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If you are looking for the answer of how do you know when to test for covid, you’ve got the right page. We have approximately 9 FAQ regarding how do you know when to test for covid. Read it below.

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1.The writer is optimistic that her publication about the advantages

Ask: 1.The writer is optimistic that her publication about the advantages of being vaccinated will be warmly accepted by the public. The synonym of the underlined word is:
A. hopeful
B. mindful
C. careful
D. delightful
2. Infantahins, especially Senior Citizens are hesitant to have their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. The underlined word is synonymous with:
A. confident
B. certain
C. undecided
D. willing

This is a required question
3. Even if it so hard to adjust, everyone tries his/her best to embrace the current situation. The underlined word is opposite in meaning with:
A. hug
B. adopt
C. cuddle
D. reject
4. We just have to remain steadfast in our faith. The antonym of the underlined word is:
A. persistent
B. committed
C. wavering
D. intense

This is a required question
5. When you define a term based on how you use it in your research, you are using:
A. technical definition
B. operational definition
C. expanded definition
D. extended definition

This is a required question
6.In your study, the research aims or objectives refer to:
A. Significance of the Study
B. Scope and Limitations
C. Purpose of the Study
D. Statement of the Problem
7.The commonly accepted facts or propositions to be tested statistically refer to:
A. statistical analysis
B. concept
C. variable
D. null hypothesis
8.The attributes or a characteristic that have more than one value and can be manipulated or observed is termed as:
A. statistical analysis
B. concept
C. variable
D. null hypothesis
9.The method of research which answers research questions by showing statistical evidence is:
A. Qualitative Method
B. Quantitative Method
C.Experimental Method
D. Descriptive Method
10.The following statements are true about research except:
A. It is an art of scientific investigation.
B. It is a careful and detailed study of the general problem.
C. There is a definite set of procedures and steps which you will follow.
D. There is structure or method in going about doing research.
11. The researcher wanted to know if the energy drink increased the performance of players. He used energy drinks for team A and water for team B. The term that would best described the team B is:
A. Experimental Group
B. Population
C. Control group
D. participants
12. Using gadgets every day increases the chance of having an eye problem. The underlined group of word is an example of: Note: the underlined word is increases the chance of having an eye problem.
A. Deductive Reasoning
B. Independent Variable
C. Inductive Reasoning
D. Dependent variable
13. All babies are adorable. Ana is a baby. Therefore, Ana is adorable. In __________ if something is true of a class of things in general, it is also true for all members of the class.
A. Deductive Reasoning
B. Independent Variable
C. Inductive Reasoning
D. Dependent variable
14.James is industrious. He is Infantahin. Therefore, all Infantahins are industrious. Even if the premises are true in a statement, ___________ allows for the conclusion to be false.
A. Deductive Reasoning
B. Independent Variable
C. Inductive Reasoning
D. Dependent variable
17. According to the dictionary, a dove means a stocky seed, fruit-eating bird.
A. Expanded
B. Extended
C. Operational
D. Technical
18. While browsing his Science book, Jordan came across the definition of heart which is a hollow muscular organ.
A. Expanded
B. Extended
C. Operational
D. Technical
19. Carl, a grade 1 student wanted to learn the meaning of gift so he decided to look for it in a dictionary and found out that gift means something voluntarily transferred by one person to another without compensation.
A. Expanded
B. Extended
C. Operational
D. Technical

This is a required question
20.A fireman during INHS’ orientation quoted a meaning from the dictionary that fire is combustion or burning.
A. Expanded
B. Extended
C. Operational
D. Technical

This is a required question
21. Vein (n.) is any of the tubes forming part of the blood circulation system of the body, carrying the most cases oxygen-depleted blood toward the heart.
A. Expanded
B. Extended
C. Operational
D. Technical
22. During T.L.E. online class the teacher asked the students what is the meaning of a computer, one of them answered computer is something used in doing homework or browsing the internet.
A. Expanded
B. Extended
C. Operational
D. Technical
23. Comic books are sequential and narrative publications consisting of illustrations, captions, dialogue balloons, and often focus on super-powered heroes
a. consisting of illustrations
B.sequential and narrative publication
d. dialogue balloons
24. Astronomy is a branch of scientific study primarily concerned with the celestial objects inside and outside of the earth’s atmosphere.
a. a branch of scientific
b.the celestial objects
c. the earth’s atmosphere
d. None of the above

