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Write an essay about "What is the disadvantage and advantage

Ask: Write an essay about “What is the disadvantage and advantage of having technology ( Computer, mobile phones, camera etc…) in our daily basis? How does it affect you as a 21st century student? minimum of 200 words PLS HELP GUYS FOR MAPEH​


Technology has been a part of our lives and it plays a crucial role in almost everything that we do nowadays. Using it on our daily basis definitely has an advantage for us because it makes our work easier and faster. It’s easy for us to communicate with our loved ones and friends with the aide of gadgets and we can always look for information about something that we don’t know. In addition, having technology keep us to be always informed and updated especially now that we are in the middle of a pandemic, may it be updates in the cases of COVID-19 or news about the current happenings worldwide. However, having technology still have disadvantages, for me, having these makes us more invested to social media and it’s like it limits our personal connection with our peers and family. We don’t spend enough time with our families anymore because we’re all busy clicking the keyboard and facing the screens of our gadgets. It makes us unsocial and we became pretenders behind our social media life. As a 21st century student, it affects me in a sense that it’s easier for me to research for informations about a certain topic that I don’t understand and I can always look for those anytime, with different sources, I can learn many things. Technology really helped me a lot especially now that our situation is hard, but no matter how it helped me a lot, it’s still important to use it properly. As a student, we should use technology in a way that we could gain knowledge and could improve our skills, we shouldn’t take it for granted just because we have an access.

Learning Task 1: Read and analyze the various effects of

Ask: Learning Task 1: Read and analyze the various effects of electromagnetic

radiation in the environment and other living things. Then, answer the questions

that follow.

Electromagnetic Radiation: Environmental Indicators in Our


All living tissues have magnetic properties that are affected to some extent by

the existence of electromagnetic radiation in the environment. Therefore all living

creatures including plants, microbes, animals and humans are environmental

indicators of exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Radiation is the process

through which energy travels in the form of waves or particles through space or

some other medium. Electromagnetic radiation is the propagation of waves that

have an electric (E) and a magnetic (H) field component. Biological cell proliferation

and differentiation can be affected by both AC and DC magnetic fields.

Radiofrequency and microwave wavelengths can be made to carry information

via amplitude, frequency, and phase modulation, such as data from television,

mobile phones, wireless networking and amateur radio.

Chromosomal damage is a mechanism relevant to causation of birth defects

and cancer. Long-term continuous or daily repeated EMF exposure has been found

to induce cellular stress responses at non-thermal power levels that lead to an

accumulation of DNA errors Comparative studies in animals that rely on electromagnetic orientation

provide valuable information. The effects of electromagnetic radiation on plants

and animal life include the diminished radial growth of pine trees, lowered density

of bird species and mammals, such as storks, sparrows and bats, effects on bees,

effects on magnetic-based homing mechanisms of birds, and many other effects.

Plants and animals can be monitored as environmental indicators to assess the

effects of electromagnetic radiation.

Adapted from: Environmental Indicators by: Yael Stein and Osmo Hänninen, 2014

1.Can living things serve as an indicator of exposure to electromagnetic

radiation? Why?

2. Explain the process of electromagnetic radiation.

3. Based on the article, what are some of the advantages that can be given by

radio frequency and microwaves?

4. How about the disadvantages or the negative effects of EM radiation? Cite

some examples.

5. As a conclusion, explain whether EM radiation is beneficial or harmful to the

environment and the living things. Support your idea by giving some points​

Electromagnetic Radiation (EM radiation)

Electromagnetic (EM) radiation is a type of energy that surrounds us and comes in a variety of forms, including radio waves, microwaves, X-rays, and gamma rays. Sunlight is also a type of EM energy, but visible light accounts for only a small portion of the EM spectrum, which includes a wide range of electromagnetic wavelengths.

How is electromagnetic radiation created?

Electromagnetic radiation is produced whenever the velocity of a charged particle, such as an electron, changes—that is, when it is accelerated or decelerated. The energy of the resulting electromagnetic radiation comes from the charged particle and is thus lost by it.

Example of EM Radiation

  • Radio Waves.
  • TV waves.
  • Radar waves.
  • Heat (infrared radiation)
  • Light.
  • Ultraviolet Light (This is what causes Sunburns)
  • X-rays (Just like the kind you get at the doctor’s office)
  • Short waves.

Are electromagnetic waves harmful to humans?

The primary effect of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields on body tissues is heating. Despite extensive research, there is currently no evidence to conclude that low-level electromagnetic field exposure is harmful to human health.

How does electromagnetic radiation affect your life?

Exposure to strong enough low-frequency fields can cause d i z z i n e s s, light flashes, and tingling or p a i n due to nerve stimulation. Exposure to strong enough radiofrequency fields can cause heating of body tissue and damage to tissues and organs.

Learn more about the effects of EM radiation:


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