the Great Man Theory came to light in the 19th century. It was attributed to a historian named Thomas Carlyle, who developed it to a great extent. He believed that ‘the history of the world is the biography of great men


Tama po ba?

how to be a great man?

Ask: how to be a great man?


do the good things and always be a positive person okay and do allthins with love


To become a great man is to contribute to society by doing good deeds and helping people. Being responsible for your actions, respectful for others, helpful to those in need and faithful to our God is the path to greatness. A simple act of kindness is an indication of a great man.

what is greatness how to be great?give example​

Ask: what is greatness how to be great?give example​

Greatness is the quality of being great, distinguished, eminent, or someone who excels and did some good deed- To be become great we should thrive and do our bestest to attain our goals and that we should always be humble in success and graceful in defeat…

how many ancestors from parents to great-great-great grandparents do you

Ask: how many ancestors from parents to great-great-great grandparents do you have?

the ancestors from parents to may great-great-great grandparents that i have there are a lot of them cant count.

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