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1. B

2. C

3. D

4. D

5. B

6. C

7. A

8. C

9. B

10. C

11. B

12. B

13. C

14. A

17. D

18. C

19. D

20. A

21. D

22. C

23. A

24. B


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Activity: “Building Connections”Directions: Read and understand the text then write

Ask: Activity: “Building Connections”
Directions: Read and understand the text then write how you can
connect to the story by completing the sentence starters.
My Experiences on the Covid-19 Pandemic
For me, March is the most awaited month of the year for it is
during this time that the grade six learners like me will be
graduating in elementary grade level. Unfortunately, the
excitement turned into fear when the corona virus disease
threatened our country in March, 2020, three days after our
fourth quarter test.
President Rodrigo Roa Duterte announced that the Enhanced
Community Quarantine will be implemented throughout Luzon
and other neighboring islands from March 17, 2020 to April 30,
2020. During this lockdown, it made me sad because I couldn’t go
to school, I couldn’t play with my friends, and I couldn’t do things
I used to do. In buying our commodities, only one member of the
family was allowed to go out. Health protocols were followed like
observing social distancing and wearing of face masks and face
shields in public places. The need of washing the hands with soap
and water or using hand sanitizers and alcohol should also be
done as often as possible to prevent the transmission of virus.
These are just a few of the many changes this pandemic has
brought to my life and to the lives of many people.
I hope and pray that this pandemic will end soon so we can go
back to the normal life that we used to have.

1. i know the story beacause

2. reminds me something of

3. i can relate to the writer because​


1. The true life

2. The people thats in danger

3.of our country


is it fine?

1. Which defines questionnaire?a. a tool designed to control data

Ask: 1. Which defines questionnaire?
a. a tool designed to control data for a survey
b. the collecting of information about a particular subject
c. to gather data from respondents
2. How can you say that a questionnaire is well-designed?
de translates the research problem into questions that will answered by respondents.
a. A well-designed questionnaire needs to be as short as possible.
b. A well-designed questionnaire needs to be long to ensure clarity
c. A well-designed questionnaire needs to have idiomatic expressions.
d. A well-designed questionnaire needs to be in an essay form.
3. What is the second step in designing a survey questionnaire?
a. Pre-testing
b. Identifying the respondents
c. Identifying the research problem
d. Identifying the type of questions to be used
4. Which of the following is considered a good questionnaire item?
a. Rate your experience in the service provided.
b. If you were the president, what would you do to combat the COVID-19 pandemic
c. How long does it take you to walk and run around the court?
d. How much did you enjoy reading the new novel?
5. Study the questionnaire item below and choose the correct statement that describes the question
Do you go to the park when you are stressed from work?
a. There is nothing wrong with the question.
b. The question assumes that the respondent gets stressed at work.
c. It is an open-ended question and will be hard to quantify.
d. It is a double-barreled question since work and the park are two separate places.
6. If you want to know how the students feel about the new rules and regulations set by your or
what type of questions will you most likely use?
a. multiple choice
b. ranking
c. Likert-Scale
d. fill in the blanks
“How much is your ‘baon’ every day?”
If you were to revise this question, how should it be?
a. I will not include this question in my questionnaire because it is not necessary.
b. I will provide options so that the respondent will not feel embarrassed.
Example: Our parents does not give us money as ‘baon’.
Php 1.00-49.99
Php50.00 – 99.99
Php 100.00 – above
c. there is no need to revise this question because it will give the information ! ne
d. Do your parents give you ‘baon’? Yes No​


