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How did George Floyd die? ​

Ask: How did George Floyd die? ​


a police stepped on his neck or head i think then he died cause yuh


Autopsies. The medical examiner’s final findings, issued June 1, found that Floyd’s heart stopped while he was being restrained and that his death was a homicide caused by “cardiopulmonary arrest complicating law enforcement subdual, restraint, and neck compression”.



how did hercules die?​

Ask: how did hercules die?​


The blood proved to be a powerful poison, and Heracles died. His body was placed on a pyre on Mount Oeta (Modern Greek Oíti), his mortal part was consumed, and his divine part ascended to heaven, becoming a god. There he was reconciled to Hera and married Hebe.

How did bowid Diop die?​

Ask: How did bowid Diop die?​


I am so sorry for the late response and thank you


On 10 January 2016, English singer, songwriter and actor David Bowie died at his Lafayette Street home in New York City, having suffered from liver cancer for 18 months. He died two days after the release of his twenty-fifth studio album, Blackstar, which coincided with his 69th birthday.


Bowie had kept his illness private, and friends and fans alike were surprised by his death. Makeshift memorials were created in London, New York City, Berlin, and other cities in which Bowie had lived; sales of his albums and singles saw a significant increase. Many commentators noted Bowie’s impact on music, fashion and culture and wrote of his status as one of the most influential musical artists of all time. Numerous musicians and public figures also expressed their grief.

How did Matthew die?​

Ask: How did Matthew die?​

Churches with apostolic traditions believe that St. Matthew the Evangelist died a martyr. He is believed to have angered a local king who ordered him nailed to a bed, covered his whole body with paper, brimstones, oil, asphalt and brushwood and set the Evangelist on fire

How did abraham lincon die?

Ask: How did abraham lincon die?

Some guy assasinates pres. In a opera 🙂

How did the dinosaurs die out?

Ask: How did the dinosaurs die out?

Dinosaurs died because of an asteroid impact that hit the Earth billions of years ago. 

On the other hand about the extinction of dinosaurs are catastrophic events. Dinosaurs impact of an asteroid caused severe destruction and leading to extinction of dinosaurs.

How did jesus die? Why did he die?

Ask: How did jesus die? Why did he die?


The death of Jesus was part of a divine plan to save humanity. The death and resurrection of this one man is at the very heart of the Christian faith. For Christians it is through Jesus’s death that people’s broken relationship with God is restored. This is known as the Atonement. Jesus was brought to the “Place of a Skull” and crucified with two thieves, with the charge of claiming to be “King of the Jews”, and the soldiers divided his clothes before he bowed his head and died.





In Christian faith, He died on our sins

→Did Charles Babbage Marry his daughter? and when did his

Ask: →Did Charles Babbage Marry his daughter? and when did his daughter die?←
A. Yes, 1827
B. no, it’s 1833



yan po ang tamang sagot

how did Jose Rizal die

Ask: how did Jose Rizal die

Jose Rizal died at December 30, 1896 in Bagumbayan. Rizal was shot at the back when the word “Fuego” was said by the commanding officer. Rizal died at exactly 7:03 AM and his last words were “consummatum est”. After, Rizal was secretly buried in Paco Cemetery in Manila without any identification and when his sister figured it was Rizal’s body, she label it with RPJ, Rizal’s initials spelt backwards. 

How Did Nat Turner Die?​

Ask: How Did Nat Turner Die?​


After his arrest, Turner was taken to the seat of Southampton County, a small town called Jerusalem (present-day Courtland, Virginia). Six days after his capture, he stood trial and was convicted of “conspiring to rebel and making insurrection.” Sentenced to death, Turner was hanged from a tree on November 11, 1831.


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