1. A


A. Directions: Read and comprehend the poem “Covid 19” by

Ask: A. Directions: Read and comprehend the poem “Covid 19” by Steven Kiama Ambrose from
the country – Juba, South Judan
“The human race shall always overcome,”
said Jommo Kenyatta
See, I am the ultimate test
How well do you work together? How
well coordinated are you?
Covid 19 is my name
I know no boundaries or lanes
No celebrity can match my fame
Like a roaring flame I engulf all on my path
The poor and the rich both feel my wrath
You have a common enemy in me So,
lower your guns and focus on mellower
your rank, tribe, ethnicity and focus on me
For can’t you see, can’t you see
I know off no hierarchy
My presence brings fear and anarchy
I stronger than Samson
For I break the unbreakable
I’ll break your economy
I’ll break your faith
But that’s only if you let me
For the racism you show only strengthens me
You like hiding your identity, then wear a
You claim that your hands are clean, then
For the death I cause is no man’s fault but
rather my nature
You shall overcome me; it’s in your blood, it’s
your nature
I am no professor, neither is this a lecture
As nations cower in fear
For I grab many victims in a day For
once they see something worse than war
For once they see humanity is worth
fighting for
What goes up must come down
No authority is higher than me
For I break the laws of traditions
I break the laws of a normal condition
But I’ll never break the so-called men
Bend them to their breaking points
Once they kill me, they forget my wrath
and once again I’ll strike
As you suffer because of me Also try
and learn from me and your
As I go down the books of history
Still there’s more to come
Maintain the togetherness And
there will be no harm
Share the little you have
Before I strike and leave you with none
The only way to survive me, is by joining
Lock your doors for I roam the streets
Stay alert for like an assassin; you never
know my target.
But only working together can tame my

B. Directions: Answer the following questions related to the poem – Covid 19
1. What is the poem about?
2. What is the author’s personal view about the poem?
3. Did the poem affect you? If not, why? If yes, in what way?

C. Directions: Complete the table below:
Pick three lines from the
poem – Covid 19
What do you think is the
author’s personal view
when he wrote the line?
Provide a one-word
equivalent for that
personal view


In the country’s capital, Juba, residents speak Jubas Arabic, which is an Arabic pidgin. Some citizens are also capable of speaking Modern Standard Arabic or Sudanese Arabic. There have been previous attempts to use Arabic as a language of instruction in schools.

Task 4: Testing the Waters Read the description in the

Ask: Task 4: Testing the Waters Read the description in the box and identify the text type by coloring the puzzle pieces found on your answer sheet. Refer to the color guide found on the answer sheet. Text Types It tells what happened by retelling an event or experience. It investigates an idea to analyze and evaluate information. It provides an opportunity for the readers to change their opinions on a certain viewpoint. It expresses stories using plot and other literary elements. It lays down facts or processes to inform the readers. Task 5: Passing the Threshold Now that you already know the text types, you will practice recognizing them in this activity. First, write the text type of the selection. Then, write a one to two-sentence explanation of your answer. Write your responses on your answer sheet. 1. Yesterday, unlike my typical quarantine routine, I woke up early. The moment my alarm went off at 8:00am, I jumped out of bed and rushed to the bathroom to shower. Fifteen minutes was all it took for me to bath and dress. I was ready to go. My heart couldn’t keep the excitement and joy. Finally, we were allowed to go out. 2 Once upon a time, the world lived as if there was no pause nor end. It was all hustle, grind, and run until everyone was breathless and exhausted from all the work they had to do. Then, life changed when the virus spread. People couldn’t go out of their homes. Work and school stopped. Time seemingly slowed like never before. 3 Alcohol-based hand rubs reduce the growth of microorganisms by dissolving the bacteria’s cellular membrane. 4 Dr. Mary Grace Dacuma of the UP Pandemic Response Team has released findings from a recent study on how an epidemic happens and what an epidemic wave is. She noted that the COVID-19 epidemic in the Philippines most likely started with an imported case from an infected person or persons who entered the Philippines. The infected person with the virus is likely the index case that spread the virus to others locally. Dacuma pointed out that the index case(s), especially those that did not cause local transmission, does not form part of the epidemic wave. (Manila Bulletin 2020) 5. This virus does not have a nationality, it does not have an agenda or a political affiliation, it exists to spread where, when and how it can. The only thing that can stop it is community and cooperation. This is not a time for blame or division… The future is being written today, let’s write it together with all of our hearts and our humanity. (Morgan, J. & Rosemberg, A. 2020)​


Morgan j are not pacific area what I don’t no


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Every day the fisherman went out fishing, and he fished,

Ask: Every day the fisherman went out fishing, and he fished, and he fished. Once he was sitting there fishing and looking into the clear water, and he sat, and he sat. Then his hook went to the bottom, deep down, and when he pulled it out, he had caught a large flounder. Then the flounder said to him, “Listen, fisherman, I beg you to let me live. I am not an ordinary flounder, but an enchanted prince. How will it help you to kill me? I will not taste good to you. Put me back into the water, and let me swim. a. Rice field b. house c. sea d. school 2. Then the fisherman got up and went home to his wife in the filthy shack. “Husband,” said the woman, “didn’t you catch anything today?” “No,” said the man. caught a flounder, but he told me that he was an enchanted prince, so I let him swim away.” Gomm 919 The Fisherman and His House b, school c. market e. 200 Alex shut the lid to his laptop with a loud clap. Some of the people sitting at the tables near him looked up from their books and gave him annoyed looks. Alex realized that he had disturbed them and held up his hand apologetically. The librarian turned toward him and shushed him loudly, perhaps louder than the noise that he had made. Alex put the laptop in his bag and began walking toward the door. He held his head down low & Principal’s office b. classroom cguardhouse d. library Vince Powers grabbed the control stick. Up until now he had been a prisoner on this spaceship, but even the captain knew that Vance was the only one who could navigate through an asteroid belt. “Quick! Take these laser cuffs off” The captain and the guard looked at one another hesitantly Boom! The ship skidded off a large asteroid, “Now! Take the cuffs off! There’s no time! Vance shouted at the man. The captain gave the guard a slight nod. The guard waved the magnetic lay over the laser cuffs on Vance’s wrists. The cuffs powered down and fell off of Vance’s wrists. Suddenly Vance had full control of his arms again. Vance tested the movement of his arms by disarming the guard and slapping the laser cuffs on him in one swift motion. Vance Powers was back c vacht a Helicopter h. spaceship d airplane 5 Sir Anders frowned at hta aquire, Toby Toby looked back worriedly He was eager to please Sir Anders but he aldn’t know how “Well, Toby, do you want me to put the saddle on myself? A bolt of realization struck Toby He grabbed a saddle of the wall and began apologizing, “Why of course not, Sir Anders. What was I thinking Toby awkwardly tried to get the saddle on Sir Ander’s white stallion “Let me just grabbed the belt here and uh Ahr Toby was muttering to himself when Sir Ander’s horse turned suddenly and knocked him into a pile of hay Sir Anders could not help but to crack a slight smile at his scene. As Toby brushed off the hey, wir Anders consoled him, “H knows that you’re scared, Toby Grali the bridle off of the wall, help me remove my armor, and I’ll show you how it’s done farm briver d horse cage setting workshest 01-01-10 11200-22001 ( Choose one from the listed topics below Write a 3 paragraphs that discusses your viewpoint on that topic. You can use the first person second person, or third person in writing your viewpoint/opinion The effects of COVID-19 Pandersic​


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Instruction: Congratulations for making it this far! You’re almost done.

Ask: Instruction: Congratulations for making it this far! You’re almost done. Before you proceed to your next lesson, let us test your mastery. Today’s task is to read the following paragraphs and determine which pattern of development in writing is used. Are you ready? Here are the paragraphs. 1. Caring for yourself during these times is also caring for others. When we are allowed to go outside our houses, we should obey health practices. Some are skeptic about wearing masks. Others are still in doubt when asked to wash hands often or use alcohol and sanitizer. There are also people who question the need to maintain distance from each other in public areas. These safety measures are set because they are proven to be helpful in preventing the spread of the virus. They are not mere wishes to make our lives difficult. We are asked to do these health protocols because we are still in danger with the rising number of COVID-19 cases. Be responsible for yourself so that you will not be the reason for others to catch the virus. If you care for your loved ones, you must take care of yourself first. You do not want to be the one bringing the virus to your home. 2. The word quarantine is such a familiar one to almost everyone who are aware of the pandemic today. According to the Merriam- Webster dictionary online, it is a noun that has several meanings. It states that it is a period of 40 days. It may also be a term during which a ship arriving in port and suspected of carrying contagious disease is held in isolation from the shore. Also, it means a restraint upon the activities or communication of persons or the transport of goods designed to prevent the spread of disease or pests. It is also defined as a state of enforced isolation. For us, who have been in community quarantine for more or less three months, we know that quarantine means staying at home and waiting for the situation to be better. It is a condition wherein only those who have quarantine pass are allowed to go out for essential needs of the family. For others, the concept quarantine may also be equated to “no work, no pay” policy. Some may define it as something needed for people who are sick or those who came from places with COVID-19 cases. On the other hand, some probably sees quarantine as something that takes away their right to see family, relatives and friends. To sum it up, whatever or however we understand quarantine, we need to follow it as a safety protocol since we are still fighting this pandemic. 3. There are several similarities and differences between being a senior and junior high school student. Being a senior and junior high school student, both require you to study hard to be able to get desirable outputs and decent grades. Subjects are equally important to be given attention. It’s just that some subject areas may be easier to deal with depending on different factors. The subjects in senior high school (SHS) and junior high school (JHS) differ in a way that SHS subjects are more specific areas that are deemed essential for the track and strand you chose while in JHS, subjects are the general ones that we have since first grade, just increasing in complexity. Another similarity is that when you enter SHS and JHS, you have to prepare yourself to be a responsible part of the institution that you will enroll in. You should be ready to follow the policy that the school implements. Being a “senior” high student doesn’t mean you are superior or anything and being a “junior” high student doesn’t mean that you are under those in the SHS. The difference comes when there may be slight changes in the way rules and regulations are applied and the gravity of reprimands you may receive as you step up to higher grade levels or as you encounter different situations. In general, whether there are similarity or difference in being a Senior or Junior high school student, it’s is still up to you how you will handle it.



1. Smile Doc!cach of the items honestly.informed about your general

Ask: 1. Smile Doc!
cach of the items honestly.
informed about your general health status?
2. When you had a problem with your teeth, did you consult
your dentist and was informed about your dental condition?
3. Are you aware with your growth rate?
4. Have you visited the hospital to consult the doctor about your
spinal condition?
S. Have you consulted a medical expert to test your ability to
6. Do you have an idea about your ideal weight appropriate to
your age?
Answer the following questions to process the above activity.
1 How many items did you mark with a
not mark?
)? How many items you did
2. Where can you avail the needed screening test?
ucense DC ve needed yeste LABORATO
3. Based on the activity, what is the importance of screening test to o
mport aute are. We can bemor
active Because we know what happening
We maintain to be physically
below. Copy the table and answer in your activity notebook. Please answer
Directions: Put before each item if you have undergone the procedure listed
1. Have you gone to a hospital/Clinic/barangay center and been​

Answer:3)The importance pf creening test to our health is a preventive measure to detect a potential health problem or disease in someone that doesnt yet have symptoms


4. Social Media is currently dominating the world today for

Ask: 4. Social Media is currently dominating the world today for several good reasons. First, it
becomes an essential tool for communication. It builds connection to people around the world.
Second, it provides convenience and instant comfort to having and knowing information or
content people are interested in. Third, it gives free access to any services and products you like
to enjoy.
A. problem and solution
C. comparison and contrast
B. description/enumeration
D. cause and effect
5. It’s extremely important to know how to protect yourself from being infected with
CoViD 19 (Corona Virus Disease 2019). To prevent or lessen the transmission of this virus,
everyone should wash hands with soap and water regularly, avoid having close contact with
people specially in public places, cover mouth and nose with protective mask, and always do
cleaning and disinfection.
A. problem and solution
C. comparison and contrast
B. description/enumeration
D. cause and effect
6. There are few basic ways to conduct a scientific experiment. First, conduct a thorough
observation. Next, formulate your questions and propose your hypothesis. Then, make prediction
or possible outcome of your experiment. Finally, test your prediction to check whether your
prediction supports or opposes your hypothesis.
A. problem and solution
C. comparison and contrast
B. sequence
D. cause and effect
7. A little boy was shouting for help when he was trapped in a house ablaze with fire. The
villagers were intensely worried, but they were scared to go near. When the fire truck came, a
fireman rushed inside the house and rescued the little boy. Everyone was amazed and
congratulated him for his bravery.
A. problem and solution
C. comparison and contrast
B. description/enumeration
D. cause and effect​


4.b discription/enumeration

5.a problem and solution

6.b sequence

7.c comparison and contrast

Not only you can get the answer of how do you know when to test for covid, you could also find the answers of A. Directions: Read, 1.The writer is, Instruction: Congratulations for, 1. Smile Doc!cach, and 4. Social Media.